What is Amazon Basics‍ Products (JUNK or Not?)

You might have seen Amazon Basics products on Amazon and wondered what this is all about. Let’s explain this to you. 

A lot of stores have products that they make themselves. These are commonly called private label brands. Based on the sales data and customer feedback, stores can create brands that fit the needs of their customer. Walmart for example uses the Wonder Nation brand to offer some exclusive products that they have produced themselves. Amazon has done this with Amazon Basic.

 Amazon’s AmazonBasics line of products is an affordable way to stock up on essential items. The line offers items like batteries, cables, and locks — everything you need to improve your home, set up your home office, start a small business or house guests. They also offer helpful organizational tools like drawer organizers and task cards.  Each AmazonBasics item is carefully selected and tested to ensure superior performance and quality. You can trust that each item will work as intended when you install it. You can read the reviews to make sure that other people also enjoy using the product as some of the items are improved over time.

What is Amazon Basics?

Amazon Basics is an Amazon program that offers a collection of everyday essentials. The items are generally on-trend, designed to be functional and stylish. The line is designed to serve as a quick and easy way to stock up on items that you’ll need frequently. AmazonBasics products are in essence selections from Amazon’s vast inventory of products.  The goal of AmazonBasics is to offer customers items that are essential and yet are beyond the price range of most consumers. The items are designed to be simple, easy to use, and durable. The items are also designed to be at a price point that’s well below comparable products.

This brand has been around for a few years and Amazon keeps adding more products to it. They add their own logo. If you have a question about the product, it is possible to reach out to Amazon directly. They also offer a long guarantee and you can return the product if you don’t like it. 

Shopping online can be overwhelming and Amazon Basic tries to simplify this by offering a brand that can be trusted. 

What can you find in Amazon Basics?

Amazon Basics is a broad category, so the items available change frequently. AmazonBasics offers a wide range of products including cables, locks, notebooks, paper products, pens, and more.  The items are generally everyday essentials that most people need at some point. Items may include organizers, rechargers, extension cords, bags, bins, and other basic household items.

The range of products is constantly evolving as Amazon is taking customer feedback into account and updating the products based on this. It can be challenging to manage all these products so a big team inside Amazon is working on this. 

Why buy Amazon Basics?

You might buy AmazonBasics if you’re new to online shopping or if you’re looking for a simple way to stock up on everyday items. AmazonBasics items are generally available at a price well below comparable products. If you have an Amazon Prime membership, you can also get free shipping for many products.  

These products can be found if you look for a product by searching in the search bar. You can also go to the following page: to get an overview of their products.

Overview of Amazon private label brands

For Amazon customers who are familiar with the company’s inventory and logistics, private label programs offer a different way to supply their businesses. These products are available exclusively on Amazon and come from a variety of manufacturers, including Jarden, Vistaprint, and Momox. The products are stocked in the same warehouses that Amazon uses for inventory, and customers can expect the same delivery times. Some of the more popular brands you’ll find on AmazonBasics include: 

 – Paper products like notebooks, notebooks and notepads, address books, and calendars 

 – Office and school supplies like LED pens, post-it flags, and binder accessories

 – Household items like kitchen paper towels, toilet paper, and deodorant

Amazon has created other brands as well such as Solimo, Pinzon, Amazon Essentials and Amazon elements. These brands are used for some product categories such as clothing. In these categories, it is better to have a strong brand name. Amazon basics might not sound as cool on clothes as Solimo. Each of these products has a label to indicate that they are made by Amazon. The goal is to offer the customer a better experience.

Some brands argue that Amazon uses its sales data to offer similar products. While this is true, other companies such as Walmart do the same. We will have to see if this will be allowed in the future and what the rules will be in this area. There are some investigations being done to see if it is needed to update the rules in this area. We will have to see how this evolves in the coming years.

Most of the Amazon Basics products are under 30 USD. This indicates that they are mainly going for smaller and lighter products that people often buy. You can set up Subscribe and Save if you want to order an item regularly. This makes your life easier as you don’t have to reorder every time. 

To conclude, we can state that Amazon Basics is a brand that is owned by Amazon. It is used to offer several products, from home gear to office items. Amazon has other brands as well and they are looking to expand this. At the moment these brands aren’t that big but we can expect that Amazon expands this in the coming years. They want to offer unique products that can’t be found anywhere else. While most products are good, it is still necessary to check the reviews as it is possible that the item doesn’t suit your needs.