What are LAN cables for WiFi, laptop, TV, XboX and ps5? The Best Answer

Lan cables are also called ethernet cables. They are used to install the internet in a house. They connect the modem of the internet provider with a WiFi wireless network or can also be connected directly to the computer.

Lan cables can provide high internet speeds. This is ideal if you want to game, HD call, or upload big files.  They are also used in companies to connect multiple devices. Lan cables will probably stay popular for the forseeable future. In essence, it is a bundle of smaller cables that transmit internet signals.

Installing ethernet or Lan cables in a house can be quite challenging as you might have to open walls or floors. It is also possible that you have to install routers for optimal installation. This can be quite a lot of work and this is why some people opt for alternatives (we have discussed some options HERE).


Types of LAN cables for laptop and other appliances.

There are several types of LAN or ethernet cables. CAT 6 and CAT 7 are the most popular now as they provide higher internet speeds. Cables that offer a faster connection are bigger and more expensive. For this reason, it is important that you pick the cable based on your needs. In parts of your home, you might opt for a CAT6 cable whereas you might go for a CAT7 cable in other parts. It is a great idea to invest more in faster cables as this will future-proof your network. .You never know what will be possible in the future, as VR gaming indicates. More and more homes are getting access to faster fiber internet from their internet provider and it is a shame if the cables in your home slow down the internet speed. For this reason, most people start to opt for CAT 7 cables but they might not see the advantages of them just yet.

It can take quite a while before more houses get fiber internet. Some people argue that wireless connections such as 5G and Starlink will become more popular than wired internet. If you believe that this is true, you can stick with cheaper ethernet cables. Just make sure that your cables are long enough when you buy them. 

Lan cables allow you to add other devices such as printers or TVs to the internet as well. This makes it easier to transfer files or get access to certain types of content. A router can be used to connect all these devices to one central Lan cable.

This makes it easier and cleaner to install all these cables. Some network engineers specialize in installing these cables as it can get quite complex if a company has a lot of connected devices. Some people also specialize in cable management. This allows them to label the cables and store them away neatly. This makes it easier to manage and replace the cables.

Lan cables are also used in companies that need fast internet. Some companies specialize in installing this. It can be quite complex to do this in larger buildings as there are a lot of things to take into account. It is also important that electricity or plumbing doesn’t get damaged while the ethernet cables are installed. Some electricians specialize in installing these cables as well. They generally go in the walls so they are not visible. These cables can last a long time so there shouldn’t be any maintenance. 

LAN cable installation

There is a lot of advanced software in routers and modems. Luckily you don’t have to know this. Just plugging in the cables in the right slot is more than enough. Just add power to the modem and router. Lan cables also shouldn’t bend as they can break when this happens. You have to be quite careful when you install this type of cable.

Routers and modems might have to get reset from time to time. This is why you should keep your network simple. If you add more routers, there are more things that can break. You should keep your network as straightforward as possible. Routers also don’t get unlimited support so it is possible that you have to replace them after a few years as they don’t get any software updates anymore.

Lan cables are also used for Lan parties. These are gaming events during which several players connect their computers to a local network. This allows them to play against each other without any annoying delays. In gaming, speed is important as it can make the difference between winning and losing.

This is why Lan parties are very popular as it allows players to compete against each other without any internet issues. They have become more popular and a lot of Lan parties are being organized every week. It is also a great way to meet new friends and hang out with people that have similar interests.

To conclude, we can state that Lan or ethernet cables are essential for the internet connection in our homes. They make WiFi possible or allow us to connect our computer directly to the modem of our internet company. Lan cables provide fast internet speeds that allow us to game or have HD video calls. It can be a hassle to install them in older homes but it can be worth it. In newer homes, it is often installed together with electricity so it is a fast and straightforward process.

Lan cables are also used in companies to connect several devices to their network. This ranges from screens, machines, TV to printers. Sometimes specialized engineers are needed to manage all of this. They are an essential backbone of a lot of company networks that keep them up and running. These systems have become more advanced and complex and this will probably keep happening in the coming years. For this reason, Lan and ethernet cables will remain popular for the foreseeable future.