What Are Shower Steamers? Pros and Cons

Shower steamers are similar to bath bombs. The only difference is – they are exclusively designed for your shower. Akin to tablets, they fizz as steam or water. You need to touch them to release an excellent scent. The scent in question depends on the oils that you blend into the said shower steamer. These are currently available in numerous colors, aromas, and sizes.


Apart from offering an inviting scent, they are incredibly soothing and help with recovery. People use them for a wide variety of purposes including:

  • To offer a quick jolt of energy
  • Improve rest and relaxation
  • To derive aromatherapy benefits
  • Reduce stress and more 

The advantage of shower steamers

Each shower streamer performs certain jobs for you, like:

You can find restful sleep and adequate relaxation: These shower steamers are scented with lavender and lime. It soothes your body and mind. You get a restful sleep together with an abundance of relaxation.  

Aids you in waking up and focusing: The showers customarily come with the refreshing scents of rosemary and spearmint. It offers you perfect assistance to wake up in the morning. Additionally, it boosts your mood and allows you to focus on your work.

Obtain instant muscle relief: If you are stretched toward instant muscle and sinus relief, make a wise pick. Opt for shower streamers that come with a blend of eucalyptus, camphor, and tea tree oil.

Receive total relief from stress and calmness: Shower steamers are also available in a blend of lavender and chamomile essential oils. These alternatives are very beneficial in getting rid of any negative feelings.

Some of the most popular options include: 

Cleverfy Aromatherapy shower tablet  

Vicks Vapo shower tablet   

Body Restore Bedtime shower steamers  

Aura Cacia Eucalyptus shower tablets  

Inbria Aromatherapy Shower Steamers  

The benefits of shower steamers

Select the best shower streamer to reap its numerous benefits like:

  • You will get smitten by the wonderful smell: Make your shower experience more enjoyable. Embrace shower steamers with a pleasant scent of your liking. These can be found in a wide range of good smells. Owing to this reason, many find this to be reason enough to procure a shower steamer.

When they come in contact with water, they instantly release fragrances or essential oils contained in them. This in turn mingles effortlessly with the air and steam. Consequently, it offers invigorating and relaxing aromas depending on the type of option you select.

It is an accepted norm that pleasant smells are beneficial in eradicating physiological stress. They are equally effective in generating pleasant emotions and memories.

This is the sole reason why using shower steamers with your favorite scents is the straightforward alternative to boost your mentality or enrich your environment at the end or start of your day. 

  • They are highly practical

Yes, a bath bomb dissolving gives you a unique experience. Nevertheless, the time involved to allow the bath bomb to dissolve during bathing is too time-consuming. In addition, there is an added dilemma of running and using more water.

The shower steamers, on the contrary, are far more practical compared to bath bombs. These steamers offer great ease to start using and you do not have to encounter the risk of staining your skin or your shower. The steamers take less time as well as water to work with. When it comes to cost-effectiveness, steamers are cheaper in comparison to bath bombs. 

You can conveniently experience a short and sharp spa routine. This comes as a great relief especially when you are in a real hurry.

The steamer gives you the freedom to leave it midway when it fails to go at the rear of your shower. You can come back again when it suits you and indulge in enjoying it

  • You can get absolute relaxation with the shower streamer

The shower streamers can offer you a helping hand by providing varieties of ingredients and recipes during your relaxation phase.

When you use them, you do not feel as if you are performing a chore. Instead, you end up getting a feeling of a special treat. This is irrespective of whether you are in a great hurry.

Playing with your soothing and favorite oils and scents makes you feel better and more energetic. Use them and begin your day. It helps you to prepare mentally for all the daily rigors and nuisances of life.

If you use it at the end of the day, the aromas present in the shower streamer set the mood appropriately. For instance, you can indulge in a session of your favorite TV show relaxing on a sofa! If that is not enough, you can even have your share of a glass of wine, a good book, or simply cuddle up with your loved one.

Some satiate themselves with shower streamers to enhance their levels of positivity. Using them has become a regular practice for some. They contend, the soothing smell increases their positivity and enables clear thoughts to emerge. Apart from this, the heat emitting from the shower makes them sleep faster.

  • Get a quick, easy, and relaxing routine

Baths are undoubtedly awesome. Nonetheless, they are not meant for everyone. It is equally true, the showers give you same advantages that bath bombs do. The real difference between the two lies in the manner it offers all benefits without any major fuss. You have the opportunity of upgrading your shower routine

Are you looking for a spa-like experience? If that is the case, toss a shower steamer in one of the suitable corners and get ready to see the wonders it creates!

Place the streamer in the right place and a proper manner

Take the shower streamer of your choice and lightly wet it preferably under running water. It will initiate the fizzing action in motion. Elect a corner of your shower and ensure it gets splashed occasionally. Avoid placing it directly in the path of the shower spray. This will prevent it from dissolving very quickly.

Shower steamers have short-lasting periods

The above-mentioned streamers commonly last between 5-10 minutes. When the ingredients come into contact with water, it causes a reaction. Due to this, it leads to the release of oils and scents present inside. On account of this, the lifespan of the streamer depends on the amount of water it contacts with.