No water coming out outside Water Spigot or faucet? EASY Fix

Is your outside water spigot not providing water? Let’s find out what is going on and get it fixed! In most instances, it is quite straightforward to get the water flowing again. This will allow you to enjoy your hot summer days. 


A frozen pipe or spigot

It is possible that the water line towards the water spigot or the spigot itself has frozen solid. This can be dangerous as the pipes can break and create water leaks. It is important to winterize your water spigot and make sure that your pipes don’t get too cold.

We have discussed how to thaw water pipes here. This can help you to get the water flowing again. You will have to check for leaks for several weeks as it can take some time before you can see them. 

Water leak in the pipe that runs to the spigot or faucet

It is possible that there is a water leak and that the water is going into the ground. It is important that you check this as water can cause mold and other issues. We have discussed how you can detect a water leak in the floor or wall here.

Often you can hear the water flowing or see a wet spot on the wall. A plumber will have to fix this for you. If you want to fix it yourself, we have discussed how to connect copper pipes here (these are brown pipes) and PEX pipes here (these are often white plastic pipes). 

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Broken faucet

It is possible that the faucet is broken and that it doesn’t oven the valve that controls the water flow. We have discussed how you can replace a water spigot here. This takes some work but can be done in less than 1 hour. These faucets should last several years.

It is best to pick a version that is able to withstand colder temperatures. Ball faucets are the most popular for this as they are durable and easy to use. Often you can replace parts of the faucet (as discussed in the first video on this page).

The handle can also be stuck. You can use pliers to try to get it unstuck. These provide leverage and make it easier to turn the handle.

Make sure that the faucet is level. If the faucet is hanging at a certain angle, it might not work correctly.

Air pocket in the pipes

It is possible that there is an air pocket in the pipes. Open up the faucets in your home to let the air out. If this occurs often, you will have to call a plumber to check what is going on. There should only be water in the pipes and no air. It is possible that the angle of the pipes is wrong or that there is a leak in your installation. This is something that shouldn’t happen too often.

If you have this issue often, you might want to call a plumber to check out what is going on. It is possible that the pipes are installed incorrectly.

The faucet might not be connected

If you live in an older home, it is possible that they kept the faucet but didn’t connect it to the water supply. Check the area near the spigot and check if there is a pipe running towards it. In a lot of renovations, the outdoor spigot is an afterthought and maybe they opted to not install it at all.

This might sound weird but a lot of things need to happen when a house is being upgraded. Fixtures outside are often seen as less important.

Adding a water line can be quite easy. If your home is already painted, it can be harder to hide this pipe though. 

Valve closed on pipe

If there is a valve on the pipe next to the water spigot, it is possible that someone closed it. Some people might think that it isn’t in use and close it. It is also possible that it has been closed during the winter to make sure that the water in the pipe doesn’t freeze.

You can often simply open the valve again and water should come out of the spigot again. Valves can be harder to open after a while and you might need to get a wrench to open them up. This can provide more leverage to get it done.  Be careful as some valves are quite old and can break if you open them up.

Water pressure (pump)

Another reason is that the water pressure might be too low. If you use a water pump to get water to this faucet, you have to check if it is still working. It is possible that it doesn’t have electricity or that a part has broken. Check the display of your pump to see if there are problems. Restarting the pump can often fix the issue.

It is also possible that the spigot is located too far from the water supply and that the water pressure is too low. You will have to adjust the installation to get this fixed. Adding a pump can help as well but this requires electricity and space to store the pump.

Pumps can also make some noise so it is often not worth doing this for one spigot. It is often better to change the location of the spigot. The pipes might also be too narrow and slow the water down.

If a new device such as a washing machine has been added, it is possible that this faucet is using water and reducing the water pressure in the outdoor faucet. 

Hard water or particles clogging up the water pipe.

If you have hard water in your area and you don’t have a water softener, the water pipe might be clogged. You can install a water softener and over time, the pipe should open up. It is also possible to replace the pipe. The problem might reappear but this can take several years. A water softener has to be maintained as well.

It is also possible that particles in the water can block the water pipe if you don’t have a filter for your water. A plumber can install this for you.

To conclude, we can state that there are multiple reasons why your water spigot might run dry. In this post, we have outlined some things that you can do to get it fixed. If this didn’t work, you will have to call a plumber to check what is going on.

A spigot requires some maintenance. You should winterize it to avoid a frozen water pipe. It is also important that you open it from time to time so that water can flow out of it. Standing water can become dirty and cause problems.

This is why some plumbers advise against installing an outdoor faucet if you are not going to use it that often. 

Most of the discussed issues are quite easy to fix. Low water pressure and frozen pipes are more challenging as they might require the installation of new pipes.

It can be a great idea to check with a plumber what else is possible to get the water flowing again. Each installation is unique so sometimes an inspection can reveal what really is going on.

If you have no water in the bathroom, you can find solutions here.

An outdoor faucet can be handy but it requires a lot of maintenance. From using it regularly to preparing it for the winter, there are a lot of things that you have to take into account. In this article, we have outlined some of these aspects.