High end and Luxury Bar Sinks: Get the Best one (AVOID This!)

A bar sink (or entertaining sink) is a sink that is used to prep food. It is common in smaller kitchens. Given that you can close the sink with a wooden piece, it is possible to use this to cut vegetables and prepare meat. They are becoming more popular as people are living in smaller areas and want more convenience. In this post, we will provide some guidelines on how to select a bar sink. Let’s dive in.


What types of Bar Sinks are there?

They come in different sizes but are generally quite small so that you can have space for other items as well.

These sizes and the type varies according to what spot we are planning to build on or what place or room we are to build it on. Usually, the size of the standard kitchen sink is around 22 inches by inches 33 wide. The sink can range from nine and a half to eighteen to the widest side.

The design of the prep sink enables numerous chores to be done simultaneously in a kitchen area. We all know that you need a lot of space to cook and these sinks allow you to use the kitchen space more efficiently. You can store dishes in them while you cook above them.

The area should be free and easy to clean away the food prep waste. A bar sink provides a good disposal system.

Styles of Luxury bar sink:

There are many shapes and types of bar sink available in the market the most common ones are as follows:

●       Square

●       Oval: these are often more expensive than square or round models as they are used less frequently. It can be quite hard to find an oval bar sink.

●       Round

This allows them to be used in different settings such as small kitchens, outdoor kitchens, or even RVs. They are generally used in the kitchen. Stainless steel is the material that they are often made out of as this is sturdy, light, and strong. It doesn’t corrode as a special coating is being used. This gives them an industrial look.

Not everyone might like this though but they are very sturdy so functionality is above aesthetics in this case. These sinks can last a decade or more if they are taken care of. Even if you drop something in them, they won’t break. Just make sure that you don’t clog them by throwing big chunks in the drain. We have discussed how to unclog a sink here. You also have to remove water and dirt after you have used them. This can create dirty stains that are difficult to remove.

What to take into consideration while getting a High-end bar sink?

There are several things that one should keep in mind while installing a bar sink. Firstly make sure to see a different view of the countertops.

●       You have to think how often you are going to use it. If you have to cook for a lot of people, you can opt for a bigger model.

●       You also have to think about the sink configuration. Some are installed under the slab (undermount) whereas others are installed above it (topmount). Each of these configurations has its unique advantages and disadvantages.

Undermount sinks look nicer but they are harder to maintain and install. Most people pick an overmount sink for a kitchen as it is easier to clean.

You also have to take a look at what plumbing is needed. For example, if you need to connect the drain to a tank, you might have to place it in a certain location in the kitchen. This can impact the dimensions that you have to pick. You can also let the water drain in a bucket but this can overflow so it is not ideal.

Picking the right faucet is essential as well. Sometimes you won’t get hot and cold water. A great faucet can provide enough pressure so that you can do the dishes with cold water anyway.

Your plumber can offer you advice if needed. Each kitchen is unique and this makes it quite hard to offer general advice.

You should know your own needs as well. Some people cook a lot whereas other don’t.

The benefit of having a bar sink

1. Meal prep becomes more efficiently:

             The most convenient way of preparing a meal is having a big bar sink. Even other chores like doing dishes, rinsing, and proper disposal of water. Getting the right faucet makes everything easier.

2. The Bar sink is replaceable:

               The bar sink is universal in size which makes it easy to replace it over time. This allows you to keep your kitchen cabinet if you want to replace the kitchen sink. For more convenience, one can even install a tap with a filtration system.

3. Bar sink does not take up a lot of space:

            There is less space needed for this type of sink. Given that you can close a bar sink, it is quite easy to work on it and open it up again if needed.

This benefits and provides more workspace and disposal facilities.

Therefore, the Bar sink is a very important part of the house to maintain hygiene as well as working efficiently.

To conclude, we can state that bar sinks are compact sinks that can be used in small areas such as garden sinks or RVs, or smaller kitchens. They are very convenient as you can close them and cook on top of them. They are generally made out of stainless steel, which is durable and quite cheap.

If you want to get a great sink for your RV, we have discussed several options as well. RV’s often don’t offer a lot of space. Having a sink that is quite small but allows you to clean dishes without too many issues is very handy. A bar sink is a great option for smaller RV’s. Bigger campers can use a full-fledged kitchen sink.

We have discussed integrated sinks here.