How to clean toilet brush naturally (AVOID Doing This!)

When it comes to keeping your toilet bowl sparkling clean, having a great toilet brush is a must. It’s one of the most frequently used areas of the home, so you’re definitely going to need to keep the toilet bowl in tip-top shape.

Keeping your brush clean is really important for maintaining its effectiveness. A dirty toilet brush can also leave a bad impression on your guests. This article is going to give you tips on how to clean your toilet brush, so you won’t have to buy a new one anytime soon.


How to clean your toilet brush naturally

Always wear gloves when you touch a toilet brush and wash your hands afterward. Toilet brushes contain a lot of dirt and you shouldn’t come near them. Toilet brushes are generally used to remove stains or to clean a toilet bowl. If the toilet holder or the bristles are dirty, it is time to clean it. 

We can give it a quick clean. You can also use a cleaning spray to do this. This is great to keep the brush clean and remove small dirt particles. 

 In general, this should happen at least every 2 weeks. 

To clean the brush completely, we are going to have more work. This should happen at least once a month. 

The best way to clean your toilet brush is to dip it into a bucket of hot water and add vinegar and baking soda. You can also replace the vinegar and baking soda with some soap. Let the brush rest in this solution for a day. You can also stir the brush to remove more dirt from it. Once that’s done, hang the brush to dry. 

This makes sure that the dirt between the bristles also gets removed. It is generally not possible to remove all the dirt but it should be cleaner than before. If you notice that a lot of dirt is still left, you should replace the brush. 

Don’t touch the bristles too much as it can splash dirt around. This can create a mess and should be avoided.

Some brushes use special materials. It is best to check the manual to see if the manufacturer recommends another way of cleaning the brush. This can prolong the lifetime of your toilet brush. 

More recently, UV lights have been added to toilet brush holders. This allows you to clean the brush with a push of the button. You might have to recharge the holder so it takes some maintenance but it is a pretty good system overall.

You also have to clean the toilet holder. This one can get dusty or contain a lot of dirt. You can use a wet wipe to remove this. You can also dip it in a bucket of water and vinegar. Make sure that all the small corners are clean as well. Let it dry in the sun.

It is also a great idea to clean your toilet and plunger at this point in time while you are at it. We have discussed how you can do this HERE.

Toilet brushes are very affordable so it is often easier to replace them than try to clean a messy toilet brush. Some brushes have disposable heads and this makes it easier to keep them clean.

How often should you replace your toilet brush?

There isn’t one set rule on how often you should replace your toilet brush as it depends on how often you use it. The only standard is that if the bristles look worn down, it’s time to replace it. The rule of thumb that is often used is to change it at least once every 5 months. Once per season is even better. Especially when it is hot, a toilet brush can start to smell. Over time, the bristles on your brush can become damaged as well. 

It is best to pick a toilet brush holder that can be closed. This keeps smells and dirt away from your toilet. These might cost slightly more but it is worth it. 

The old toilet brush can generally be thrown in the trash. If the holder is made out of plastic, it might be recycled but this depends on your local rules. 

A dirty toilet brush

To make this process easier, you can set up Subscribe and Save on Amazon and you will get a new brush delivered every few months. People often forget that they have to replace their toilet brush often. This step automates everything and makes sure that you don’t have to deal with dirty or smell toilet brushes. 

Toilet brush care and maintenance tips

Some people argue that you shouldn’t use a toilet brush as it isn’t clean enough. They suggest toilet paper and gloves instead.

Every toilet needs a toilet brush. Let’s take a look at how you can use it most effectively. 

– When storing your toilet brush, keep it away from other cleaning products. 

– Get a toilet brush holder to keep your toilet brush organized. 

– Don’t use your toilet brush for anything other than cleaning the toilet bowl.

– Store the toilet brush next to the toilet but make sure that people can’t trip over it.

– A toilet brush can’t remove all the dirt. A pumice stone can be used for hard stains on the toilet bowl. 

– Get a toilet brush that allows you to clean the small areas of your toilet. For example, under the toilet rim, there can be a lot of dirt. A great toilet brush allows you to clean this as well.

-Make sure that the toilet brush doesn’t drip water on your floor after you have used it. This water can contain a lot of dirt and shouldn’t be on your toilet or bathroom floor. 

To conclude, we can say that having a clean toilet brush is important. You can’t clean the toilet if the brush itself is dirty. We have outlined how you can clean the brush. Replacing it regularly is also important.

Most people don’t pay enough attention to this and it can result in smelly and dirty situations. Based on the information in this article, you will be able to keep your toilet and toilet brush extremely clean and neat.

We have discussed how to get the most out of a toilet brush here.