The Best High-End Luxury Sinks and Washbasins for bathrooms in 2023

Bathrooms occupy special importance in a very home. It serves as a brilliant option when it comes to the most significant relaxing parts of a home.

It permits you to:

  • Indulge in a refreshing bath, and
  • Relax in absolute peace!

In this situation, the designer washbasin serves as the most vital element of your bathroom. They can be incredibly beautiful. They are often harder to install and maintain though so you might want to reach out to your plumber to see what they recommend before buying one. The sinks in the kitchen are often more functional and less design elements are being used.


The best option for your classy bathroom

Yes, there are hordes of bathroom fittings and accessories available in the marketplace. Nevertheless, the designer washbasin gives the perfect bathroom you have been looking forward to. They do match the theme and feel of your bathroom. Designer basins often use unique details or colors that make them stand out from their cheaper counterparts.

The way the basin is installed has a big impact on its look and feel of it. Let’s take a look at some common ways to do this:

1. Washbasin with pedestal

They are durable and aesthetically beautiful washbasin designs. They are found in natural materials like marble or quartz. This helps you in adding a sophisticated look.

If you wish to install them in your bathroom, you can choose from two alternatives:

  • A freestanding unit: this vanity is often bought in combination with the sink
  • A sink that is part of a fixed piece of furniture

There is not always a lot of room for a washbasin and a freestanding unit offers more flexibility as it is smaller. It might not look as nice as when it is integrated in a piece of furniture though.

2. Wall-mount washbasin

These basins are fixed on the wall with the help of screws. Avoid choosing wall mount washbasins that are very heavy. They are affixed with screws. Heavy basins in this situation may not be very durable.

3. Under-counter washbasin

You can go for this option to have a luxurious bathroom feel. They have a modern look and are very easy to clean. The best part is they do not contain rims. On account of this, there is no instance of storing germs and debris. You will find ample space to keep certain accessories such as hand washes or plants. It becomes very convenient and looks elegant as well.

4. Above-counter washbasin

The above-counter washbasin designs are superb for ultra-modern bathrooms. They come with cabinets that rise above the console. This goes a long way to create a focal point. In addition, they do add elegance to the requisite space. You will find adequate space for accommodating all essential bathroom accessories. This will aid you in generating a brilliant impression on your guests.

Things to take into consideration

You can find yourself in an advantageous position after considering a few essential factors, such as:

  • Give importance to durability: A lot of basins look nice when you get them but quickly detoriate. Especially if they use cheap materials such as plastic, you will see that the color fades. Basins can chip as well when you drop things into them. This is quite common in a bathroom so be sure to get a sturdy sink.
  • Go for neutral colors: There is no denying using all-white has become a common practice. Black washbins can be nice as well. Brighter colors can start to face over time so they often should be avoided. Soap can affect the color over time and make it look dull. For this reason, a lot of plumbers recommend neutral colors. You can paint the wall in a bright color if you want.
  • Make the best use of the space: Some sinks take up a lot of space. This is not ideal if you have a small bathroom as you have to be able to walk around. Being able to store everything is great as well as a bathroom can quickly get cluttered.
  • Choose the shape appropriately: Go for an oval or square shape. This make it easier to replace the basin if needed. If you get a special shape, it might not be possible to order this again in the future. Manufacturers often make washbasins for a few years and they become unavailable after this short period of time. It is annoying if you have to redo your bathroom for this reason.

The materials that have been used

The materials affect the look, price, and durability. For this reason, it is essential that you spend quite some time thinking about what materials you will get. Common materials include:

  1. Bamboo Basins: These basins are natural and can give a nice look to your bathroom.
  2. Concrete Basins: These basins are quite heavy but look nice and are durable. They are becoming more popular.
  3. Plastic basins: They are cheap and won’t last that long but can be a great solution if you need it only for a short period of time.
  4. Porcelain basins: Porcelain is often used. It is quite cheap, easy to clean and looks nice.
  5. Glass basins: These can often chip quite easily. If you have kids at home, this isn’t recommended.
  6. Copper basins: These are more expensive. They have a typical red color.
  7. Ceramic basins: Ceramic is more expensive but looks quite nice and is durable.
  8. Cast iron basins: These are bit that often used in bathrooms as they give a more industrial look.

For the vanity we can also use different materials:

  1. Metal-based vanity: This can give a more industrial vibe to your bathroom. It is easy to maintain but not often used in bathrooms.
  2. Wood-based vanity: There are different types of wood. From cheap faux woods to expensive oak. Wood can look nice but is harder to maintain if it gets wet often.
  3. Stone-based vanity: This includes quartz and marble. These are more expensive but easier to maintain.
  4. Plastic-based vanity: This is often cheaper but won’t last that long. New coatings have improved the durability but they might start to deteriorate quite soon. They might work in a guest room or as a temporary solution but don’t expect it to last for decades.

To conclude, we can state that there are a lot of options when it comes to designer sinks. We have outlined some things that you have to take into consideration when you get one. This includes durability, replaceability, size, price, and style. Don’t just pick the first sink that you see or like! There is a lot of things that you have to take into consideration.

Before you get a vanity, you should discuss with your plumber how it will be installed as this can affect the look of your bathroom.