Sprinkler system problems: How to FIX High Pitched Noise or Valve Vibrations

Sprinklers are an essential part of your irrigation system and can help to keep our garden fresh and clean. These systems are great to have. However, sometimes things can go wrong with them. Let’s take a look at some common problems and how they can be solved so that you can enjoy a quiet afternoon. Often small repairs can make all the difference.


Sprinkler system produces high pitched noise

A high-pitched noise is annoying when you want to enjoy the sunny weather. The most common cause is a connection that is broken or needs to be tightened. Water flows out of this gap and can create noise as the material starts to tremble. You can use a wrench to tighten the connector. Don’t overtighten it as these are quite prone to breaking. If you see that there is a tear in a connector (or fitting), it might be time to get it replaced. Make sure to get a connector that has the same size as your current one as they come in different diameters. 

You can also try to apply some duct tape and see if this removes the noise. This is only a temporary solution but can help if you need a quick fix for this issue. 

If you have a bigger sprinkler system, it can be quite difficult to locate the issue. Check each zone by opening the valves one by one. This will allow you to find out where the problem is situated. 

It is also possible that some dirt got in the drains. Make sure to properly clean them and check if there is no dirt in the neighborhood.

It is also possible that nearby electric wires are making noises. If the wires are not properly insulated or there is an issue with them, they can start to buzz and zoom. You might have to call an electrician to check the wires out. Make sure that they don’t get wet or that there is damage to them. 

Sprinkler valve vibration (banging or hammering sound)

If the sprinkler valve vibrates, it is possible that the valve is broken or that there is some dirt in it. Adding a check valve can help as well. This valve makes sure that water doesn’t flow back from the drain in the water system. If this happens, it can pollute the water supply so this is something that we have to avoid.

Check if the connections are made well. It is possible that the water pipe is not properly connected and this can cause vibrations as well.

This is something that has to be looked into as the sprinkler can break and leak a lot of water in your garden or home. This can lead to sinkholes and other problems so it is essential to get this fixed sooner rather than later. Your plumber can help you with this if needed. 

It is also possible that an air pocket gets in the drain and is creating vibrations. Let the water flow for a while to see if it improves over time. 

The water pressure also can be too high. This is mainly something that can happen when you pump up the water with your own pump. Water pressure regulators can make some noise as well. Check if the faucets need a certain amount of pressure to work optimally as the water pressure can affect them as well. You can add a pressure gauge to see what the pressure is in your system. Smaller pipes can’t handle as much pressure as wider ones so check what your system can process. 

You can consider adding a water hammer arrestor to your sprinkler system. This makes sure that the pressure in your sprinkler system is not too high. If the pressure is too high, it will drip some water out of it to avoid damage. If this keeps leaking, it can indicate that there is a problem with the water pressure in your system.  This is discussed in more detail in the following video:

Finally, it is also possible that your pipes are not properly secured. If pipes get hot, they can expand and this can create friction against the wall or other objects. Make sure that there are enough supports for your pipes. Adding some insulation between the pipes and wall can help as well.

In some instances, the problem can be the water meter as well. You will have to call the water company if this is the case. They will come out and replace it. Generally, this is done free of charge as they are responsible for this equipment. 

To conclude, we can state that sprinkler systems require quite a lot of maintenance and proper installation.

They have to deal with a lot of water pressure. This can break or wear down the components over time. This is why it is essential that you replace the parts that make noises or vibrate. This ensures that your sprinkler system keeps working properly. In this post, we have outlined some things that can go wrong with your sprinkler system and how to fix them. Often the issue is a broken part, high water pressure or a missing piece. If you check what is going on, it is often quite easy to find the solution and get it fixed. This will allow you to enjoy the quiet afternoons during the summer with a quiet sprinkler system and a beautiful garden.