Is Haier a Good Brand? (SURPRISING Answer!)

If you’re in the market for an affordable yet reliable fridge, air conditioner, washing machine, television, or stove oven, chances are you’ve come across a brand called Haier.

You probably didn’t make any buying decisions with this brand since you’re unfamiliar with it, and we can’t blame you — most people in the United States don’t know much about the brand.


With a bit of online research, it becomes clear that users of the brand are kind of split between loving and hating products from Haier. Some customers swear by their excellent value for money while others call out their disappointing durability.

So, who’s right? Is Haier a good brand? Or should you stay away from it?

Today, we’re here to offer you a deep look into the world of Haier as we discuss the brand’s history, features, cost, and reviews. Let’s get started!

Haier Brand History: who owns it and where is it made?

Before we dive into the products of the brand, let’s take a moment to get to know Haier through the company’s history.

Haier is a Chinese brand that started as a small factory back in 1984 and developed to become a leading name in the appliances and electronics industry. Mr. Zhang Ruimin is the current CEO and chairman of the board of directors.

With more than 35 years in the business, Haier now has a solid spot in the Asian, African, European, Middle Eastern, and North American markets. The brand owns more than 23 industrial parks, 105 manufacturing plants, 10 research and development centers, and 65 marketing centers across the globe.

The grand philosophy of the Haier brand is to put user value above all else. This is why its operation strives to provide home appliance solutions at budget-friendly prices with the best possible quality and features.

The success of the brand is remarkable. It’s been ranked 1st in World Brand Lab’s list of “The World’s Most 500 Most Influential Brands” in the home appliance sector for over 15 years back to back. In 2018, it was 41st on the list.

In 2016, Haier bought General Electric, one of the most popular appliance manufacturers in the United States. This acquisition was meant to lead the way in making the brand more recognized globally.

What Does Haier Sell?

Haier’s main focus is the household appliances industry.

As such, the brand designs, develops, produces, markets, and sells a wide range of large and small devices including fridges, air conditioners, microwave ovens, stove ovens, washing machines, freezers, and televisions. It also manufactures computers and mobile phones.

Under its umbrella, Haier Group Corporation has several brands that are known worldwide such as Hoover, Sanyo, GE Appliances, Candy, Fisher & Paykel, Aqua, and Leader.

What Do Haier Appliances Offer?

So, how does Haier stand out among other brands? What does it offer to attract customers?

Generally speaking, appliances from Haier are characterized by the following features:

Outstanding Price vs Quality Tradeoff

The first thing we have to talk about is the kind of value for money that Haier offers its customers. We found it to be one of the very best in the market.

No matter the type of home appliance you’re looking to buy, you’ll find that it’s almost always priced in the middle tier compared to competitors, yet it offers just as many advanced features. Sometimes even more.

This ratio should come as no surprise since it’s the fundamental strategy of the brand.

Since its launch, Haier recognized that research into users’ needs is its way to the top. It knows that people want high-quality without being overcharged, and this is exactly what the brand offers.

Plenty of Models and Features

Just because Haier products are generally affordable, that doesn’t mean the brand skims on versatility and features. On the contrary, Haier pumps out a wide range of models of each of their appliances to satisfy the different needs of millions of customers.

If we take Haier fridges, for example, we’ll find 5 main categories to browse through, which are: side-by-side fridges, top mount fridges, bottom mount fridges, French door fridges,  and vertical/single door fridges. It even offers a bar fridge range!

For each category, there are various colors and capacities for users to choose from. You can apply the same versatility to all Haier appliances.

Great After-Sale Services

After-sale service is a huge concern for most customers nowadays whatever they’re buying.

Dealing with a company that quickly and effectively addresses issues that may arise with its products makes them trustworthy for referrals and future purposes. It makes a really good impression on the customer when their frustration is resolved without delays.

Haier recognizes these aspects and offers generous warranties and cooperative customer service accordingly.

Its warranties range between 1 to 10 years, depending on the appliance in question. Additionally, its support agents are usually easy to reach, responsive, and helpful.

Environmentally Conscious Approach

Last but not least, Haier dedicates a lot of effort to manufacturing appliances that are environmentally friendly. For example, products that give off emissions such as air conditioners and fridges are equipped with less hazardous freons.

Who Should Buy From Haier?

Haier is an all-around brand that targets middle and high-income customers. If we had to specify the sort of users who’ll probably be happy purchasing from Haier, we’d say it’s people who appreciate value for money above all else.

We also recommend Haier to those on a budget and looking for appliances that perform well and look good.

Is Haier Worth the Money?

When it comes down to it, we believe that Haier is worth the money. The brand is all about providing high-quality and great value to its customers.

Durability seems to be the most debatable aspect of Haier’s appliances. Upon research, we found that the general response to this aspect is generally positive with higher than average ratings.

This means that durability in most cases shouldn’t be an issue.

Wrap Up

So, is Haier a good brand? The answer is yes. They offer a lot of devices and some are better than others though. Check the reviews for each device to make sure. They offer a lot of other brands so it is a big company.

Haier offers appliances with excellent value for money, a wide range of models, technologically-advanced features, and helpful after-sale services.