What is a bidet used for? Advantages and disadvantages discussed.

All over the world, people use bidets on a daily basis. Bidets are a type of water sprayer in a toilet that can be used to cleanse yourself and your lower body parts before and after going to the bathroom.

These fixtures have been around for more than 300 years, so it’s no surprise that they are still in use today. A bidet is just one of many ways to maintain personal cleanliness while at home or abroad. It is an alternative for toilet paper as a spray of water cleans you after you have gone to the toilet.


What Is A Bidet and what are its advantages?

Bidets are often considered luxury items, but they are functional enough to make them worth their price tag. Bidets come in different forms, such as stand-alone and built-in toilet models. They can also be installed in places like the bathroom, kitchen, or even outdoors. Some exclusive bidets even include an air dryer with a heating element that helps dry you off after washing or cleansing your private areas.

It is mainly used in Asia (such as in Japan). People are used to this and you will find it in every home and office. Bidets are very popular in Japan, where every bathroom contains one for its residents’ personal needs. In fact, bidets were first introduced in Japan in 1627 and became extremely popular decades after their introduction into society.

But despite their popularity there, they are still not widely accepted worldwide, due to cultural differences between countries. It is possible to buy bidets in the USA as well but not a lot of people use them so far. Maybe with the aging population, it can gain popularity as it is easier to use than toilet paper if you are less agile. 

The first bidet was invented in 1610 by a French inventor named Jean-Baptiste de la Salle. De la Salle used the bidet to cleanse his body and clothes before he went to bed. He added water to his toilet, which helped with the cleansing process. 

Bidets are not just for toilets, but for any area of the body that needs to be cleaned such as feet. It can be compared to a floor-mounted sink in the bathroom. These fixtures are very helpful in treating a variety of problems because they provide an effective solution for cleansing your body.

It is quite similar to a (foot)shower but you are using a type of sink to drain the water. If you’re staying in a hotel, spa, or resort, bidets can also be used as part of a daily routine. Bidets can also be used in many different areas of life such as offices, schools, nursing homes, hospitals, and even public restrooms. When people talk about bidets, they generally refer to the one in a toilet though. 

How Do You Use a Bidet?

Bidets come in a variety of forms, but they all function in the same way; they aim jets of water at your body from below, which helps to cleanse and soothe it. Some people also like to dry themselves off after using a bidet or just before leaving the bathroom with one.  

There are 2 types of bidets:

-Built-in bidets:

These bidets are built-in below the toilet seat. Some of these bidets come with a remote and several settings. In general, it is going to be one button or foot pedal that sprays water when you press it. You just have to sit on the toilet and find the right position. 

You can’t do anything wrong with it as the water lands back in the toilet. Furthermore, they make sure that the water doesn’t get too hot so it shouldn’t be possible to hurt yourself.

It’s easy to install this type of bidet as you can use your existing water line and mount it under your toilet seat. If you want hot water, it might be needed to add an electric outlet nearby.  You have to be more careful with bidets that have electricity given that it is close to water.

-Wall-mounted bidets:

This is quite similar to a showerhead. It is harder to use as you have to aim. You just pick it up and aim at your bottom. Then you press the button and water will be released. These bidets are not that easy to use and not very clean as multiple people have to touch the showerhead. Therefore, they are not used that often. They are very easy to install and cheap though. 

 If you would like to use your bidet frequently, then go for one that is easy to install and has a long life span. If you would like to use your bidet less often, then choose one that has a small footprint and is quick to install, and is easy to utilize.

Why Do People Use A Bidet?

 Bidets are significantly better than toilet paper as they are more comfortable and can clean better. It is great for people that have sensitive areas or that are unable to reach around and use toilet paper.  It takes some getting used to though. Cheap models spray cold water and this is not very comfortable. More expensive models heat up the water before spraying it. 

  It also provides a refreshing feeling after using the toilet. Bidets are also more ecofriendly as you don’t have to transport paper. It makes it easier to treat wastewater as there is no paper in it that has to be removed.

Another advantage is that those who use bidets can avoid using toilet paper, which can be expensive or hard to find in foreign countries.  There are many different types of bidets, so you don’t have to use one specific brand or design. They come in a variety of colors and styles.

 With these fixtures, you can easily adjust the temperature of your water as well as choose an option for soaking your hands before going to the bathroom.  

Disadvantages of bidets:  Why a lot of people use toilet paper instead of water showers

There are a few disadvantages to using a bidet. For example, they can easily become clogged or cause water stains on the walls and floor. Aiming with wall-mounted bidets is quite hard and can lead to a mess.

Another disadvantage is that it is not always easy to install one if you have an older toilet. If you decide to get one for your home, it’s important that you’re aware of the different models and what their features are so you know which model will work best for you and your family. This will help avoid any inconveniences that might arise from purchasing a product that doesn’t suit your needs or expectations when buying a bidet for your home.

Toilet paper is also something that a lot of people are used to. In the past bidets didn’t work that well or only offered cold water. In colder climates, this can be very uncomfortable during the winter. This is why people opted for toilet paper. It is hard to change a habit. Everett Rogers discussed in his book: Diffusion of Innovations that innovations spread more easily if it is easy to demonstrate something. Given that toilet, bidets are not easy to show, it is more difficult to introduce them to new users.

Toilet paper is also cheap and quite easy to use. This makes the advantages of a bidet smaller.

Bidets might become more popular as people travel the world and are able to use them for a while.

To conclude, we can state that bidets are often used in toilets as an alternative to toilet paper. A water spray is able to clean you just as well as toilet paper. It is mainly used in Japan and is not that popular in other countries. It might become more popular in the coming years.

We have discussed the history of bidets here.