How to use toilet paper properly: Best ways to do this

Using toilet paper properly can be challenging at first for anyone. Once you know the basic principles though, it will become quite easy. In this post, we are going to explain how you can use it.

This can be useful if you travel to countries that don’t use a bidet.


How to use toilet paper: Get to know the roll

The first step when learning how to use toilet paper is to get to know the roll and its parts. You’ll be able to easily identify the different parts of the toilet paper roll and know what they are and why they are there. You’ll be more knowledgeable and familiar with toilet paper and its parts when you use it.

The paper on the roll is wrapped around a core. This core is typically made out of cardboard. The core is the part that the toilet paper is wrapped around and what you pull the toilet paper off of. The core is the center of the roll and can be seen in the middle of the roll. 

The core is often white or transparent. Some toilet paper rolls may have a colored core or no core at all. If the roll doesn’t have a core, you’ll be able to see the entire roll as one. The paper that is wrapped around the core is the part of the toilet paper roll you’ll be pulling off and using to clean yourself. There is a loose end at the top of the roll that you will not be using. This helps you find the loose end and see how much paper is left on the roll. In most instances, the core is not used and is thrown in the trash. You can’t throw this in the toilet. 

Finding the beginning of the roll

At first, the roll is closed. You will have to find the beginning of the roll. This is typically a part that sticks out somewhat. You can gently pull this part to get it to lose. Once this is done, you can use the toilet paper roll. Don’t use too much force as this can break the toilet roll.

You might have to turn the toilet roll to find the beginning of the roll. Take your time. Other toilet rolls use a sticker to show where the toilet roll begins.

Hang it in the toilet paper holder.

Now that we have opened the roll, we can place it in the holder. This is typically done by sliding the core of the toilet rolls over a piece of metal. The loose end of the toilet roll should point towards you. This makes it easier to get a piece of paper. 

Don’t turn the roll too much as you might end up with a lot of toilet paper. You have to be gentle and roll it open.

If too much paper is coming out of the roll, you can turn it to get the paper back on it. Make sure that your hands are clean when you do this.

Taking a piece of paper

When holding the roll, you want to make sure your fingers are placed just below where the toilet paper is coming off. Your thumb should be on top of the piece of paper, and your other fingers should be underneath the roll. You don’t want to grab the roll in the center with your fingers as this will make it more challenging to pull off a piece of the paper and use it. Instead, hold it with the outside of your fingers below the paper. Don’t pull too hard as you might end up with a ton of toilet paper.  

How to use toilet paper for wiping: explained for beginners

If you’ve ever been in a situation where you had very little toilet paper, you know that it’s important to grab a decent amount of paper. This is the most important part of the cleaning process. You don’t want to have to be limited in how much toilet paper you can grab or how long you can spend cleaning yourself. 

You want to be able to get clean and then move on with your day as soon as possible. You want to be able to grab as much paper as you want to ensure that you are getting clean and have enough paper to last you. When you’re cleaning yourself, you want to make sure that you are covering all cleanable parts of your body in toilet paper. This includes your backside, frontside, and any other areas that you have hair and need to clean. 

Use a wiping motion and drop it in the toilet bowl once you are done with one wipe. Take another piece of paper and wipe again. Keep doing this until the paper is clean. This might feel quite uncomfortable at first. It can take quite a lot of wipes to get everything clean.

You should flush regularly as toilet paper can clog up the drain if you don’t. If you notice that the toilet bowl is getting full, you can use the toilet flush. This makes sure that the drains can push the toilet paper away.

It is a great idea to have some spare toilet rolls in the bathroom as you never know when you will need more paper. Having 5-10 rolls nearby is not that uncommon and makes sure that you won’t run out of paper.

A test to make sure that you have good toilet paper is to dip it in water 3 times. If it doesn’t break up, it can indicate that the toilet paper is of lower quality and might clog the drains or your septic system. Avoid cheap toilet paper as this can cause problems.


Using toilet paper can be challenging at first for anyone. In this post, we have outlined how you can use toilet paper correctly. It can take some getting used to but you will get the hang of it. Some people prefer to use a bidet anyway as they can’t get used to wiping with toilet paper.