How to clean the Primo water dispenser? (Do THIS Now!)

Cleaning a water dispenser is a task that is often neglected but it is important to do it. If the water dispenser is not clean, the water we drink will not be clean. Algae and micro-organisms start growing inside water dispensers. You can see the green deposits if the water dispensers are not cleaned regularly. Whether you select Pre-Filled Exchange Water or Self-Service Refill Water, Primo advises its customers to clean the water filter once in three months.

If you clean your Primo water dispenser regularly, then the mineral deposits will be dissolved. It just takes half an hour to clean the water dispenser and it will ensure that you drink fresh and pure water.

How to clean a primo water dispenser

Ingredients Needed

To get started, we will need the following supplies:

  • Regular bleach
  • Distilled white vinegar
  • Empty five-gallon bottle
  • Two-gallon bucket
  • Phillips head screwdriver
  • A bucket and gloves
  • Some old towels to remove spilled water

Steps to follow to clean Primo water dispenser

We first have to turn the dispenser off:

  • On the back of the dispenser, there are switches. You need to turn them off first before you start cleaning your Primo water dispenser.
  • Unplug the power chord from the power socket to ensure there is no accidental electrocution.
  • Remove the main water container from the dispenser. This is done by lifting up the bottle. Make sure that the container is almost empty before you do this as water can splash out of it.

  • Place the entire unit in a well-lit area where you can reach the back of the water dispenser.
  • Place an empty bucket nearby and remove the water from the reservoirs by opening the cold and hot taps. Make sure that the water is completely removed. If necessary, you can hold it at an angle but be careful when you do this.

Now we can start cleaning it:

  • Pour two tablespoons of bleach into hot water. It should be two gallons of water. Instead of bleach, you can also use two cups of distilled white vinegar. Pour this solution into the empty five-gallon bottle.
  • Now place the solution-filled water bottle on the dispenser.
  • This will allow the cleaning solution to fill up the reservoirs of the Primo water dispenser.
  • Wait for about five minutes so that the solution cleanses the interiors. Open up the taps to get the water flowing.

  • Now fill the five-gallon water bottle again a couple of times with hot water and rinse the interior by opening the cold and hot water taps. Smell the water to check if all the bleach has been washed off.
  • You can also use a UV light to remove some dirt from the water dispenser. Just shine it inside the holder for a few minutes.
  • Now open up the cold and how water taps, and let the water flow into the two-gallon bucket.
  • We can use cotton tips to clean the holes where water comes out. We can then rinse again.
  • Rinse a water bottle and fill it up. We are going to connect it to the machine and let water flow for a while.

  • On the back of the water dispenser, there is a small plug. We can use a Philips screwdriver or drill to open it. Have a bucket nearby as water can flow out of it. Be prepared as a lot of water can flow out of this once you remove the cap. You can tilt it slightly to get more water out. You can insert the plug again once this is done.
  • You can also use a wipe to clean the back of the water dispenser. Make sure that the machine is unplugged when you do this. Just use a dry cloth and remove some dust from the coils.

Finishing thing up:

  • Check that everything is clean before you stop. Let it dry out for a few days so that all the dirty water is gone.
  • Your Primo water dispenser is clean now. Plug it back into the power unit and attach a fresh five-liter filled water bottle to it. Turn the switches back on and the machine should power up. Check the smell of the water to ensure that there is no speck of bleach left. It is recommended that you test the water with a testing kit from time to time to make sure that it is clean.
  • Once you are done, you can dispose of the dirty water in a sink. Let the faucet run for a while so that the dirt gets out of the drains. You can clean the sink as well.
  • Now we can enjoy water from this dispenser again!

The first time that you do this, it can take up to 30 minutes. Later on, you will be able to do it faster. Cleaning this dispenser is easier if you have some space to move around and have a sink nearby.

It is important that the water in your water dispenser keeps moving. If water has been standing still for a few months, it is essential that you get it cleaned completely. Standing water can lead to dangerous situations and has to be avoided. You will have to do a deeper cleaning if this happened with your Primo water dispenser. You should avoid mold as this can be dangerous.

Read the manual of your water dispenser to make sure that the manufacturer doesn’t give other tips. Improper use of the dispenser can void your guarantee. You can also ask the company to service the dispenser for you. They have special teams to do this. If needed, you can also get a replacement unit.

To conclude, we can state that cleaning the Primo water dispenser is quite straightforward. We just have to add a cleaning solution to the dispenser. This can remove a lot of dirt that has been built up over time. It is important to do this regularly so that the water is clean. Most people don’t clean it often enough and this can lead to nasty problems. We have discussed that drinking water from a faucet is often possible as well. It is always a good idea to test the water from time to time to make sure that nothing has made it undrinkable.


How to Keep your Primo Water Dispenser Clean