What is the difference between a hot tub and a jacuzzi in a hotel? The Best Answer

An important thing to think about when you’re at home is how to relax. Many people work long hours in the office or from home and taking out time for yourself is important. One of the best ways to do this is by relaxing in a hot tub or jacuzzi. That being said, something not many people know is that hot tubs and jacuzzis are actually quite different.

Each of them is designed for specific purposes and finding out which one works for you can make your leisure time a lot more soothing and fun. So, in this article, we’ll be covering some differences between hot tubs and jacuzzis.


3 Differences Between Hot Tubs & Jacuzzis

Hot tubs is a broader term

Hot Tubs is a much wider term and covers many more products than Jacuzzis.So, if you are looking for hot tubs, there are many more options and types to choose from. Some of which are as follows,

Portable hot tub

Unlike the large fitted hot tubs that often come to mind, portable hot tubs are much easier to move around. They are available in various sizes and can easily be moved around according to your convenience. Thanks to this, they are quite popular for backyard decks as you don’t have to make a large commitment or many structural changes for them,

However, these are still hot tubs, and moving them around will require specialized tools and vehicles due to their heavyweight.

Inflatable Hot Tub

If you want a hot tub that can be moved around frequently, an inflatable hot tub is a great choice. These hot tubs are lightweight and all you need to do is blow them up to have a fully functioning hot tub to have fun. Also, due to this, they can easily be squished down to a much smaller size making transportation and storage much more convenient.

That being said, while you do get basic features like bubbles and heating, there are limitations. Larger accessories and features are quite heavy and cannot be de-inflated with the hot tub. So, don’t expect to find TV screens or complex jet systems in these hot tubs.

In-ground hot tub

As the name suggests, these hot tubs are built into the ground. They are often the most popular and are available in numerous customizations so you can get one that matches your aesthetic. These hot tubs are commonly seen nearby pools as a sort of relaxing area. The only problem with these is that installation is a costly affair and any changes after its installed will be difficult.

Jacuzzis tend to provide more features

While they might be a type of hot tub, surprisingly, jacuzzis often have better features. For example, in-built TV screens and interesting design elements are more often found on Jacuzzis. However, this depends on the exact product you are buying. Cheap ones don’t offer a lot of features. There are many hot tubs that boast modern and useful features as well but these come at a steep price.

Hot tubs cost less

Due to the immense variety of hot tubs in comparison with jacuzzis, you can also save money on them. This is because instead of having to compromise on a larger size or unnecessary features, you are more likely to find a hot tub with everything you need. So, you will only be spending your money on what you need instead of any unnecessary add-ons or design elements.

How To Find The Right One For You?

With the minimal differences between them, what you should really be looking for is the features and specifications. Some things you can look out for are:


While many people tend to overlook this, insulation is probably the most important part of getting a hot tub or jacuzzi. This is because the insulation is responsible for retaining heat within the water and also keeps your hot tub safe from any cracks or leaks.

Thus, better insulation will help your hot tub retain heat for longer which will improve your overall experience and also use up less electricity. So, depending on your budget, look for a hot tub or jacuzzi with proper insulation.


These devices are quite complex and require regular maintenance. This maintenance covers a variety of things such as cleaning out your hot tub, clearing any debris in the filter or jets, fixing lights, and more depending on your specific device.

Due to this, when looking for a new hot tub or jacuzzi, find one that is easy to clean and has reliable parts. On the other hand, you can also opt for a self-cleaning variant that uses in-built filters to keep the water clean for longer.


The most fun part of a hot tub, apart from the hot water, is definitely the water jets and added features. These jets blow water around and make sitting around in the water a lot more enjoyable. Moreover, other features like lighting systems and screens can add to the look and feel of your tub making it relaxing and also a great addition to any home.

So, when looking for a new hot tub or jacuzzi, make sure you look for the features that you need. For example, if you are someone who likes RGB lighting, try finding options with built-in LED lighting systems. These systems use bright LED lights and can be programmed to display different lighting patterns and colours.


We hope this article helped clear out the differences between hot tubs and jacuzzis. However, while they may be different, both terms are often used interchangeably and can often overlap in features and design.

So, instead of worrying about buying a hot tub or a jacuzzi, try looking for features that are useful to you. Also, make sure to buy the right type of tub or jacuzzi so that you won’t have trouble with things like transport and maintenance post-purchase.

A hot tub and jacuzzi also need the right plumbing systems. Check with your plumber to see what is possible. Installing a drain in the garden can be a challenge so you might have to change the location of the hot tub if needed.