How to remove kitchen and shower wall tiles (AVOID Doing This!)

When it comes to renovating your home, removing wall tiles can be a major challenge. Removing wall tiles requires some extra care and caution. It’s important that we don’t damage the wall. The wrong removal of wall tile can lead to serious issues like big leaks, cracked walls, and even structural damage. This guide will explain how to remove wall tiles for your home renovation project. Read on for more information about the different types of tile and tools you’ll need for the job.


Tools for kitchen and shower tile removal

If you’re planning to remove kitchen or shower wall tiles for a renovation project, you’ll need the right tools for the job. 

 -Prybars, a tile removal chisel and a hammer are often used for this. 

-You can get a trim puller or a rotary hammer drill as well. 

-Getting big bags or a wheelbarrow that allow you to store the broken tiles can make it easier to transport them. We also can get a shop vac so that we can remove dust easily. 

-You will need gloves, goggles, ear protection and a mask as well. This is a dusty job so wear old clothes and strong shoes.


We start by removing any items that are in the way. This can include plumbing fixtures or decoration. You can use a Phillips screwdriver or hex key to remove screws. Turn off the electricity and water. Drain the water pipes so that you don’t have water splashing around. 

Once this is done, we can add a dust screen to make sure that we can contain the dust. This consists of plastic sheets that can be closed off. Make sure that you don’t have to walk around too much as this can spread the dust.

Open the bags that you will use to transport the old tiles so that it is easy to remove them from the worksite.

You can make the job easier by cutting the grout with a knife. 

Now we can get started!

How to remove wall tiles

 Start out in a corner and use your prying tool and tile removal chisel to get started. The chisel should be between the wall and the tile and pointed downwards. Don’t point it towards the wall as you can create holes in this way. Try to remove the tiles in one piece as this makes it easier to clean up. Start hammering on the chisel and the tiles should fall down.

 If this doesn’t work, you can try a hammer drill with a special attachment. You can rent them in a lot of hardware stores. The process is quite similar but you use a motor to do this. Start slowly as this is a powerful machine. A lot of people start the machine and use the strongest settings. This can create damage to the wall and make it harder to remove the tiles. Easy does it. In some instances, you will have to call professionals though as they have more advanced tools for tiles that are hard to remove. 

 Work your way down until all the tiles have been removed. This job is quite repetitive. It is important that you don’t chip the tiles as this can give them sharp edges. Clean up the area from time to time so that you don’t fall over the broken tiles. 

Heating up the tiles can make this process easier as well but you have to be careful when you do this as they can fall off the wall at any point. Drilling a small hole in the tile can make it easier to remove it as well.

How to remove wall tiles from a shower base or tub

If you want to remove wall tiles from a shower base, you’ll need to be extra careful. Make sure that the chipped tiles don’t fall in the tub or shower as they can crack the base. 

Be careful that you don’t damage the area around the tub or shower base as this has to be waterproof. In these areas, you can use a lighter hammer or work slower.  When you are done, double-check that there is no damage in this area. Fixing water leaks in this area can be expensive and lead to dangerous mold. You might want to slow down and spend more time in this area. 

How to remove wall tiles from a backsplash

Removing wall tile from a backsplash can be quite challenging as some parts can be harder to access. You might have to remove a part of the cupboard if needed. It is also possible to use a towel on the vanity.

Some wall tile is more dangerous than others when it comes to removing it. Here are some of the most dangerous wall tiles:

 – Porcelain wall tile is very fragile and can break into very small pieces. This takes more time to get remove it. It’s important to wear a rubber glove and goggles when removing porcelain wall tile.

 – Quartz wall tile is very hard and can cause damage to your drill or your hands if you’re trying to remove it. It’s best to remove quartz wall tile by cutting it with a tile saw or a tile nipper.

 – Limestone wall tile is very heavy and can cause damage to your drill or your table if you’re trying to remove it. It’s best to remove limestone wall tile by drilling a small hole and using a hammer to break the wall tile.

In some instances, you can tile over the existing backsplash without removing it.

How to throw away the old tiles

Once you’ve removed the wall tile from your home, you’ll want to throw away the old tiles. You can rent a container or recycling center. Make sure that you don’t mix the broken tiles with other garbage as they might not accept your load of broken tiles. 


Removing wall tiles is quite straightforward if you have the right tools. Make sure that you can contain the dust and that you have the right protective gear. This will make it easier to remove the tiles without damaging the wall. This whole process can take a few hours but can completely change the look of a bathroom or kitchen!


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