What Is The Best RV kitchen Sink in 2023? ANSWERED

Spring and Summer break is when millions of Americans plan their vacation. This is the time they head to different campgrounds spread across the country in their recreational vehicles (RV) to enjoy outdoor activities with family and friends. RVs are comfortable and are the perfect vehicles to spend quality time with family while traveling.

These vehicles come in different types. Some of them include Travel Trailer, Fifth Wheel, Lightweight trailer, Toy Hauler, Expandable Trailer, Class A Motorhome, Class B Camper Van, and Class C Motorhome. Bigger ones can have more advanced sinks. Most RV’s just have a kitchen sink and don’t have one for the bathroom.


RVs have all the basic amenities that a typical household would have. Whether it is a basic sink, bathroom, cabinets, kitchen, and bed, RVs come with most of the household amenities. Without these basic amenities, an RV is a regular vehicle. Typically, on a long road trip, families travel in a regular car, and stopover at different places to get some rest.

They book hotels or motels on the way and stay at these places. With amenities like a kitchen, a bathroom, and a bedroom, RVs can be a low-budget hotel where families can rest. This way many stopovers can be avoided and the destination can be reached in less time.

When talking about amenities, one of the most essential utilities is the sink. If you are an owner of an RV and looking to replace or upgrade your RV’s sink, this article gives a detailed explanation about RV sinks.

In this article, we will explain what an RV sink is, different types of sinks, and what are the factors you should consider when buying an RV sink. There are also sinks that you can use outside your RV. These are great when you don’t have place to install a sink and toilet:

Types of RV kitchen Sink, cover, and faucet.

An RV sink is a sink that is fitted in a recreational vehicle for performing activities like cleaning utensils, and washing hands. This sink is made particularly to work with the plumbing system used in the RVs. The plumbing system of the RVs has plastic pipes fitted in them which are different from what many buildings use. Typically, in buildings, you will find metal pipes fitted in them.

That said, these sinks come in different sizes. For example, if it is a small motor home, you can find a small sink that perfectly fits in the small kitchen of the motor home. Likewise, depending on the size of the RV, you can find different sizes of sinks.

RVs can offer hot and cold water or just cold. Some have a tank to store dirty water. Others just have a small bucket for this. You have to be careful so that this doesn’t overflow.

Let us now see what are the different types of RV sinks.

Different Types Of RV Sinks

If you are looking to replace or upgrade an RV sink, there are different types of sinks available in different materials in the market. Some common types of RV sinks are:

  • Plastic Sinks
  • Acrylic Sinks
  • Stainless Steel Sinks

Plastic Sinks

Plastic sinks are one of the cheapest sinks available for RVs. They are lightweight. Typically, they come installed in lower-end travel trailers. But these sinks are of low quality. However, you can upgrade to a much better quality plastic sink. 

Now, the issue with these sinks is that they can easily crack and break. They are also prone to stains and scratches. If you are looking for sinks that are inexpensive, then these sinks can be used. However, ensure to handle them with care. They are often used as bathroom sinks.

Acrylic Sinks

Acrylic sinks come close to plastic sinks, but they are made from acrylic material. Acrylic is a transparent plastic material that is not easily breakable. These sinks are easy to install and are cheap but costlier than plastic sinks. Acrylic sinks come in different patterns and colors. So, you have a diverse variety of sinks to choose from matching the interiors of the RV. These sinks are not that durable and are prone to scratches. However, they are better than plastic sinks. When choosing acrylic sinks, pick the ones that are of the right size and should be compatible with the RV. Make sure that you find a matching faucet:

Stainless Steel Sinks

Stainless steel sinks are one of the popular RV kitchen sinks. They come in different sizes and shapes. They are more durable when compared to other materials like plastic and acrylic. However, they cost a bit higher than the other sinks. 

Suppose you have a bigger family traveling in an RV, then these sinks are the most suitable ones to be installed in the RV. This is because these sinks can hold up a lot of dishes. In addition to this, stainless steel sinks are easy to clean. That said if the sink is cleaned aggressively, there is a possibility of causing scratches to the sink. 

What is special about RV sinks is that they often can be closed. This allows you to use this space to cook. Typically a wooden plate is used for this. Given that most RV’s are quite small, this is a very handy feature.

If you are looking for an RV sink, stainless steel sinks should be on the top of the list. You also have ceramic and copper sinks but these are less popular as they are more expensive.

This brings us to the question, what are the factors that should be considered before choosing the right RV sink.

Factors To Consider Before Picking The Right RV Sink

Below are a few considerations that you can take into account before purchasing an RV sink.

Material Of The Sink

As mentioned above, there are different materials of sinks available. When picking an RV sink, make sure to check if the material can be easily maintained. Check if the stains can be easily removed from the surface. Stainless steel sinks are easy to maintain than other sinks. The blemishes on their surface can easily be brought back to their original shine. Stainless steels sinks are also highly durable. Plastic is lighter though and can be a great way to save weight.

Check The Size Of Sink

Before purchasing an RV sink, measure the size of the RV’s cabinet where you want to install the sink. Once you do that, accordingly you can buy the right size sink.


RV sinks can be installed in two methods. One is the drop-in installation method and the other one is the under-mount installation method. A drop-in installation involves installing the sink into the hole on the RV’s countertop. While the under-mount installation involves, fixing the sink from underneath the RV’s countertop. This method requires the help of a professional.


The cost is one of the major factors when considering buying an RV sink. Based on the material used for making the sink, the price varies. A plastic sink and acrylic sink costs less when compared to a stainless steel sink. If you want a higher-quality sink, then you have to shell out a considerable amount of money. If you want a low-quality sink, then it will cost you less.

To Sum Up

If you are looking for a perfect sink for your RV, then there are many factors to consider for getting the perfect one. In this article, we have given a brief overview of what an RV sink is, and also provided tips on what factors you need to consider before purchasing an RV sink.