Door frame Moving away or Separating from wall: How To FIX a door that is coming apart

A broken door frame can cause you a lot of frustration. It’s not just an aesthetic issue either. If your door doesn’t close correctly it poses a security risk, and if the frame is damaged it will probably rattle in bad weather. Thankfully, fixing a broken door frame isn’t difficult at all, so we will show you how to do it. We’ll also cover what the different types of broken door frames are and how to fix them.


Door frames are made from wood, plastic or metal, so if they break it’s because there’s a problem with the material or connection to the wall. Cracks in the door frame are often caused by movement. If your door frame is damaged, then there could be problems with the installation as well. Let’s explore this in more detail.

Finding the problem

We will start by finding the root cause of the problem.

The first thing to do is to examine your wall. If you notice any damage then you will need to repair that before continuing. Cracked bricks can indicate problems with the foundation or water damage. Fixing the damage will ensure your door frame is straight and strong enough to support the door. This can take quite some work as you need to fix the wall and the door. 

A common problem with doors is that the hinges are not straight. You can remove the door by lifting it up. In some instances, you will have to remove a pin from the hinge by using a hammer and a screwdriver instead (insert the screwdriver on the underside of the hinge). If this doesn’t work, you have to check if there are screws holding the door in place.

Get a leveling tool to check if your hinges are hinging straight. If they don’t, you can get a Phillips screwdriver to get the screws out of the latches and adjust them. Then you reinsert the screws and the door should hang straight again.

You can also check if the latches are not bent. If someone ran into the door, the latches can break. It is also possible that they sag. Installing new latches is quite similar as what we have outlined before. You remove the door and then the latches. Then you add new latches and the door can go back on. 

 A broken latch could also force the door frame out of shape. Replacing a latch can be done with a kit. Check the brand of your latch and find a repair kit. You will probably need a Phillips screwdriver to get the latch out of the door.

It is often quite easy to fix a doorframe if you have the right tools.

Once this is done, you will have to remove the doorknobs and slide the latch out of the door. This will make it possible to get access to every part of the latch. Once this is repaired, you can insert the latch again in the wall. 

If you have a sliding door, you will have to take a look at the mechanism at the top of the door. Check if the rail is straight and if the wheels are working properly. 

My door frame is coming away from wall: How to fix this

Let’s fix the door frame itself now. This process is the same for both internal and external doors. 

In most instances, you can add some nails, screws, or other adhesive to the door frame so that it will get attached to the wall again. Make sure that everything is properly attached as the doorframe can fall on someone’s head if it is loose. A metal door typically is attached with screws (and some glue) whereas wooden doors are often attached to the wall with nails.

You should add enough nails and screws so that you are sure that it won’t come loose again. If the door frame is too small for your door, you might want to add some drywall so that the connection between the wall and door is strong enough.

A door frame should be perfectly straight so get out your leveling tool and check that everything is done properly. You can use a hammer to tap on the door frame if needed. Doors often consist of different pieces that are attached to each other.

If there is a crack in the door frame, we can try to patch it. There are kits that make this easy for wood. You can also get some sawdust and glue to cover the hole. Then you can paint over it. If the gap is bigger, you will have to add a piece of wood.

If the door is made out of metal, you will have to use silicone, glue or another material to close the gap. You also might have to replace parts of the door. The manufacturer of your door can often point you in the right direction if you want parts for this.

In more severe cases, you will need to replace the door frame. For metal doors, you can just unscrew the old frame. For wooden doors, you will have to use a prying tool to remove the nails from the door. Be careful when you do this so that you don’t damage the wall. 

To get a new door frame, you will have to measure how big your door is so that you can get the right type of materials. You might have to patch the drywall before you can move forward. It is important to get the hinges in the right place. You can also call a carpenter if you need help with this. 


We hope that you have enjoyed this article and know a lot more about fixing a broken door frame now. You should also know how to repair different types of door frames and even how to reattach a door frame to the wall.

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With some nails and screws, you can already fix a lot. It is important to tackle the root of the problem (a broken latch, loose hinges, broken wall etc.). You can also consider adding a door stopper if you notice that people used too much force when opening the door. Once you have done this, it is easier to repair the damage on the door frame.