Should you get a steam shower spa? Worth it or NOT


After a hard day’s work, sitting in a closet full of steam surely can be very relaxing. So if you are working too hard during the work-from-home period which has extended for almost two years now, you should think about installing a steam shower in your bathroom.


You will receive the exclusive luxury spa experience at home, and you need not worry about sharing the same space with anyone else. You can think about installing a steam shower at home instead of going to a spa or public therapist. This is the best option that most homeowners are resorting to these days.

In a steam shower, a humidifying steam generator produces steam or water vapor. You can convert the air-tight closet into a steam room by turning on the steam shower, and once you are done, this closet will be a normal bathroom with a normal overhead shower. You can have multiple attachments for body showers with different nozzle types and moldable water ducts. 

How does a steam shower work?

The design of a steam shower is quite simple. When you press the digital control attached to the steam enclosure, it starts producing steam. At the back-end, there is a steam generator which is regulated by an electric valve. The steam generator’s electric element brings the water to boil and when the steam chamber is full, it dispenses the same through a steam head or steam disperser.

You have to think about where you want to install everything as you need electrical and plumbing.

You can regulate the temperature of the steam within the enclosure using the digital buttons affixed on the panel. It never goes beyond 118 degrees Fahrenheit due to safety reasons.

You will need at least a 7 kilowatt (KW) generator to fill in a steam enclosure which is 4x5x8 (LxBxH) foot in dimensions. It can accommodate 160 cubic feet of steam. If you have ceramic tiles inside your enclosure, the energy consumption will be less compared to stone tiles.

How much would it cost to install a steam shower in your bathroom?

A steam generator normally costs about $2500 and you will need to contact a good dealer who will give good service and maintenance in the future. Mr. Steam, Steamist, and Thermasol are some of the good brands and you can rely on them for after-sales service. The modern steam showers can be regulated through apps and they are extremely sophisticated.

If you need a complete spa experience with the mood lighting and music systems installed, you will have to spend another $1500-2500. It will come along with a pump for aromatherapy oils. So altogether a complete steam shower will cost around $4000-$5000.

You will also need a tiling contractor to fit in the ceramic tiles inside the bathroom where the steam shower is installed. You will also need a shower door installer and the cost of these items too will be added to the total cost.

If you intend to install seating arrangements for multiple members of the family, it will cost you extra. Instead of calling all the craftsmen separately, it will be a good idea to rely on a good brand like Mr.Steam and they can do the complete job.

You can install a steam room in a new house or apartment, or you can even remodel your existing bathroom and fit it in.

The best steam showers

Things to take into consideration are: the size of your bathroom, how often you will use the system, and how much it can cost.

Steam showers need great fans. This cleans the steam and makes sure that there is not too much of it. Some showers have an alarm button to warn people if things go wrong.

Some systems have a user interface and you can take a look at how the software works and how long it will be supported. Some systems have Bluetooth so that you can answer your phone and so on.

It can be interesting to pick a system that can clean the shower. This avoids mold and dirty stains. Steam can take a long time to cool down and damage your bathroom. A fan might not be enough.

The size of the water heater is important as well as you will need to install a water filter. All of this takes up some room so you will have to find a space for it.

You also have to take into account how fast it can start. Having to wait for a shower can be annoying. Some systems can be quite noisy as well.

You can also take efficiency into consideration. Some systems use more electricity and cost more to run than others.

Plumbing tools such as valves can be expensive. Some companies include these for free and this makes installing them easier and cheaper. Often they can be installed by yourself but most people prefer to call a plumber to make sure that everything is working correctly.

Features of steam showers

In addition to plain steam, modern steam showers are capable of providing additional features such as foot massagers. You can even opt for ceiling rain showers, audio input from an MP3, USB sticks, or CD players, and listening to your favorite music while enjoying the steam therapy.

Modern steam showers can be fitted in with a television set or radios too. Though the world has moved towards using cellular phones, you can install an old landline phone near your steam shower unit. Chromatherapy and aromatherapy are the latest additions to the fun and therapeutic experience in steam showers. You can customize your shower unit as per your requirements.

Often it is possible to control the shower with an app. This allows you to heat the system up before you get in the shower. This makes sure that you don’t have to wait to start. Make sure that it works for your Apple or Android device.

Some steam showers also have a reservoir for aroma oil. This gets dispersed while you take the shower. This can make the shower smell great. Make sure that you get oils that don’t clog up your drains as cheaper ones don’t dilute well enough.

Based on the previous information you can determine if steam showers are worth it for you.


So now you have complete comfort at your fingertips. After a hard day’s work, if you sit in the steam room for about ten minutes, you will feel completely relaxed and rejuvenated. The multi-sensory powers of water, steam, sound, and light will soothe all your five senses.

This experience is nothing short of an experience that you get when you meditate. If you have a headache after working too hard, you will see that vanishing too. You can install a Jacuzzi along with a steam shower for complete comfort.

You can customize these steam showers with Alexa and start the system even without stepping into the bathroom. Since it takes about fifteen minutes for the steam generator to produce optimum steam, you can turn it on when you are sending that last report for the day. So say goodbye to all your stress and worries and say hello to your new steam shower. You will thank your own self for taking the decision of installing in the years to come.