Small Corner sinks: pros and cons (ULTIMATE Overview)

Designing a kitchen or bathroom can be a burdensome task. Especially if you don’t have a lot of space, it can be hard to fit everything in place. Corner sinks are perfect for this as they help you to use the room as efficiently as possible. They have become more popular during the past few years as people start to realize their advantages.

While it is possible to place a standard square sink in the corner, this is not ideal as it is harder to reach and takes up more space. You can place the faucet in the corner of a square sink but corner sinks will still be easier to work with. Round sinks are not ideal as they take up a lot of space in a corner. Sinks that have been designed for this situation work best.


Corner sinks are also popular in RVs and small guest rooms. They are quite cheap and easy to install. The drains still have to go in the wall so you might have to check with the plumber to see what corner works best. If you have to install drains to another corner, it might be more expensive.

A small corner sink: types and design

Choosing a corner sink can be tricky. There are different types and their features affect how well they will fit.

Corner sinks are available in designs that are of two types. It can either be a single bowl or a double bowl.

Single Bowl Corner Sink

If you wish to have a classic yet simple form of a sink, a single bowl sink is a good option. It is installed right next to the front side of the cabinet. A single bowl sink is the only option when there is less countertop space, It allows large-sized dishes to be washed easily in the sink. 

Double Bowl Corner Sinks for the kitchen

A typical kitchen sink with one basin is now replaced by a double basin sink. They are available in several configurations which is great for multitasking. This is not used often for corner bathroom sinks.


Corner sinks come in a variety of designs. From classic, modern to farmhouse. The way that they are installed has a big impact on the look and feel. Some are mounted to the wall whereas others are standing on the floor. Floor-mounted sinks are often bigger and more expensive. They can look more stylish though.


These sinks can be bought in a lot of materials. For kitchen sinks Stainless steel is often used as this is cheap and durable. For bathrooms, porcelain is often used but there are alternatives such as glass, bronze and copper. The latter ones can look nice but are more expensive.

Benefits and pros of a good corner sink

Good use of space

Corner Sinks uses space more efficiently. They are very sturdy as well as they can be attached to multiple points. This is the main reason why corner sinks are being used. Some people find it uncomfortable to use them as you don’t have a lot of space but this is a matter of personal preference.

A unique concept

A corner sink can give a room a unique look. It is possible to integrate it into the furniture so that it can be hidden as well.

Things to consider while placing a corner sink: cons

Placement of Dishwasher

In a kitchen layout, a dishwasher is usually placed right beside the sink to prevent drips if you rinse them before placing them in the dishwasher. The drain of the dishwasher is often connected to the plumbing of the sink. For this reason, the dishwasher will often stand next to the sink. This is something to take into account when you place the sink in the corner.

In bathrooms, it is essential that you keep the electrical outlets away from the shower or bath. Moisture can lead to problems with electricity. Sinks often require electrical outlets so you have to be able to keep the sink away from the shower. Corner sinks are often placed on the opposite side of the shower for this reason.


You can get cheap materials such as plastics but these won’t last long. Generally, stainless steel (for the kitchen) and porcelain (for bathrooms) are the best options. You can get cheaper designs but in the long run, these won’t be a good investment as they can discolor and break down quite easily.


It can be harder to find furniture that will fit over or around your corner sink. If you need a lot of storage in your bathroom or kitchen, this can be harder to come by if you have a corner sink. If you pick a system with doors, you have to make sure that they don’t touch as this could damage them.

You will have to spend more time thinking about how you will install your cupboards when you pick this type of sink. It can lead to beautiful results but can require some more preparation to make sure that you get the desired results.


Corner sinks can be a great option for smaller areas. They also give a distinct look that some people like. They come in a variety of materials and designs.

Corner sinks can require more planning as you have to find matching furniture. You also have to take the location of the drains into consideration. If the main drain is far away, it can be harder to install these sinks.

You also have to find a way to get the water supply to the sink in a neat manner. This can be more challenging if you are having a corner sink. Finding a great plumber that can handle this situation is essential.

If your sink is starting to look dull, you can consider reglazing it.

We hope that the ideas must have given you a perfect picture of your corner sink.