Where To Find Toilets And Babychange In Antwerp

Antwerpen is a wonderful city. Public toilets are not that common though so it can be challenging to find one. Below is a list of toilets:

-Central station: The toilets are generally quite clean and readily accessible. Just follow the signs and you will find them.

-Stadsfeestzaal (Meir shopping street): This is a paying toilet. It can be found behind the restaurant. These toilets are generally quite clean. This place has a baby change station. It costs some money but it is a great option.

Entrance of Stadsfeestzaal in the middle of the Meir shopping street.

-Grote Markt: There is a toilet nearby bar Bonaparte. This is a free toilet and is generally clean but it is not open that often. The door is open if you can enter.

-In the museums. Most museums have toilets that you can visit for free. For example, in the MAS museum you will find modern toilets near the entrance. Most museums have a baby change station. The toilets in older museums might be further down the back.

Toilet in the MAS museum

-Enter a bar: This is generally the best option in Antwerpen if you need to find a toilet. Most bars charge 1 EUR but it is often best to just drink a coffee there. Most people speak English.

Some bar owners might be upset if you visit the toilet and don’t pay anything. Avoid crowded bars as the toilets can get dirty after a while.

There are quite a lot of Starbucks and McDonald’s restaurants that you can go to as well.

-Bourla Theater: There are free and clean toilets in this building. Just go up the stairs and you will find it.

-Next to the Cathedral: These toilets are for men only and are quite dirty. I would only use them if there is no other option. It is better to go to a bar on Groenplaats or the Muze cafe.

Overall, the best option in Antwerp is generally to enter a bar and pay a small fee. There are not a lot of public toilets in this city. The public toilets are not open that often.

Most bars don’t have a baby changing station so you will have to find a fancy restaurant or bar to find one. The paying toilets in Stadsfeestzaal have a baby changing station.

Peeing in the city is not allowed and can result in a fine.