Is a squeaky dryer dangerous? (Do THIS Now!)

Did you know that a squeaky dryer can be dangerous? It might sound like a harmless little noise, but in some cases, it can suggest a much bigger problem. A squeaky dryer is usually the result of something moving inside the machine and making sounds as it does so. 

This is rarely a good sign, and it means that something needs to be fixed before the problem worsens and leads to more serious consequences (such as a broken dryer or even fire risk!). A squeaky dryer could indicate a variety of different problems. For this reason, you should never ignore these sounds and seek assistance as soon as possible. In this article, we’ll go over some common reasons why your dryer might make these noises so you can identify potential issues early on.


A squeaky dryer could mean your dryer belt is loose or broken

A dryer belt is the part of the dryer that transfers the movement from the drum to the motor. If the belt is too loose or worn down, it can make noises as it moves around inside the machine. This is often a sign that the belt is ready to break, so you should have it checked at the first sign of trouble. If it breaks while the machine is operating, it could halt all movement and damage the machine. A broken belt is not only dangerous, but it also indicates that your machine is beyond repair. 

Replacing a belt is not a difficult task, but you should always contact a professional to make sure it is done correctly. We have discussed how you can do this here.

 It’s also important to note that a belt is not the only part of the dryer that could be causing the noise. All in all, a loose belt is one of the most common reasons why dryers make noises, so it’s always worth inspecting it first.

A squeaky dryer could mean that your bearings are loose or broken

Dryer bearings are located at the ends of the motor shafts. They are responsible for providing the rotary movement required to operate the machine. If the bearings are too loose, they can make noises as they spin. In some cases, the dryer won’t even turn on if the bearings are too loose because the motor cannot generate enough power.

 A squeaky dryer could be caused by loose bearings, but it could also be the result of a broken bearing. If you hear grinding or squealing noises coming from the dryer, it’s likely that the bearings are broken. They are meant to spin smoothly, but sometimes they become worn down and cannot function properly. In these cases, the only option is to replace the bearings because they cannot be repaired. If your bearings are loose, however, you can try tightening them. The best way to do this is by removing the motor and manually turning the bearings with a wrench.

A squeaky dryer could mean that your drum is misaligned

The drum is the part of the dryer that rotates and tumbles the laundry inside to dry it. It usually has a belt or chain that connects it to the motor. A common problem that can cause a squeaky dryer is a misaligned drum. This means that the drum is not turning in line with the motor. 

The two components should be as close to parallel as possible. If they are not, the motor will have to work extra hard to turn the drum, which results in a loud noise. A misaligned drum can sometimes be fixed by tightening the belt or chain, but in more severe cases, it will need to be replaced. Drum misalignment is a common issue, so you should be wary of any noises coming from your dryer that could be related to this problem. If you notice that the drum is turning slower than it normally does, have it checked immediately.

People often overload their dryers. Over time this can result in a misaligned drum and lead to noises. 

A squeaky dryer could mean that your venting is clogged

The venting in your home is meant to take the steam and excess moisture released during the dryer cycle and transport it outside. Without proper venting, the moisture will build up inside the dryer and cause mildew and mold. It can also lead to a very dangerous situation. The excess moisture can create so much pressure that it causes the dryer to overheat and start a fire. 

In some cases, the pressure will become so high that it will force the steam outside, but the water will remain trapped inside the dryer. This is known as a “wet dryer,” and it is an extremely dangerous situation that requires immediate attention. Fortunately, you can usually identify a wet dryer because it will make unusual noises. It might sound like a squeaky dryer, or it might be completely silent. If you notice abnormal sounds coming from the machine, it is best to have the venting examined by a professional.

You should clean your vents to make sure that this doesn’t occur. There are special brushes to do this. You can also replace the drain from time to time as this is just a flexible pipe that can be rolled open. 

A squeaky dryer could mean that there is something wrong with the motor

The motor of your dryer is responsible for spinning the laundry. A motor that is running fast will make noises, and these sounds will often sound like a squeaky dryer. This can be perfectly normal as the motor is spinning quite fast during some parts of the drying cycle. 

Modern dryers can provide error codes if there is a problem with the motor. Check the manual to see if there is a specific issue if you see the error code. If you don’t have the manual, you can Google the model number and the error code to see what is going wrong. 


A squeaky dryer can be a real nuisance but it can also be quite dangerous. Luckily, a simple repair job can fix most of these issues. That being said, you should never ignore these noises and should always seek assistance as soon as possible to avoid further damage to your dryer. Remember, a squeaky dryer could mean a variety of different problems, so you should conduct some basic troubleshooting before contacting a professional.