Is Ryobi a Good Brand? 2023 Review

Fixing something around your house—or better yet, building something up from scratch—is a significant mood boost. If you’re a DIYer with an exciting project in mind, you’re probably thinking about all the power tools you’ll be needing.

However, the amount of power tool brands out there is undoubtedly overwhelming. A specific brand that stands out is Ryobi. Only, is it any good?

Let’s see.


Is Ryobi a Good Brand: where is it made and who owns it?

Ryobi is a great power tool brand to have around the house. Its power tools are lightweight, affordable, versatile, and, if maintained correctly, would give you a few years of good work. So if you’re a homeowner, DIYer, or hobbyist, Ryobi is undoubtedly the brand for you.

If you’re a professional, you can still benefit from this brand’s specialty power tools. Other brands such as DeWalt might work better though if you are going to use the tools a lot.

The brand has a rich history as it has been around for more than 50 years. In Japan, Yutaka Urakami was brave enough to start his dream tool construction company, Ryobi.

The company initially produced press printers up until 1968, when Yutaka Urakami and other Ryobi brand leaders noticed a gap in the Japanese power tool market. The company then directed its efforts to include a wide variety of construction and gardening power tools, in addition to its signature press printers.

Being one of the oldest powered tools companies globally, Ryobi has been blessing our markets with an incredibly versatile tool list.

Ryobi offers powered tools that you can use for construction around your home, gardening tools, and plumbing tools. Whatever device you’re thinking about, Ryobi probably has it.

Here’s a short list of what Ryobi has to offer:

-Tile saw



-Reciprocating saw

-Miter saw

-Circular saw



-Corner sander

-Random orbit sander

-Angle drill

-Hammer drill

-Slotted drive shaft (SDS) drill

-Drill driver

-Impact wrench

-Lawn mowers

-Snow blowers


-Pressure washers

-PVC cutters

D-rain augers

Ryobi’s products aren’t only versatile in their uses; the brand also offers both cordless and wired tools.

Its cordless tools are a breath of fresh air with ease of use both indoors and outdoors. Sold with long-lasting batteries, these products would give you work hours before requiring a recharge. This quality makes them a favorite among campers.

Ryobi’s corded tools are equally loved for their reasonable prices and lightweight.

Are Ryobi’s Products Durable?

Ryobi tools are generally considered middle of the line regarding durability. You’re likely to feel the difference right away when you hold a Ryobi tool in one hand and a high-end alternative in the other.

However, the brand’s tools have repeatedly demonstrated that they can withstand above-average usage when coupled with good maintenance. As a result, the average homeowner would still be using his favorite Ryobi power tool five years or more after purchase.

With that said, Ryobi tools are generally manufactured with the average homeowner, DIYer, or hobbyist in mind. Despite that, many professionals opt to buy Ryobi’s specialty electric tools since they know such devices are only needed occasionally, and they won’t constantly be using them.

Ryobi’s Products Battery

We’ve been teasing you with the all-famous Ryobi batteries; finally, we’ll tell you all about it.

Ryobi’s interchangeable batteries are among its most significant selling points. This makes it a favorite among customers since a battery that works with all of their One+ products means less money spent and less hassle charging different batteries for different tools.

Ryobi recently switched to producing lithium batteries instead of the old-school nickel-cadmium ones. They offer 4-volt, 18-volt, 24-volt, and 40-volt batteries, which all come with a three-year warranty.

You can use the batteries for different Ryobi products as long as they use the same voltage.

This means that one 18-volt battery would work perfectly with all the One+ 18-volt products, and one 40-volt battery would work just fine with any 40-volt outdoor gardening tool.

Ryobi’s Products Warranty

Despite its fairly low prices, Ryobi offers warranties for almost all of its products—except auto and outdoor lawn equipment accessories. They’re also known to be true to their word on the warranty matter, so that should give you some peace of mind when purchasing Ryobi tools, batteries, or chargers.

The One+ 18V line, along with its batteries and chargers, comes with a standard two-year warranty that can be extended to three years within 30 days of purchase.

As for the 40V outdoor equipment line, Ryobi offers a five-year warranty for the equipment themselves and a three-year warranty for the 40V batteries and chargers.

The Ryobi hand tools, like shovels, hammers, and measuring tapes, come with an exceptional lifetime limited warranty.

Generally, Techtronic industries, to which Ryobi power tools are licensed, agree to fix or replace any defective warranted product free of charge for up to three years if it’s been used for personal domestic projects and up to 30 days if it’s been used for any commercial products.

Are Ryobi’s Prices Expensive?

The Ryobi tools are usually praised for their good value for money.

They fall midway along the power tools’ price range. Meaning, they’re between the more expensive high-end brands and the cheaper low-quality ones. However, if you consider their above-average or average quality, the Ryobi power tools are certainly a good deal.

Ryobi is also among the few companies that offer a versatile line of battery-powered cordless tools. Not only that, but they provide batteries that work for various tools among their lines. This means that you’d have to buy only one type of battery and then use it to power all of your favorite Ryobi power tools.

The Ryobi brand also offers warranties for their products, making them a great option for your wallet.

To Conclude

Ryobi is a favorite brand among many homeowners, DIYers, hobbyists, and some professionals as well. Why shouldn’t it be when it offers affordable prices, longevity, lightweight, versatile batteries, and extended period warranties?

Throughout our article, we’ve answered your question ‘Is Ryobi a good brand?’ by discussing the brand’s many qualities and benefits.

Now that you have all the information to decide if Ryobi is the power tool brand for you, you can finally kick-start your construction journey.