How to lower a shower head (The BEST Answer)

It can be annoying if your shower head is too high. The water splashes around more and can cool down before it lands on you. In this post, we will outline how you can lower it so that you can enjoy a comfortable shower. In this post, we will discuss some options on how to do this. We can lower the shower arm or head. Let’s discuss each of these options.


Solution with a shower arm

Lowering a stuck shower arm

Most handles for shower arms have a sliding system that allows you to lower them. You often have to pull a knob or push a button before you can do this. Don’t break the system and check how it works before you apply a lot of force. Sometimes a small pin is hidden and you just have to give it a little nudge.

If your shower arm is stuck and cannot be moved downward, it may be because it is corroded. You can try to clean it, then if that doesn’t work, you can try loosening it. Using some lubricant can help. Be careful when you apply it so that it doesn’t create spots on your shower. You can try to loosen the arm by using a wrench. If this doesn’t work, you can try to remove the handle by opening up the holder and removing the screws that hold it on the wall. Once this is done, you can add a new handle. 

Adding a new handle for the shower arm: add a handheld shower head to the existing shower

If the arm is not stuck, but the problem is that the handle is too high, then you can add a second handle for the arm. You can find these at hardware stores. You might have to predrill in the wall so that it is easy to install the screws for the handle. Make sure that you don’t chip the tiles when you do this.

You might have to add a longer shower hose. This is quite simple as you just have to turn the connectors around to loosen them and add the new pipe. Make sure to add enough rubber washers so that the connection is solid.

 Some systems also use glue but these are less durable and should be avoided. If it falls down, your shower pan can break and leak. This can lead to expensive repairs.

Not everyone wants to shower with a shower arm though, so let’s take a look at how we can lower the showerhead itself. 

Solution with a fixed shower head

If the problem is that your shower head is too high, then you’ll need to lower it. For this, you can use one of these two methods: 

Adding a piece of pipe

– If the head is still attached to the pipe, you can unscrew it by turning it counterclockwise. You can then add a section of pipe of the right length. There are premade pipes that you can buy for this. Just turn this piece of pipe into the existing structure and add the showerhead. If you have an older shower, it is possible that a plumber will have to do some work to do this for you.

It is important to get high-quality pieces. It should be coated with chrome so that it doesn’t rust or break over time. This is why you shouldn’t go for the cheapest solution. This part hangs over year head and it can be dangerous when it falls down. For this reason, it can be a good idea to stick with the brand that manufactured your shower. These pieces are easier to maintain as well.

Add a fixture with a shower arm or adjust the water supply line

A second option is to add a new fixture that has a shower arm.  Try to find one that has the same size as your current fixture as this will make it easier to install.

In some instances, you will have to adjust the water supply pipe. We have outlined how you can connect PEX pipes here and how you can connect copper pipes here. This is for more advanced DIY’ers but should be feasible for most people that have worked with these materials before. The main challenge is dealing with the drywall as it can be hard to access the pipes. You might have to open up the drywall to adjust things. Getting this repaired takes quite some work. You should do this while you don’t need to use the shower for a few days. 

 Increase the height of the shower pan

A third option is to increase the height of the shower pan. This is more work as you have to adjust the drain as well. The angle of a drain has to be correct so it is not always easy to adjust this. This is why this option is only considered when the bathroom or shower will be gutted anyway. When you completely renovate a bathroom, it is easier to get this adjusted.

Most people will opt for the first option though as it is easier to walk inside a shower with a lower shower pan than a higher one. The recent trend is even to remove the pan completely to make it easier to walk in and out of the shower. Showers can be slippery so adding a stool to stand on is too dangerous. 

 In this post, we have outlined some ways that allow you to lower a showerhead. This is work for more advanced DIY’ers and most people should just ask their plumber to do this. This piece hangs above your head so it is important that it is properly installed. A licensed plumber will make sure that you can enjoy your shower for years to come!

Taking a shower is a great luxury. It is a fantastic day to start or end the day. If the water sprays around too much, it can create a mess though. The easiest way to avoid this is by lowering the shower head.

In this post, we have discussed some ways in which you can do this. In most instances, this is something that you can do yourself. It is possible to contact a plumber for this as well if you don’t want to do this yourself. A plumber can often do this in less than 1 hour.

It is important that this is installed properly so that the shower head doesn’t fall on you or breaks the shower pan.