How to replace Kohler toilet seat with hidden bolts

Do you ever struggle to remove the toilet seat from your toilet? It can be a real pain, especially if you know how to fix it, but can’t find the hidden screws. Well, don’t worry because we’ve got all the answers in today’s blog post.

The toilet seats of Kohler look great but they can be quite hard to replace if you don’t know where the bolts are hidden. Luckily it is quite easy to replace the toilet seat once you know the trick.

Often toilet seats can be tightened or loosened by using the bolts under the toilet. You might need a socket wrench to remove these seats. Some toilet seats have hidden fixings though and this can make it harder to get them removed. Let’s see how it is done.

How to remove a Kohler toilet seat with hidden fixings

You will need a screwdriver, prying tool and gloves to remove the toilet seat in this instance. 

A screwdriver can help you unscrew any screws holding on the toilet seat.

The screws that hold the toilet seat can be hidden under it. For this reason, we will have to remove the toilet seat first before we can remove the screws that hold it to the toilet.

How to replace toilet seat with hidden fixings. Press where the red arrows point.

The first step is to wear gloves as toilet seats can be quite dirty.  Open up the toilet seat completely (so both parts). 

 If your toilet seat has a hidden fixing, you can often press the sides of the toilet seat. This is close to where the seat is attached to the toilet. By doing this, the springs in them contract and you can pull the seat up. Sometimes you will hear a clicking noise when it has become loose. It is possible that the spring is stuck and you might have to push it multiple times.

If this doesn’t work, you can try to wiggle the seat and see if this gets the springs loose. Adding some oil to the springs can help as well. When the toilet seat gets stuck, it most likely means that it’s been sitting in the same position for a long time.

You can try to remove some dirt with a prying tool and see if this does the trick. You can also use a crimper or a hammer to add more pressure to the locking mechanism. Make sure that you don’t damage the toilet bowl though. 

Once the seat has been lifted, it is time to remove the screws. This is done by removing the plastic or metal caps from the seat. You might have to use a screwdriver or prying tool to remove these. Once this is done, you should be able to remove the screws. This is generally done with a Philips screwdriver.

If the above steps don’t work for your toilet, you can reach out to the manufacturer of the toilet. They often use different methods to attach the toilet seat to it and they should be able to help you. In most instances, a small screw is holding the toilet seat down.

You also might have to use a socket wrench to get to the nuts. Take a good look around your toilet and try to find nuts and screws. You can use your smartphone to take pictures of hard-to-reach areas. This can give an indication of how you can remove the toilet seat. 

Maintaining your Kohler toilet seat

Adding a new seat is often quite easy as you just have to click it in place. If you work on the screws, make sure that you don’t overtighten them. Toilets are often made out of ceramics and these can break when too much pressure is applied to them. This can lead to leaks or other problems. 

 Toilet seats have to be tightened every few years. It is also important that you replace it at least every 4 years. They collect a lot of dirt and cleaning them every week is essential as well. Be sure to check the diameter of the installation hole before you buy a new toilet seat with hidden fixing. There are different models and not every seat will work with your toilet. 

  There are many different types of toilet seats, but the most common is a round seat and a half-circle seat. Both types are usually made of plastic, and each has its own design for the toilet bowl.  It is important to take this into account as well when you get a new toilet seat. 

It can be a great idea to remove the seat from time to time to keep the spring in the toilet seat in good shape. Most people don’t do this and after a few years, it can be quite challenging to remove the seat. This is why most plumbers don’t like toilet seats with hidden fixings too much.

It can be challenging to apply pressure to them and they can be difficult to remove. In some instances, a lot of force is needed to remove these toilet seats. They also tend to be less stable or strong than seats that use bolts. 

The advantage of these toilet seats is that it is easier to clean the toilet. You can just snap the seat off and can get to work. Dirt and dust can collect under toilet seats and being able to remove them without too much hassle is a big advantage. Just make sure that you reattach it properly again afterward as people can fall if the toilet seat is wrongly installed. 

To conclude, we can state that we discussed how a toilet seat with hidden fixings can be removed. Often this is quite easy as you just need to push to unlock the attachment. Once this is done, you just have to remove a cap and unscrew some screws.

It is a process that should take less than 5 minutes. Just make sure that you properly align the seat when you tighten it again. Don’t overtighten the screws so that the toilet bowl doesn’t get damaged. Toilet seats have to be tightened or replaced from time to time so it is important that you are able to do so.

Kohler is one of the most popular toilet brands. They bring a lot of innovations to the market. These include toilet seats with hidden fixings. It can be quite difficult to remove these if you don’t know how the system works. Once you get the trick, you can replace their toilet seats in no time.

Replacing a toilet seat is something that should happen every few years. With the system that Kohler has developed, it is very easy to do this. If your toilet seat is stained or dirty, you can get it replaced in no time by pushing the right buttons.

People often wait too long with replacing their toilet seats. This can give the toilet a dirty feel. Based on the previous information, you should be able to clean and replace your Kohler toilet seat without any problem.