Where To Find Toilets And Babychange In Ghent

Ghent has become a popular tourist destination. Let’s take a look at where you can go to the toilet:

– Sint Michielsbrug: Next to Albert Heijn on Korenmarkt there is a public toilet. You enter under the bridge and go to your right. On your left, you will find the bicycle parking.

Sint Michielsbridge near the city center.

-There are also public toilets under the Stadshal (wooden building next to the city hall). Go down the stairs and you will find them.

-Museums: most museums have toilets that you can access.

-Bar: This is often the best option. Pay a small fee or order something to drink. Some fancy bars or restaurants have a baby changing station but it is not that common.

-Overpoortstraat has public toilets for men.

-Station Sint-Pieters has public toilets near the entrance of the station.

-Museums and libraries typically have toilets as well.

Public library in Gent

-In underground parking, there are generally toilets as well.

-University buildings also have toilets. These are spread out over the city (for example Blandijnberg or Universiteitsstraat).

– On Friday market, it is best to enter one of the nearby bars or restaurants. There are public toilets for men nearby Charlatan but they are often dirty or broken.

During Ghent festival there are toilets all over the city. You will find them in Baudelopark and in the center.

Peeing in public or in a park can result in a fine.