Luxury and High-End Integrated Sink: Get The Best Model

Different types of sinks are available for the kitchen and bathroom. You can select a sink based on your specific needs, interior theme, and budget. Some sinks are made for commercial applications. These large and deep sinks are not suitable for homes. The following information will help you select an integrated sink.

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What Is an Integrated Sink?

As the term suggests, it is an integrated design. The sink and the countertop are made out of the same material. This means that it is a big furniture piece. This gives the whole sink and countertop a seamless look. There is a smooth transition and seamless appearance from the countertop surface to the sink. The bowl area and the countertop are made with the same material. Integrated sinks can be found in many creative designs. They are luxurious products that are often handmade.

This type of sink can cost more so assess both benefits and price when planning to buy it. An integrated sink can cost hundreds of dollars. The material choices are limited because the sink must be made with the same material as the countertop.

This sink is a perfect choice when you want a sink and countertop with a seamless appearance and no lip around the top of the sink. The grime, a big problem in the kitchen, can be tackled better with this lip-free sink. You do not have to worry about grime sticking in the joints and seams. The surface can be cleaned thoroughly and quickly giving a clean look to your sink and countertop.

Things to Look for When Buying a luxury Integrated Sink

Make sure the sink and countertop are permanently joined. They should be available as a single unit. However, you will also come across integrated sinks where the sink is available separately from the countertop and is still referred as an integrated sink.

They use seamless under-mounting installation techniques to avoid any crevice around the rim. The smooth and seamless appearance means dirt, water and grime are not trapped around the rim.

Two Models

First determine if you need a permanently joined integrated sink, or a separate sink and countertop design with almost no seam. Once you have decided on this thing, it will become easier to buy your sink. If you decide to buy a sink where the sink is sold separately from the countertop, you will find a lot more options. These products will require perfect installation, or the sink will not have a rim integrating seamlessly with the countertop.


Next, you have to decide on the sink material. The choice of materials is limited in the seamless sink range because both the sink and the countertop must be built with the same material. They are often made out of marble, stainless steel, or acrylic.


After deciding the material, check the size requirement. The sink should not be too large or too small. At some places you do need a small sink, for example, in a small place where space is at a premium. A large sink is needed if you have a large family or the kitchen is used for preparing meals for a large group of people.

In these cases, a larger sink is not a luxury but a necessity. Take into account your kitchen size when determining the size of your sink. A standard size sink is sufficient for most homes.

Integrated sinks can be quite expensive as they can be big. Wallmounted models are often smaller and cheaper than floor-standing models.

Bowl Design

Next, check the bowl design of the sink. You will come across rectangular and oval designs. The bowl may have a deep or shallow container. The wastewater outlet at the bottom may be located at the center or touching the backside. Sinks with straining space are also available but they take up more space and the feature may not be available in an integrated sink with a permanently joined countertop.

For Restroom

An integrated bathroom sink for a restroom may have integrated fixtures, a soap dispenser, a faucet and a hand dryer. It is a cost-effective system because you do not have to buy all these items separately. Everything comes as a single unit so it costs less.

The streamlined intuitive hand washing process with both washing and drying features provides the ultimate user experience. Some latest sink models in this range now incorporate the hand dryer as well.

An integrated sink is easy to clean and maintain. The lack of seam means the grime does not collect in any crevices. The main drawback is that they can be hard to repair as you can’t simply swap the sink out if it chips. They can also be quite heavy to install.

Match It with the Interior Theme

You must have decided an interior theme for your kitchen or bathroom. Make sure the integrated sink you select for any one of these areas matches the theme of your interior. It is not necessary to keep the same color with the sink as on the wall or backsplash. It can be a complementary color as well. Consult an interior designer or the sink installer if in doubt.

Match the Specifications

Consult a plumber before buying a sink and connected items. The sink you buy must match your plumbing specifications. You do not want to face the problem of having a sink that does not connect properly to the supply and wastewater pipes.

The faucet should be easy to repair, open and install. You may want to install a faucet that receives water supply from both hot and cold water lines. This type of faucet system is complex and has adjustable handles to adjust the amount of hot and cold water coming at a time. It helps adjust the water temperature.

The integrated sink with its one-piece seamless design is perfect when you want to reduce maintenance and cleaning requirements in the kitchen and bathroom. Within the integrated sink category, you will also find sinks where the sink is separate from the countertop but fits seamlessly into the countertop.

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