How to keep a shower curtain or shower curtain liner from blowing in or out.

You are enjoying your shower and suddenly it happens! Your shower curtain is moving around. This can be annoying as it can stick on you or push a lot of water out of the shower. Why is this happening and how can you prevent this? Let’s explore this.

Shower curtains and shower curtain liners are quite similar. They both try to keep the water out of your bathroom and inside your tub or shower.  The main difference is that a shower curtain is installed outside the tub whereas a liner is installed inside the bathtub. 

They can both blow in your bathtub so let’s see how we can avoid this.

Why does my shower curtain liner blows in or out: a shower curtain attack?

A shower curtain is quite thin. It often moves because the hot and damp air of the shower is pushing it around. A shower curtain that is wet can be sticky and hard to remove.

Other times it can be caused by a draft in your bathroom. A bathroom fan or open window and door can push the curtain around. 

If the curtain starts to blow in, you might have less space to take a shower or bath.

It is also possible that you accidentally push the shower curtain. This can flood your bathroom as water can drip out of the bathtub or shower pan.

This can be annoying as the curtain sticks and makes it harder to shower. Luckily there are some ways to prevent this from happening. 

How to prevent a blowing shower curtain

If your shower curtain is blowing in, you will want to take some steps to prevent this from happening again. 

A few ways to do this include: 

– Close your windows. If you notice your shower curtain is blowing in while your shower is off, and you have an open window, it may be coming in from the draft. Close your window to prevent this. Ventilation is important in a bathroom if you want to avoid mold so make sure to open up the window or door after you have showered.

– Install a shower curtain rod that is weighted. There are some shower curtain rods that come with a weight attached to the bottom to prevent your shower curtain from moving around.

-Add magnets or suction cups to the shower curtain. Plastic clips can also be used for this (see in the video above). This can help to keep it in place. You will have to attach these every time that you take a shower so it can be a hassle.

-Install a shower curtain and a shower liner. Having both of them makes it harder for the air to move around. Your shower curtain and liner will stay in place.

-Get a heavier shower curtain that is made out of thicker fabric. These shower curtains are typically more expensive. This can be worth it though as these shower curtains tend to last longer as well.

-Get a bigger shower curtain. Longer ones will stay outside the bathtub. Just make sure that you don’t trip over it when you get out of the shower!

The 2 most popular solutions are adding a liner or weights. Let’s explore these further. We will also add a bonus solution later in this article.

Shower curtain weights to keep it in place

If your shower curtain keeps blowing in, even after you replace it with a liner, you may want to consider installing a shower curtain weight. 

These are small clips that you attach to the bottom of your shower curtain to keep it in place. These work great to keep your shower curtain in place and prevent it from blowing in. Some shower curtains come with these weights.

An alternative is adding suction cups. This can be more work though and is less popular. The rubber parts also tend to degrade over time. It can be a cheap solution though. 

Bonus tip: Expanding shower system

A new product is the space-expanding shower system. What is unique about this is that the top of the shower curtain is shaped like a triangle. An origami style approach is used for this. The shower curtain folds as it normally does but expands when you open it up. 

This makes sure that the shower curtain doesn’t stick to you while you are taking a shower. You also don’t have to deal with weights or other items that make it more challenging to open or close the shower curtain. 

At the moment this is only available as a shower curtain and not as a shower liner. There are also not a lot of designs available so you will only have a limited set of colors to choose from. They are not always in stock so can be hard to find at times.

This product is machine-washable and is easy to install as you can use your standard shower rod. 

To conclude, we can state that a shower curtain or liner that blows in or out while you are showering is annoying. In this post, we have outlined how you can fix this problem. There are several ways to do this. From installing a thicker curtain to using weights or shower curtains that have a special shape. 

This can make it a lot more fun to take a shower. 

Showers have been around for a long time. It is great to see that they are still being improved. The space-expanding shower system can make it easier to take a shower. 

If your shower tray is pooling, we have shared some tips to get it fixed as well.