How to repair a shower door seal, crack or hinge: ESSENTIAL Steps

Shower doors are essential as they keep water inside the shower cabin. This avoids water damage. They can break down though. In this article, we’ll show you how to repair a shower door. From replacing missing screws to replacing seals, we’ll walk you through the entire process and show you some helpful tips along the way. Always wear protective gear such as goggles and gloves when you work on this.


How to fix a Shower Door Seal?

The seal that keeps water out of your shower is a rubber part that’s installed within the shower door track. 

The seal protects your shower door from water damage, mold and mildew, and other building problems. The rubber ring also makes sure that water doesn’t leak out of the shower. There are seals on the bottom or side. 

Some seals are glued whereas others just slide away. Replacing it is quite straightforward. Just use a knife to remove the old seal and apply the new one.

How to Repair a Shower Door Crack

Cracked, chipped, or otherwise damaged shower door glass can be repaired by replacing the glass. You might be tempted to use a glass repair kit but this won’t work for a shower door as it gets wet and has to move a lot. It is too dangerous as the door can break into pieces.

 You can often contact the manufacturer to see if they can help. Sometimes there was a manufacturing error and they will replace the glass door for free.

To remove the door, we will have to remove the old glass. Be careful when you do this and wear protective equipment. We also recommend covering the area with plastic bags. Cover the drain hole as well. This makes it easier to retrieve the glass pieces. Make sure that all the little pieces are removed before you proceed. Also, remove the small pieces of glass from the frame.

Before you add the new glass panel, make sure that the frame is standing level. This can be done with a leveler tool.

How to Repair a Shower Door Hinge

A cracked, broken, or otherwise damaged shower door hinge can be fixed by replacing the hinge.  

Before beginning, make sure the shower door is closed and secured. Next, remove the screws holding the door hinge to the door. Then, remove the old shower door hinge and clean the door and door track before replacing the new hinge.

If your shower door hinge is cracked, you’ll want to replace the entire hinge. Hinges are usually mounted with two screws.

After removing the old hinge, clean the door. Then just add the new hinge using screws. Don’t overtighten the screws. It is also important to add rubber washers when you install this.

How to repair a folding door if it is not closing

If you have a folding door, it is possible that the door sags and doesn’t close properly. Inside each corner there are screws. You have to loosen them. Make sure that the door doesn’t fall out so you will probably need a second person for this task. Once this is done, you can give the corner of the door a nudge so that it gets straight again. Once this is done, you can tighten the screws again. This should make it possible to open and close the door again without any issues. 

How to Repair a Sliding Shower Door

If your shower door is made of glass and is mounted to a track that slides, you’ll want to replace the track and door mount. 

The wheels can wear out and this can make a grinding noise. To fix this, we will have to remove the door. Once this is done, we can easily replace the wheels of the shower. You should get the same diameter of wheels. Make sure that the shower are hanging level when you are done.

If that didn’t work, we will have to replace the sliding door track.

It is also possible that a screw has been removed and that the doors are hanging sideways. You can often fix this by removing the door and making sure that it hangs level before you add the screw again. If that didn’t work, we have more steps to take.

Before beginning, make sure the shower door is closed and secured. Next, remove the screws holding the old track in place, and clean the track and door mount. 

To install the new track, put the new track in the door track, then you can add the screws again. Make sure that it is properly sealed. You can add some chalk to finish this process. Make sure that the doors are hanging straight.

Adding silicone around the shower is fairly easy if you have the right tools. Make sure to use a scraper to spread the chalk after you have applied it. Don’t work too fast as you have to cover the hole completely. This makes sure that no moisture gets next to it. Chaulk shouldn’t be used in a bathroom as silicone is better at handling moisture.

 To conclude, we can state that there are a lot of things that can go wrong with a shower door. We have outlined the most common problems and their solutions. Be careful when you work on a shower door as it consists of glass. Wear gloves, goggles, and other protective gear. Most problems are quite easy and fast to fix. Sometimes you have to replace the glass though and this is more work. For some repairs, you will also need a second person to help out.

Shower doors should always be levels so it is important that you check this when doing repairs. An uneven door can lead to a lot of damage so this should be avoided. Don’t use too much force on a door as they are quite breakable.