How to turn on a Panasonic AC or air conditioner without a remote (EASY Steps!)

You are worried because you have pressed the power button of the AC remote, but it has not turned on. Maybe you are wary about the repair cost that you have to pay once you dial a mechanic. Or maybe it is late evening or night, the batteries are exhausted, and you don’t have spare batteries at home.

Or Have you somehow lost your AC remote, or it has been damaged and is not working? You might need a day to get a new remote or fix the old one. But that doesn’t mean you will be unable to operate the AC till you get a new remote. Luckily, there are a few ways in which you can use to turn on AC without a remote. 

How to turn on a Panasonic AC manually: Using Your A/C’s Master Switch

This is the optimum solution if your home or office has a central A/C system. Such systems have one master hub that controls the operations of air vents located in several other rooms.

Your central A/C’s master switch is most likely a wall-mounted on/off toggle similar to a light switch.

Single A/C units also have this switch, but with central A/Cs, this switch is your only option to control your A/C without using a remote. You’ll only be able to turn it on and off, but hard luck trying to control other settings.

Using the Built-In Power Button on A/C

All A/Cs have built-in power buttons to allow you to still use your A/C when the remote is no longer functional.

However, these buttons are only in single A/C units, not central A/Cs. Central devices usually have a wall-mounted thermostat control panel and a master switch.

The whereabouts of the built-in power button on your Panasonic A/C unit may vary depending on its make and model. However, its most likely position is below the dust filter. You can find it underneath the removable flap on the front of your A/C unit.

If you’re unsure how to remove the flap correctly, make sure to refer to your device’s instruction manual to avoid damaging your A/C.

You might be surprised to find out how easy it is to manually turn on your AC. The main thing that you have to do is simply find out the ‘Power’ button that is there on the main unit of the appliance. But the arrangement of the control buttons on your machine can make you confused. Or you may find out that the button is completely missing from your device.

If you are unaware of the working of your AC, you need to bring out the user manual. Unfortunately, many people skip reading the user manual before or even while their air – conditioner is being installed. This is a mistake you should avoid or it is guaranteed that you will have to lose money over repairments that you could have avoided. 

Anyhow, if your AC has been with you for many days, chances are you will not remember where you kept the manual. Google will come to your rescue. Run a search by entering the brand and model name or number. 

You should get the user manual online which you can download so that you can read it thoroughly. If you do not have the time, just read the part where quick instructions or steps are given on how to operate the appliance. 

After reading it, you will understand you can turn your AC on easily, given that it is installed at a height that you can reach comfortably. You might need to get out a stick to reach the Power button if it is hanging on the wall.

How to control a Panasonic AC without remote: Using Your Smartphone

When you are lucky enough to be living at a time when smart technology is around, you can do without a remote. Your mobile is enough to control different appliances remotely. If you do not already own a smart AC, use an app to turn your regular AC to work like a smart one. 

Whether you use an Apple or Android phone, there are quite a few apps that will enable you to control your AC using your mobile. You can do different things like temperature control, schedule setting, setting a particular default temperature, and usage monitoring. You will have full control over your AC by tapping on your smartphone.

The features of the apps have many benefits. The most significant benefit of using one such app is that you can control your appliance from anywhere. Imagine, you can set your preferred temperature from the office or public transport. This means you will walk into your house already at a temperature that is relaxing for you. 

You can also do temperature-control of air-conditioners present in other rooms. For example, suppose you are in the living room watching a late-night show. It’s almost time to hit the bed. Then, you can set the bedroom AC temperature to the degree that you love it to be. 

Also, such a mobile app can help you save almost 25% of your energy because you can modify the power of your AC unit.

Not only can you control the settings from any location, but you will also be able to turn off the AC. You must have those days when you run late and leave the house in such a hurry that you forget to turn your AC off. Well, now you won’t have the thought of unnecessary electricity bill amount perturb you when this happens next time. You will be able to switch it off using your mobile.

If you want to download one of these apps now, go to either the App Store or Play Store. Before you download any app, read the information given about it. There are many remote-control apps, but all might not be compatible with the machine you use. Your phone must also be able to support the app you want to download. 

Some of the best remote-control apps which you can use with your AC are:


A Smart Remote IR



Ambi Climate

Using a Universal Remote

If you’ve lost your A/C remote or it’s broken, you can buy a universal remote to use instead. Universal remotes are devices that can be set up with various appliances and act as their control center.

To set up a universal remote with your Panasonic A/C (or any other appliance in your household), you need to know the device’s pairing code. To get that code, refer to your A/C’s instruction manual or contact the manufacturer and request that information.

How to Replace a Lost/Broken Panasonic Air conditioner Remote

Despite the availability of other solutions, some people still want to keep their remotes to control their A/Cs. If you’ve misplaced your remote or if it’s taken a nasty tumble, you don’t have a lot of options.

Your best course of action is to contact the manufacturer and ask for service centers near you. Once you’ve located a suitable one, you can visit it and purchase a new remote for your specific A/C model.

This is the best way to make sure that the remote you purchase is original and not a knock-off produced by a third party. Knock-off devices may not work, and even if they do, they’re likely to last for a very short time before ceasing to function.

Using a knock-off device may also cause issues with your A/C unit itself.


In the summer, A/Cs become an essential part of our lives. The refreshing cold air they provide makes the hot summer weather bearable.

By reading this guide, you now know how to turn on your A/C without its remote. You can either use your smartphone, the A/C’s master switch, or your smart home control system. In all cases, you’ll be able to do basic functions like controlling the temperature and turning it on and off

If you have an older device, you can try to order a new remote from the manufacturer. This can often be done on the website of the manufacturer of your AC. The brand is often written on it.

To conclude, we can state that an AC can be turned on in multiple ways, from pressing the Power button to using the remote. Newer devices also have an app that you can use to activate them.

Panasonic is a great Japanese brand that produces a lot of products. They are well known for their quality and R&D. Lately they have invested a lot in battery technologies and energy efficiency. This is also reflected in their AC systems. They are very energy efficient.

Given that Panasonic is such a big brand, it is quite easy to find replacement parts. Even if you have lost your remote, it should be possible to find a replacement. The main challenge will be to find one that works with your model. You have to look up the model number when you get a replacement remote. Other than that, it should be quite straightforward to repair these AC units.

The air conditioners of Panasonic should last about 10 years if they are well taken care of. It is important that they are cleaned properly. If there is a leak or another problem, you should take care of it as soon as possible to avoid further damage.