Can You Shower After A Tattoo? The Best Answer

Getting a tattoo can be a big step. You might love the design but be nervous about how to take care of it. Let us demystify if it is possible to have a shower after inking your skin. Here goes.


Basic Hygiene At All Times

Getting a tattoo is a big decision and before you opt for a tattoo, study the pros and cons. The basic requirement is to ensure that the place where you want to get your tattoo done, is clean. The instruments must be sterile and changed for each customer.

Needles and tubes must be used from sealed packages. Find a licensed professional who follows protocol. This is your body you are dealing with, do not settle. Do not fall for the discounted tariff that does not follow safety measures. Forget about taking a shower, you will face other complications!

That said, let us dwell on the dos and don’ts after you have been tattooed.

Dry the Damp Skin

You should wait about 5-12 hours before showering with a tattoo. Check what your tattoo artist recommends as there are different types of ink that can be used.

There is a huge line between a bath and a shower. Most tattoo artists provide guidelines on how to take care of your skin – they never advise a bath. A shower however is always approved. The shower should be cold and don’t use a powerful spray.

Don’t spray water over the tattoo. Any water nestled on the tattooed spot, which is raw and open can cause causes bacteria to manifest. This is not the time to indulge in a long bath, opt for a shower instead.

A quick shower is an answer to the problem and after the shower make doubly sure that you pat the area dry. Remove any trace of soap.

You will have to tweak your daily shower routine after you have inked your body. You cannot go back to the same process, you have to up the game. This ensures that the tattoo heals properly. Use an anti-bacterial soap to clean away any ink, blood, ointment, and residual matter on the tattooed area.

Do not scrub the tattooed area it will damage the skin. Omit using a brush or loofah, your skin will redden and swell – bacteria will seep into the tattooed part and into the surrounding areas.

You can never predict the weather. Let’s say you get wet in the rain, try to cover the area, and if possible keep it dry. Once back home, step into the shower and dry the area immediately. Keep the area open and let it heal as the ink sets in and the skin dries.

Bandage the Inked Spot

Once you have had the tattoo done, the artist will bandage the area. They will guide you on post-tattoo protocols. Remember that aftercare is extremely important. Listen to the advice of the tattoo artist and follow all the tips. If at any time, you touch the inked area, you are opening the tattoo which is an open wound. It is advisable to wash your hands properly when you touch the tattoo.

Having a shower everyday post the tattoo is not unheard of or incorrect. The objective is to make sure that you keep the area hydrated but avoid excessive wetness whatsoever. Some tattoo artists may suggest an ointment to dab on the area.

Listen to their suggestions and follow their advice. Once the tattoo has set into the skin, you may get the itch to scratch – don’t! As the scabs drop and do not pull at the skin, it will cause serious ramifications. Not only will you cause damage to the skin, but the tattoo will be a series of dots and not what you wanted.

You need to avoid moisture on the tattooed area at any cost. That said, when moisturizing the skin, make sure that you avoid the tattooed area. Most tattoo artists cover the inked area with a plastic bandage. You can ask them to use a regular bandage instead of plastic if you have a preference. Also, plastic is not very comfortable for the skin.

Contact the tattoo artist if needed. Do not rub the skin that has been tattooed and never use over-the-counter anti-bacterial ointment. You need to get expert guidance so that the tattoo is not a bunch of spotted lines or the skin a mess. Keep the area as clean and dry as possible. This ensures healing to the area without any damage whatsoever.

You can also get some creams to apply after a few weeks. Read the instructions before applying them!

Clean Clothing is a Must

Make sure that you slip into well-laundered clothing after showering. Never use an unwashed piece of clothing. During the time of healing, avoid going to the gym. You will get all hot and sweaty which will cause a problem with the tattoo. If you want to exercise, try a brisk walk that doesn’t cause you to sweat.

The general rule concerning tattoos is that you can shower after the procedure. Make sure that you do not swim, soak the area with water, or lie in a hot tub. Naturally during a shower, you may have soap or shampoo falling on your body. Wash the tattooed area and pat it dry. Also do not wax, thread, laser, or shave the tattooed area. This is not for a long time, about a month, tops.

Yeah, You Should Shower, Period

To answer the question “Can you shower after a tattoo?” is yes, you can. Do not make a mess of the shower with excessive soap or shampoo. Drying the area is also critical. This is inking a spot on your body. The method is simple, have a shower, but dry the area as soon as possible.

Getting inked is a wonderful idea, but the follow-up is critical. Avoiding a shower is not a solution. However, it is advisable that you avoid excessive rain or snow! Use a sunblock cream or lotion once the tattoo has settled in and healed.

Showering releases a hot stream of water on your tattoo. It can take a while before it is able to withstand this. Aftercare such as shampoo is also essential. You can discuss this with the tattoo artists. It also depends on where the tattoo is placed and its size.

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