Water meter leaking: Causes and Easy Solutions

The purpose of a water meter is to measure the amount of water used in a home. A water meter reads the number of gallons of water used per day. This information is then sent to the water utility and the bill is calculated accordingly.

If a water meter is leaking, the water will continually escape from the meter rather than being read by the meter. Depending on the severity of the leak, this can result in an excess amount of water being used.


As a result, any leaks in a water meter will need to be immediately addressed. Quick and effective repairs will help to keep your household bills to a minimum.

In this article, we will investigate the different types of leak, the causes of leaks, and the best ways to repair water meter leaks at home.

What is a Water Meter?

A water meter measures the amount of water that is used in a home. It is attached to the main water supply pipe and records the volume of water that is used.

Water meters are usually installed by a local water authority and show the daily water consumption for each property. Water heaters are commonly sealed so that they can’t be tampered with. The water meter can be installed in the garage or outdoors.

Types of Water Meter Leaks

There are 3 types of water meter leaks:

Internal Water Meter Leak: A burst or cracked water meter or internal break in a water meter can cause a water meter leak. Water will continuously flow from the water meter rather than be read by the meter. In most instances, the water company owns this meter and is responsible for the damage. They should also deduct the leaked water from your next bill as it was their equipment that failed.

–  Water leak after the water meter: typically this is the responsibility of the customer. This person has to get it fixed and will have to be billed for the used water. Often you can negotiate to reduce the bill but this is not always possible. The problem is that it can take a while before you detect the leak. This can lead to a lot of leaking water or even a sinkhole. For this reason, it is important that you check your water meter from time to time to check if it is working properly and that there are no leaks. 

– Water leak before the water meter: this is often the responsibility of the water company. They should send someone out and get it fixed. In most instances, they will deduct the leaked water (or an estimate) from the water bill. They are responsible for this part of the water network and have to fix it if needed. They often use strong pipes but leaks can happen anyway. The connection between pipes often lead to small leaks as this is a weak point in the installation. 

How to Repair Water Meter Leaks at Home

Water meter leaks can be repaired at home. To repair a water meter leak, turn off the main water supply. This can be done by turning the main water valve located on the water meter or by turning off the main water supply on the street.

In some instances, you will have to call the water company to let them fix things. You are not allowed to open up the water meter as this can lead to tampering. Just call your water company for an appointment. They might charge you if the problem is behind the meter as you are responsible for this. In this instance, it is better to call a plumber to get it fixed quickly. 

If the water leak is behind the meter, you can fix the pipes. For copper or PEX, this often includes cutting it open and adding a new piece of copper. While you can use tape, this is not a permanent solution. Adding a new piece of pipe is often quite easy and you have push fittings that don’t require any equipment. You just piece this connector on the old pipe and push the new pipe in as well and you are done. Just check that the connection is made properly. Some push fittings have a color indicator to confirm that the connection is done properly.

  Make repairs as needed. Open any open windows and doors to reduce humidity. Ventilation can make sure that the humid air doesn’t cause mold. You might have to clean or fix the area around the water leak. Make sure to remove wet wood as this can biome moldy over time.

How to spot a water meter leak

There are a few different signs that will indicate that a water meter is leaking.

– Extremely high water bill: One sign that a water meter may be leaking is an extremely high water bill. If you are receiving an unusually high water bill, it is likely due to a leak in your water meter.

– No water flow: Another sign that a water meter is leaking is if there is no water flow coming from the meter. If there is no water flow coming from the meter, it is likely due to a water meter leak.

– Water is leaking from meter housing: Yet another sign that a water meter is leaking is if water is leaking from the meter housing.


A water meter is a critical component of any home. If a water meter is leaking, it will continuously lose water and not be able to read the amount of water being used. A leaking water meter can lead to higher water bills and damage to the pipe. If a water meter is leaking, it needs immediate attention. Quick and effective repairs will help to keep your household bills to a minimum.