How to hide exposed plumbing pipes in the bathroom: 11 great tips

We spend a lot of time in our bathrooms and we want them to look as nice as possible. Sometimes guests even use the toilet there so it is important that it looks clean. Exposed pipes in your bathroom can look bad. This can be under the sink, next to the toilet, or across the wall.

Let’s go over some options to hide these so that your bathroom looks a lot nicer. Often small changes can make the bathroom look completely different.


Install furniture to hide plumbing pipes on the wall

 You can get furniture that hides the plumbing pipes on the wall. For example, there are vanities that allow you to hide the pipes under the sink. These can be used to store items such as soap and towels as well. This type of furniture can be quite expensive but Ikea offers some cheap alternatives. 

It is quite typical that bathroom furniture is marked up. You can be creative and use office wear in your bathroom. A piece of reclaimed wood that you can paint yourself can work as well.

A big mirror or some wooden slats can also help to hide the pipes. Be careful that you don’t hit the pipes with too much force when you install these as they might leak. A lot of people hammer nails in their pipes without realizing it. This can lead to big problems down the road. 

Stitch a sink skirt to hide the pipes under your sink

You can also use drapes if you think that furniture is too expensive. If you have a small bathroom, you might be able to do this by stitching a skirt to the underside of your sink. This will hide the pipes and make your bathroom look much neater. Fabric is quite cheap and this can often be done for less than 30 USD if you are somewhat handy. 

Boxing in pipework

Boxing in the piping can help to hide any exposed pipes. This is particularly helpful if your bathroom is small and you don’t have a lot of space. This is done by adding a cover over it (quite similar to skirting boards). This can be done in plastic or wooden materials and look quite nice. There are several systems that don’t need glue or cutting. Just click the pieces together and you are good to go. 

Add a fake wall

You can take boxing in the pipework to the next level by adding a fake wall. This will cost you a lot of space though so it is not an option for smaller bathrooms. This can almost completely remove the pipes from sight.  You might have to change your floorplan though so it can require some planning. Installing the walls itself is quite straightforward and there are DIY kits out there that can help you with this. 

Adding drywall is often quite straightforward if you follow the right steps.

 Installing new pipes

If you have exposed pipes in your bathroom, you can often hide them by installing new pipes.  This can be a lot of work and you might have to tear down your current bathroom. The result can be beautiful though.

It is often best to replace all the pipes at the same time so it can be necessary to save up for this. It is possible that you have to break open walls and floors. In some instances (for example if you have copper pipes) you even have to retool your whole plumbing system. 

Wrap your bathroom pipes with rope

This is a popular option because it hides the pipes very nicely. You can also use a tarp or some other material to cover the pipes. This will keep them from being seen, and it will make your bathroom look much nicer. This is a cheap way to decorate your bathroom. 

Add a theme to your bathroom

Adding a theme to your bathroom is a great excuse to add decoration. For example, you can make it a fishers theme. This allows you to paint the pipes blue and add boats or fish to them. It can take some creativity to get it done but by adding a theme to your bathroom, you can hide the pipes quite easily. There are several themes, from botanical to historical.

Paint pipes in vibrant colors

Feature what you can’t hide. One option is to paint the pipes in vibrant colors. This will make it a cool part of the bathroom and can give it a unique outlook. This obviously depends on your personal taste and some people will not like this. 

Example of exposed copper pipes in a bathroom. Image by PlumbingInstantFix. All rights reserved

Bathroom plants

You can get some plants and place them strategically in front of the pipes. Some people don’t like plants in their bathroom as it might not be the cleanest thing to have there but it can give a cool look and vibe. Bigger plants can hide a lot of pipes.

Ask a painter or interior architect

Hiring an interior architect can be a great idea. They often have great insights in your floor plan and can offer suggestions. There are often techniques such as using shades of paint that can help to remove the attention from the pipes. This can result in great looks for a bathroom. 

Ask your plumber 

 Your plumber can also have some ideas as it can be possible to replace some pipes with flexible pipes that are easier to hide. It depends on how your installation works. Flexible pipes are more prone to leaks though so you will have to think for yourself if you want to take this risk. It is a great idea to install a water sensor if you have flexible pipes. 

To conclude, we have shared some options that allow you to hide the plumbing pipes in your bathroom. These range from cheap DIY solutions to expensive renovations. Pipes can be an eyesore in your bathroom but there are several ways to get around this. They just have to be integrated in the design of the bathroom. Sometimes you just have to feature what you can’t hide. 

Some people enjoy seeing exposed water pipes. These can be dangerous though as they get hot. In most instances, it is best to hide them. In this post, we have outlined how you can do this. Your plumber should be able to offer advice as well. Each bathroom is unique so it might take some planning to find the best option for your situation.