Are Denali power tools any good? Worth it or Not? Amazon Brand

Amazon has several brands next to its Amazon Basics lineup. This brand offers a wide range of products, from storage cases, and gloves to hand and power tools.

Denali is a relatively new brand. They worked together with SKIL to develop some of these products. SKIL is a brand that has been around for several decades so they have a lot of experience with developing tools.

This brand has several hand tools but also power tools. Let’s take a look if you should buy them.

The reviews for these products indicate that they are well-made for home use. For professionals, this brand won’t offer enough power and durability. The tools will break after a few weeks already.

Given that they are quite cheap, they can be used for people that have to do small renovations or repairs that don’t take too much time.

The brand is quite new so some products don’t have a lot of reviews yet. We can assume that the same is true for these products. Let’s take a look at our personal experience below:

We took their drill for a spin and noticed that it is able to produce enough power to drill in several materials. It is only 20V so don’t expect to drill in harder materials. The drill bits are also not as durable. If you have to drill often, it is better to stick with Makita, Black&Decker, or DeWalt. Plumbers shouldn’t work with the Denali brand.

I would buy some of the storage cases but wouldn’t recommend the tools of Denali if you have to use them often. A drill can last a long time and it might be worth it to opt for a stronger model. The sturdier drill bits and the power of a stronger drill can make it a lot easier to accomplish certain tasks.

The good news is that it is possible to buy replacement parts if you need a new blade or drill bit. It is unclear how long this brand will stay in the market though as Amazon has a habit of discontinuing brands that don’t sell well.

The batteries are compatible with SKIL PWRCORE tools. If you work with these, it is easy as you can reuse the battery. The lithium batteries offer enough power and can be charged in about 1 hour. In most cases, you get 2.0Ah instead of the more powerful 4.0Ah batteries when you buy a Denali product. You can buy 4.0 Ah batteries if you want more power and a longer working time but these are more expensive.

If you have multiple power tools, it is best to stick with one brand as you can use the batteries and charger for all of these tools. This can make it easier to manage and charge your batteries.

Some power tools also need to be maintained and calibrated. The advantage of working with a local dealer is that you can get this done by driving to their location. At the moment it is unclear if Denali tools can be repaired or maintained by a local company. In most cases, Amazon will probably just send a replacement unit.

The power tools are generally covered by the Power Tool 2-Year Battery and 5-Year Tool Warranty. Keep in mind that this guarantee is not absolute and they won’t send new parts if you don’t follow the instructions in the manual.

Always wear protective equipment (such as safety glasses and gloves) when you use a power tool!

Where are Denali tools made?

Most of the tools Denali are made in China. This is the case for both the hand tools and the power tools.

These tools are made all over China. Some regions specialize in hand tools whereas others focus on power tools. The power tools are probably made in the Shenzhen area as they have a lot of expertise in electronics in this region.

The hand tools are probably made inland as it is cheaper to produce metal products in this region.

Not every product detail page contains the country of origin but we can assume that most of the tools of Denali are made in China.

Country of origin on a Denali product page. China is mentioned as the country of origin on most of its products.

While Denali works with SKILL which is headquartered in America and was founded in Louisiana, the production itself happens in China. The design happens to a certain extent in the USA.

If you want to buy tools that are made in the USA, you can opt for Dewalt. You might still have to check each product individually though as some products are made in other parts of the world.

Makita makes some of its tools in Japan.

Another brand of power tools that are made in China is Ryobi.

To conclude, we can say that Denali offers great value for people that only occasionally need to repair something. For people that need to use a power tool every day, it is better to opt for another brand as the tools of Denali might not be durable enough for your needs.

You get a great guarantee on these tools as well so Amazon must feel that their products will stand the test of time. It is possible that Amazon will discontinue the brand though if they notice that it doesn’t sell well enough.

I would buy their storage cases. For power tools, I would opt for a more expensive brand such as Makita given their track record in delivering great tools. You can use their batteries on other tools as well, making them more affordable.