How To Use Ozone Generator At Home: bathroom or apartment

Ozone is that terrifying stratospheric gas that can kill bacteria and suffocate you but plays a fantastic defense against harmful UV radiation. Luckily ozone can also be used to clean and sanitize your house. You have to use it correctly though.

Adjust the ozone levels and run the ozone generator in an unobstructed space. Let it operate over a couple of hours (2 to 5 hours). Ensure that no one and no pet is in the house while the generator remains on. Allow proper ventilation for at least 30 minutes for the Chlorine-like smell to dissipate. Wear proper protective equipment. Check the manual of your device for more input.


These unconventional air cleaners are lovely for smokey or residual mold smells. These purifiers are commonly used in hotels and industrial settings because of their air-refining qualities and their ability to kill bacteria. However, high ozone levels are stupendously dangerous, so please read on to learn how to utilize only the benefits of these generators properly.

How Do Ozone Generators Work

Ozone generators work because of the instability of ozone as gas particles. Ozone particles are so reactive that when they are introduced to an environment with other organic smell particles, it bonds with those unwanted air particles and causes them to oxidize. This essentially mutes or kills the smell. Viola! 

Example of an ozone generator. This can be used to clean the air and remove mold from a room.

This is why ozone generators are also so dangerous. They aren’t selective with the particles they bond with. They indiscriminately steal the O2 air particles in the room on the scientific journey to undo those musty odors. This way, they can also be great pest killers. Again, please turn it on and get out!

 Why Choose Ozone Generators As Air Purifiers?

Ozone generators can seem a daunting alternative for weary homeowners. These air purifiers are cheaper and more versatile than normal air cleaners.

These multifaceted air freshening units aren’t only good for getting rid of unwanted smells and pests, musk orders, and liven up a home. This versatile invention is excellent for those carpeted basement odors and any other carpet situation.

Traditional air filters are effective air purifiers and allergen removers, requiring constant maintenance. To be kept operating effectively, filters need to be cleaned and renewed regularly, as stated by the instructions from manufacturers.

Misconceptions about Ozone Generators

Producers of these ozone devices are known to often toot equipment as some air freshening miracles. Some have been known to imply that the devices improve asthma symptoms by irradicating particle triggers in the air. 

Unfortunately, this claim doesn’t have substantial scientific backing. Elevated ozone can lead to issues. Since the device works by changing the chemical composition of the unpleasant air particles, it doesn’t filter out the minute triggering particles.

To remove the irritating tiny particles altogether, you can get an ozone generator with an ion generator as part of the unit. Ionizers can also be bought as separate units; However, they generate extra, unwanted ozone. 

It’s prudent also to know that these ionizers filter the air by causing particles to attach and settle on nearby surfaces. 

Before Getting Ozone Generators

Depending on the reason that has brought you the infamous ozone generator, you could do without the risk by going through a few basic checks.

If the ozone kit is being considered because of clingy musty, rotten, or smokey smells, then first make sure that the source of the scents has been located and removed. Mold has to be removed before you use an ozone generator.

In most cases, this is only used by professionals as you need special protection and have to follow specific instructions.

Ozone Generator Maintenance

The equipment does require periodic cleaning in terms of maintenance. Still far less than your traditional air filters. 

The collection plate in the machine requires removing and cleaning every few months. Depending on usage, Every 2/3 months to 6 months. Make sure to use the cleaning kit provided by the manufacturer. Replace the sponge-looking filters every month.

Generally, many of the parts in the generator are removable and replaceable—everything from fuses to collection plates. If the generator requires an opening for any of this, the manufacturer will provide instructions on safely and efficiently doing this.  

Safety When Using Ozone Generators

As previously established, ozone gas is dangerous and should be approached with diligence and care. The entire house must be evacuated for the day when the generator is turned on, regardless of whether dealing with only a single room.

This is because ozone is still gas, and gas can seep through the tiniest of cracks. Absolutely no living organism that you desire to maintain its status should be in the vicinity of the operating machine. The ozone takes at least 30 minutes to settle, but it is advised to allow up to 4 hours of proper ventilation.

The generator can be rerun for longer for the more villainous scents, but there are risks and concerns. 

Make it like you are fumigating your house and covering objects when possible. You don’t want the ozone getting any ideas and getting on with your stuff.

Most importantly, go over your manual. There are more in-depth specifications on how long to run the machine and what to do over unplanned scenarios, like leaking ozone. You’d be surprised by how little people read over the manual because it’s “dull and long.” It isn’t fascinating and spread, in any case.


Ozone generators are remarkable and adaptable tools for air purification and water cleaning. Their flexibility in use makes them a noteworthy alternative to the often-expensive air filters on the market.

Conventional air filters cannot remove embedded smells from furniture and clothes, smells like smoke from a fire, or fungal mustiness from carpets. Where these established filters lack, ozone generators seem to thrive.

However, this equipment comes with a stern demand for respect and should be subscribed to once all other avenues have been exhausted. Since ozone levels need to be observed closely and carefully, technology is not for everyone. As your friend, throw out that old, mildewed couch.

There are also great alternatives such as enzymes that can remove the smell from an area.