Why are toilet seats so cold? How to heat them up

You are going to the toilet and then it happens! You come in contact with the cold toilet seat. 

Toilet seats can feel very cold. But why is that? 

Toilet with toilet brush and garbage bucket
Toilet seats can be quite cold.

Read on to know more about how the chilly feel of toilet seats actually has a solid reason behind it.  

What materials are toilet seats made out of?

Toilet seats are made from wood or plastic. There are different types of plastic and wood that are being used for this. Some of these materials absorb the cold air around them and this results in a colt toilet seat.

Certain companies have developed their own plastics for toilet seats. For example, Villeroy & Boch have developed the Duroplast material. This is made out of plastic and cotton. These toilet seats might be more expensive but they can keep you warmer.

The toilet itself is often made out of ceramic. This material is easy to maintain but can get quite cold.

Ceramics are a specific kind of clay that has been fired at a high temperature. This makes it very hard, durable, and resistant to cracking. Ceramic is an excellent heat insulator, which means the material soaks up heat from the surroundings and keeps it for longer. This is what makes ceramic tiles feel colder than other materials like wood or plastic. 

The floor can also give you a cold feeling. Wear socks or shoes to avoid this.

Why do toilets have cold seats?

 As we have discussed, toilet seats are made from a material that is excellent at retaining heat.  

Toilets are often made out of ceramics, these can reduce the temperature of the toilet seat as well. 

Furthermore, there is often cold water inside the toilet. This can further decrease the temperature of the toilet and the toilet set. Especially during the winter season, the water in the toilet can be really cold. 

If you sit on them for a while, toilet seats will start to heat up so the problem will be reduced over time. This is a slow process though. Let’s see how we can heat up the toilet seat much faster.

For the same reasons, the toilet seat can be quite hot during the summer months. This can be uncomfortable as well.

How to keep your toilet seat from being too cold?

If you want to keep your toilet seat from being too cold, use toilet seat covers. You can find different materials at the store, such as cotton, polyester, and fleece. 

Closing the lid of the toilet seat after you have used it can help as well.

You can also try warming the toilet seat with a hairdryer before sitting down. This will transfer a small amount of heat to the seat. Don’t overdo it as some toilet seats can melt when they are heated!

There are also heated seats on the market. You have to install these and connect them to electricity.

It is also possible to increase the temperature of the room where the toilet is located. 

You can also replace the toilet seat that is made out of another material. More expensive plastic toilet seats tend to be warmer than cheaper ones. More expensive units are thicker and this retains the heat better. 

Image from biobidet.com

You can also install an electric heater near the toilet. Small electric heaters are quicker to warm up than central heating. It is important that the heater isn’t located too close to the toilet as water and electricity don’t mix. Check the manual of the heater and your local plumbing code to find the right way to install it. This will warm up the room instead of the toilet seat.

It is also possible to cover the toilet seat with toilet paper. This is not the most hygienic approach but it can make sitting on the toilet more pleasant. Flush the toilet paper once you are done. Don’t flush too much toilet paper at the same time as this can clog up the toilet. 

There is also special flushable toilet seat paper. This makes it easier to cover the toilet seat as this paper has the shape of your toilet seat.

How often should you change a toilet seat?

Most people don’t have to think about toilet seats too often. Over time the coating on the seats can break down. This can make them harder to clean and give them a yellow glow. 

This can also make the toilet seat feel colder. Replacing a toilet seat is often quite cheap and easy.

In most instances, you don’t need tools for this either and it can be done in 5 minutes. Some toilets have hidden toilet sets fixings, you just press a button to replace these.

It is recommended that you replace toilet seats every 2-5 years, depending on how often they are used. As discussed before, toilet seats are made out of different materials and some can last longer than others.

Use the right cleaning products for your toilet seat. Some products are too aggressive and can damage the seat. Other products are not able to clean the seat completely. Getting a special product to clean the toilet can help to increase the lifespan of your toilet seat. 

The underside of a toilet seat can get stained and dirty over time. This can leave a bad impression on your guests as they see this stained part of your toilet. 

Bottom line

A toilet seat is made from a material that is excellent at retaining heat. This is why toilets are often too cold. 

To solve this problem, you can use toilet seat covers or warm the toilet seat with your hairdryer before sitting down.

Replacing the toilet seat can help as well as the coating breaks down over time. 

You can also heat up the room where the toilet is located but this can take more energy. Especially if you just need the toilet for a short period of time this might require too much energy.