How To Use Eau De Toilette Spray (AVOID Doing This!)

While the literal translation of Eau De Toilette is toilet water, as a plumber we can assure you that it doesn’t come from the toilet.

There is a fine line between perfume and Eau De Toilette. The similarity is that both provide a nice aroma. However, a dab or spray of perfume lasts longer and has a longer shelf life.


Eau de toilette has a limited shelf life and the aroma does not linger for long. Let us understand some differences as well, as we demystify various components of fragrances, from a general point of view. Before we venture there, let us look at how to use Eau de Toilette.

What is Eau de Toilette spray?

The term eau de toilette originated from the French term “faire sa toilette” which means getting ready. Spray EDT once you are out of the shower after drying yourself, never wet. The right eau de toilette increases your confidence levels as you smell better. Finding the right eau de toilette that suits your personality and skin tone will make you feel great the entire day.

Where to use eau de toilette spray is also an integral part of your daily routine, once you get the hang of it. Spray it on your wrist, but do not rub your wrists together. Apply the fragrance on your neck, inner elbow, behind the ear and the back of your knees it adds to your aura. Do not for God’s sake spray the fragrance on your nether regions.

The Aroma

The fragrance on eau de toilette has about a 10-15% of essence. Naturally, you cannot expect a lingering fragrance throughout the day. The concentration level makes the choice of eau de toilette a lot less expensive as compared to your regular perfume. That said, the best way to achieve the maximum benefit is to make sure that you spray it on at least twice a day if you like.

There are different levels in the composition of Eau de toilettes. The top note provides a fragrance that lasts for about an hour or two tops. The mid notes of the eau de toilette give you a couple of hours of the fragrance. The base note has a higher concentrate that has a longer-lasting fragrance. Naturally, all the levels also have different price ranges, where the limited time frame for the fragrance is less expensive as compared to the base level.

Carry Eau de Toilette with You

Most of the sprays come in a variety of sizes. You can carry the eau de toilette with you when you step out, and spray yourself with the freshness after you feel it wears off. Do not for once even consider spraying it on the armpits, face, nether regions, or any contentious places. The eau de toilette must be sprayed on, you cannot walk into the fragrance it will not settle on your person.

Store the container away from the elements. Do not consider stashing it away in the fridge. Also, the direct rays of the sun can cause a shift in the composition. Either of the two will wreak havoc on the fragrance.

Test it Before Buying

Since not many people are familiar with eau de toilette, try it out in a department store or a retailer. If you are not allergic, go for the fragrance that strikes your fancy. Use it once or twice a day. Exercise constraint while spraying EDT, too much of a good thing is not always the answer. You want to feel and smell good always, but cut it down. When the fragrance has worn off, do not touch up your body with a spray, this is not lipstick.

Fragrant Clothing

Spray eau de toilette on clothing made from natural fibers like cotton, jute, linen, or wool. When the bottle is reaching its last legs, do not throw it away, store it with your clothes, not underwear! It leaves the entire drawer or cupboard with a good fragrance. That is something that will make you smile as you open the doors to remove an item to wear. That said, you can certainly spray eau de toilette on your clothes, it is not a deterrent. Do not over spray as you do not want to cause any damage to the fabric.

How Much is too Much?

As mentioned earlier, depending on the fragrance that you want, would entail how many sprays you need. If you are going for the long haul, as in a longer duration, it depends on the strength of the fragrance. The stronger the fragrance, the limited number of sprays are required. The fragrance that you use during summer or spring may require a few more squirts. Make sure that spray the eau de toilette six inches away from the pulse point. Avoid spraying it on your face or other places that can cause damage to you.

Breaking down the Differences

Before we end down here it is prudent to understand that there are differences between, eau de toilette and perfume. Perfume lasts for a long time primarily because of the concentration of oil and other aromatic ingredients. Eau de parfum is similar as the concentration ensures that the fragrance lasts for a long time. Eau de toilette does not last for a long duration and is considered to be the best option to use during the day. You can spray it later on in the day to freshen up, with a spray or two. Cologne is mostly used by men, but can be used by women too, has a limited fragrance but more alcohol.

Aside from these fragrances, mists, aftershave, and deodorants are also used frequently. At the end of the day, finding the right spray or perfume that suits you, your personality, and your wallet is the best answer. Once you get it right, without using something too overpowering, you will feel wonderful.

The Takeaway

In essence (pardon the pun), dabbing on eau de toilette does not work. You have to use the spray on pulse points to feel the wonder. Do not overuse the product too often and only use it on dry skin. You can also use it on your clothes.