Is Whirlpool a Good Brand? 2023 Review

It’s important to research appliance brands before buying since they cost lots of money. These appliances are household essentials that you want to last for a lifetime. This is why they must have reliability and durability.


Although whirlpool is among the most popular brands with lots of reviews about its reliability, you have to be sure before buying. So, to choose wisely, it’s best to know all about this brand, and judge for yourself.

So, if you’re wondering is Whirlpool a good brand? Here’s the answer to that question!

Is Whirlpool a Good Brand and who owns it: Overview

Yes, Whirlpool is a reliable brand to invest your money in. It’s an American home appliances manufacturer, founded in 1911. Whirlpool runs high among its competitors such as LG, Samsung, and Bosch USA. The average price of its products ranges from $500-$3000.

It offers a wide range of home appliances known for


-Steady performance

-Easy-to-use interface

Unlike most recent brands that opt for complicated, smart appliances, Whirlpool’s primary concern is its users. This is why Whirlpool maintains producing home appliances with an accessible usage mixed in with great technologies and innovations.

The brand is among the most reliable ranked brands in the U.S. and it has earned customers’ trust with durable models that deserve your money’s worth.

Moreover, Whirlpool sets out to improve people’s day-to-day lives by providing them with products that are easy to repair with lower repair costs.

Whirlpool made a good name for itself with high-quality, trustworthy, and dependable products.

Overview of Products and where they are made

Most products are made in the USA. They also have plants in Mexico, Italy, India, Poland, Slovakia and The United Kingdom.

Whirlpool produces several types of home appliances, such as:




To help you judge the quality of Whirlpool appliances more clearly, we’ll go over some of these products to assess their value.

Are Whirlpool Fridges Good?

These models come at reasonable prices with an accessible experience and efficient energy levels.

When it comes to fridges, Whirlpool has several refrigerator types including:


A Whirlpool side-by-side provides you with lots of flexible space with its wall-to-wall frameless glass shelves. A side-by-side also offers in-door ice and water dispensers, plus, fresher drawers with humidity control. This model is budget-friendly and highly functional with a minimalist outlook.

French Door

On the other hand, the Whirlpool French door has a more modern, fancy look with panoramic LED lighting, layered freezer space, and more features that make it worth the high price.

Top-freezer and Bottom-freezer

Then, there’s the Whirlpool top-freezer and bottom-freezer refrigerators that are praised for their super convenient design and energy efficiency. This can be seen in the Whirlpool Bottom-Freezer Refrigerator with SpillGuard™ Glass Shelves that won Best Bottom-Freezer Refrigerator of 2021.

However, Whirlpool doesn’t offer extra fancy features or extravagant frills, as they care more for

the quality and practicality of their appliances. The ability to last longer and the comfort of fewer repairs are what attract some customers to Whirlpool fridges.

Are Whirlpool Washers and Dryers Good?

In the laundry section, Whirlpool offers plenty of options for washers and dryers. The wide range of products makes it possible to find a suitable option for every budget.


The Whirlpool Top Load Washer with Quick Wash with its super storage abilities and quicker than light cycles earned the second-best top-load washing machine of 2021. The special features of its washers include:

-Flexibility and Variety

With their flexible engines, variety of cycles and sensors, and the number of features offered, Whirlpool is at its A-game brand when it comes to washing machines.


Because the brand has been making these appliances for more than 100 years, it has become associated with quality, experience, and reliability.

-Special Features

Plus, the brand features a Load & Go System and Automatic Temperature Control for its washers that enable you to customize your washing experience as you wish.


When it comes to the Whirlpool dryers, both gas and electric models of the Whirlpool Top Load Dryer with Wrinkle ShieldTM Plus have been among the best dryers, praised for their user experience, luxurious space, and energy efficiency.

Are Whirlpool Microwaves and Ovens Good?

While Whirlpool produces a limited number of ovens and microwaves, it still provides you with options for every budget.


Whirlpool microwaves feature plenty of useful features. With a sensor for cooking and auto-defrost, the Whirlpool over-the-range microwave is one of the most reliable microwaves.


As for ovens, the Whirlpool fan-forced mechanical oven comes at a reasonable price while delivering solid and amazing results.

Meanwhile, with a smart, modern look and numerous cooking programs, the Whirlpool 6th Sense models are high value for those who wouldn’t mind the extra price.

However, models of the same line in Whirlpool products have little differences between them, which might be one of its weaknesses. The brand should upgrade by adding more innovations with each new model or there would be no point in buying it.

Are Whirlpool Dishwashers Good?

In the dishwashing category, the Whirlpool dishwashers are highly efficient machines with lavish tubs, super sleek designs, and low-noise levels. Additionally, among the reasons for the brilliancy of these dishwashers are:


The super energy efficiency of Whirlpool guaranteed by ENERGY STAR® makes it a sustainable, low-consuming choice for the environment.

-Total Coverage

Whirlpool dishwashers feature the total coverage spray arm technology that ensures the cleanliness of every dish with 21 high-pressure spray jets.


While some models feature the PowerScour technology which uses 35 separate spray nozzles to effectively target every nook and corner of the item.

-Smart Connectivity

Additionally, the smart models of Whirlpool dishwashers that connect to several platforms such as Alexa Assistant and Google Home and fingerprint-resistant doors are available in their mid-to-high-end versions.

-Special Features

As for premium features and cleaning power, Whirlpool’s special technologies won’t require any pre-cleaning while offering third-level shelves, sanitize options, and sensor-wash programs.

Wrap Up

So, is Whirlpool a good brand? As far as good goes, Whirlpool continues to prove it’s an excellent brand. With more than 100 years in the home appliance industry, the brand maintains a high level of quality, functionality, and reliability.

Whirlpool offers a wide range of home appliances that balance out the hard equation of affordability and quality. The brand doesn’t compromise its performance for its prices, but rather produces practical products with lots of price options. More recently they had to deal with new brands so it will be interesting to see how they can keep up. It is possible that people will flock to other brands as most of these products are quite simple.

However, Whirlpool isn’t a brand that focuses on premium features and highly smart products, but instead, they tend to produce satisfying and reliable appliances. This is why Whirlpool has many loyal customers trusting in its delivery of what’s promised.

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