How to fix and fit your toilet seat: Tighten and Replace it

Toilet seats are meant to make feel comfortable while you sit on the toilet. However, it is possible that they break and you need to fix the seat. The two most common types of problems with toilet seats are a seat that is moving (the bolts are loose) or it is hard to open and close it (the hinges are broken). This article will teach you how to fix both problems properly without causing any harm to the toilet seat itself.


The seat is moving and loose: how to fix a wobbly toilet seat

When the bolts are loose or not aligned properly, the toilet seat can move when you sit on it. This can be dangerous as you can fall off the seat. It is necessary to be tightened or replaced.  

You can try to tighten the bolts by turning them clockwise with your hands. You should wear gloves when you do this. This can help to stay the bolts in place better. To really tighten them, you will need a special tool or a socket wrench to be able to do this. It is not easy to access this part of a toilet. These tools can help you with this.

It is essential that you don’t overtighten the bolts as the toilet can break. Therefore you should do it step by step and not in one shift movement. You can start with tightening one bolt and then the other. If you tighten one completely from the beginning, it can be harder to tighten the other one as well.

Therefore it is best to start with one bolt that you tighten slightly, then you do the same with the other bolt. Then you start to tighten both.

It is also important that the toilet seat is level. You can use a leveling tool to make sure that this is the case. Given that this is an easy fix, you shouldn’t call a plumber for this. Just ask a friend to do it for you. You just need to have the right tools to get it done.

The bolts are not easy to access with your hands but a tool makes this process of tightening the bolts very convenient. You should do this about every 2 years so it is not something that happens often.  

Adding rubber washers can also help to make the toilet seat fit better. These rubber rings are cheap and easy to add.

Make sure that the toilet itself is installed level. This can be done with a leveling tool.

How to fix broken hinges

A toilet seat usually consists of two parts: the seat itself and the cover. The hinges on a toilet seat are designed to make it possible for the seat to close smoothly. These often connect the seat and the toilet as well.  

 If the hinges are broken, you will need to replace the hinges with new ones. Make sure that you get the same hinges as you currently have as there are several sizes. You can take a picture and show this in the store. This is done by removing the bolt and taking the metal pin out of the seat and cover. Then you insert a new pin into your toilet seat and toilet. Given that toilet seats are quite cheap, it is often better to just replace the whole thing instead of the hinges. 

You might need to add some lubricant (such as W40)  if they make noise or don’t close easily. Be careful when you do this and make sure that you clean up afterward. Don’t add too much as it can be hard to get this off your toilet.

How to fix a crack in the toilet seat

A toilet seat with a crack in it can be fixed by taking it off and then filling up the crack with some putty if it is a plastic toilet seat. Wooden toilet seats might be improved by adding some glue or other sealant. You can also use some tape. These are just temporary fixes and might not look good. It is often better to just replace the toilet seat and be done with it.  These cracks can accumulate dirt and are therefore not very clean.

Furthermore, the toilet seat can also break while you are sitting on it!

As a plumber, I have never fixed a crack in a toilet seat. I just replace them because I know that a crack can indicate that there are other problems with the toilet seat. Given that toilet seats are quite cheap, it is often easier to replace them. The sealant also costs money so you won’t save a lot by repairing a crack in the toilet seat. It can also break and make someone fall. Therefore getting a new seat installed is the best option. 

When to Replace a Toilet Seat

If your toilet seat is broken or dirty, you should replace it. This may be because the hinges are broken or the bolts are loose. You shouldn’t have to do this too often. Generally, toilet seats last about 5-10 years. If they are often used, such as in offices, they might need to get replaced sooner.

The coating of the toilet seat can start to break down. This can make it harder to clean. It can also result in a sticky toilet seat. The toilet seat might also become colder when this happens.

 A big innovation for toilet seats is that you can get heated ones. This can increase comfort but they are harder to install.  Repairing this can also be a lot harder as there are more components.   

Some toilet seats are removable so that it is easier to replace them. This also makes it easier to replace the toilet seat as you just have to press two buttons.

 We have discussed how you can replace a toilet seat before here. Make sure that you get the right size of the toilet seat so that it will fit on your toilet. Essentially, you are going to loosen the bolts under the toilet and take the old seat away. To install the new seat, you are going to have to tighten the bolts again once the new seat is in place.


Toilet seats can be easy to fix. Sometimes, you just have to tighten two bolts and be done with it. Sometimes you just need to replace a toilet seat. Given that these are quite cheap, getting this done shouldn’t be too much of an issue. Heated toilet seats are becoming more popular as they provide additional comfort.  These can be harder to install and maintain as you have to deal with electricity.

Toilet seats come loose over time and you have to tighten them. This is quite easy to do. Once you feel that the toilet seat starts to wiggle, you should tighten it as soon as possible. People can fall if the toilet seat comes loose so it is something that has to be checked and maintained.