What breaks down poop or poo in a toilet: 5 Easy Solutions

It can be annoying if poop gets stuck in your toilet. Let’s see how we can get it flushed away so that you can use your toilet again. There are some easy ways to get this done, for example using a plunger. Be sure to check that there is no water leaking next to the toilet base as this can indicate a bigger problem. 


How toilets normally work.

Normally water pushes the poop in your drains. From there it gets mixed with air and gravity pushes it to the city sewage system. In some remote areas, you need to install your own sewage system. There are plants that treat and clean sewage so that it can be released in oceans and rivers. In some instances, the poop gets stuck in your toilet or the drain and you need to find a solution. Let’s read on to see what is possible. 

Flush another time

There are a few things that can happen when you flush the toilet. First, if the water level is too low, it could mean that there’s not enough water to push your poop down into the bowl. If this happens, then you need to make sure that you’re flushing with a good amount of water. If this doesn’t help, then it might be time to try something else.

In some places such as Greece, you shouldn’t flush toilet paper as this clog up the system.

Unclog the toilet with a plunger or toilet brush

It is possible that there is a clog in your toilet drain. This means you might have to use a plunger to get it fixed. Plumbers use this and it works. It is important that you get a plunger that works for toilets as some are designed for sinks. You also have to have some patience when you do this and you might have to use it multiple times before you see a result. Make sure that you use it in the right way. 

 Some people argue that baking soda and vinegar also work but plumbers will generally stick with a plunger. Detergent and hot water can also help to get the clog moved. Be careful that you use a detergent that doesn’t damage your pipes. It depends on the type of clog if this will work so it is hard to tell in advance. 

You can also try to use a toilet brush to break down the poop. This can get quite messy to be sure to wear gloves. The toilet brush will have to be thrown away afterwards as it might be impossible to clean it.

Plungers often fix clogs quite fast. If you notice that the clog has been removed, you can flush a few times and the problem might be gone.

Take a bucket of water

It is possible that your toilet is dirty and this can reduce the power of the flush. This keeps poop in the bowl. Getting a bucket of water to flush can solve this. You might have to clean your toilet tank or even remove your toilet to get it cleaned. After about 10 years dirt can get in your toilet and this can affect how hard your toilet can flush

Scoop some out of your bowl

It is possible that you used too much paper. This can make it harder for the water to push the poop away. Getting some of the paper out of the bowl can work. You can use a plastic scoop and a bucket to get this done. Wear gloves to keep things clean while you do this. A lot of people use too much paper and don’t flush often enough. This can lead to problems.

Once you have the poop in the bucket, you can try to flush it step by step. It is not a fun job but it needs to happen from time to time. Make sure to wear gloves and don’t tip the bucket over! In less than 10 minutes the mess should be cleaned so it is possible to solve the issue quite fast.

Remember that you can’t use too much toilet paper at once!

Remove the sticky poop with a toilet brush

Poop can come in different forms and sometimes it is just splashed all over your toilet. A toilet brush can be a great way to get it removed.   This can be an effective way of getting rid of any poop that’s stuck in your toilet and it’s pretty easy to do. You just need to put the end of the brush in the water and swirl it around until you get some suds going.

Then, you just need to use the brush like a plunger and push it down. You might want to take a bucket with water and throw it in your toilet bowl. All of this can help you to clean the poop from the toilet or toilet seat. 

A bucket with water and some soap can do wonders. Get a sponge and start to clean the toilet seat and toilet bowl. Depending on what you have eaten, poop can be more strong or splash all around. Sometimes you need to get this cleaned up. 

Specialized products 

Sometimes products are hyped up on TV as magical solutions but they often don’t work and are overpriced. Don’t waste your money on them and stick with what we have discussed before.  

You can try to use bleach to remove the poop. Toilets generally won’t unclog themselves so you will have to take some action.

Get a drain auger  

If a plunger didn’t work, you can try this device to remove clogs from your toilets. You have to read the manual carefully as you can break your plumbing system if you don’t use it correctly. This is a more advanced tool and should only be used by people that have more experience. Be sure to get towels and a bucket when you use this. Rubber gloves should be worn as well.

Call a plumber

If nothing works, you might have to call a plumber. They have a camera and can see what is going on. It is possible that they have to use a lot of water pressure to unclog the toilet. In some instances, tree roots have grown in the drains and they might have to use a cutter or water pressure to get this removed. 

Plumbers often have to work on toilets with poop in so don’t worry, they are used to dealing with this. They might charge more though. 

You shouldn’t flush wet wipes or tampons as this can create clogs and stop your toilet from working properly.

 Once you have succeeded in removing the poop, it can be a great idea to use a toilet cleaner that smells well. You can also use an air refresher or open up the window. This will make it more fun for the next person that has to use the toilet. 

In this post, we have outlined some ways to flush down poop that got stuck in your toilet. In most instances, a plunger will work. Sometimes you have some cleaning to do and a toilet brush can do this job. There is a reason why these two tools are present in toilets around the world.