How to fix mirror scratches? 8 Great ways to Repair deep scratching

It is annoying if you have a scratch in a mirror. Be it in your bathroom or somewhere else. Luckily there is some time to get it fixed. If you have a mirror with minor scratches on it, you must repair the mirror as quickly as possible. Otherwise, these scratches can lead to cracks. In which case it will almost be impossible to return the mirror to its original condition. Let’s get it fixed!


8 ways to fix mirror scratches:

Restoration by resilvering

This is a DIY mirror-like paint that you might not have lying around in your home. But you can easily purchase it online. Also known as ‘mirror paint’, it is reflective mirror-like spray paint. You can reinstall your mirror within an hour of resilvering. Buy one with a silver-finish and looking-glass color.

How do you apply this? First, you need to prep the mirror. This is cleaning the mirror.

Shake the can for a minute or two before using it. Keep the can at a distance of eight to ten inches from the mirror surface and spray side to side in a sweeping motion. There should only be slightly overlapping and apply very thin coats. It’s best to apply five coats. But remember to give a minute between each coat. The paint will dry up in ten minutes. Also, the vapor of this paint is harmful and extremely flammable. Please read all the instructions given on the can before using it. 

Repairing using a toothpaste

Noticed a scratch on your bathroom mirror? Pick up your toothpaste from that basin area or shelf and get to repairing the mirror scratch.

Again, the first step is to clean the mirror surface. Use a dry and clean cloth to wipe. Ensure that there is no dirt, water, or debris on the surface. A microfiber cleaning cloth will be the best choice for this work. Also, remember to use white fluoride toothpaste and not a gel toothpaste.

Wash the cloth after wiping. Then squeeze out as much as you can from the cloth. Now apply a drop of your toothpaste to the damp cloth and rub it slightly. Then rub the cloth in a circular motion to apply the toothpaste to the mirror scratch. Do this for 30 seconds approximately. 

You have to repeat the process a few more times for stubborn scratches before they aren’t visible anymore. Wash the cloth again once you are done and wipe off the toothpaste. How does toothpaste work? It has abrasive ingredients which clean stains and scratches to make a mirror clear again.

Trying Cerium Oxide

This is a DIY method where you will use a jewelry-polishing compound. All you have to do is mix cerium oxide with water and then apply it to the mirror. This is one of the most effective ways of diminishing scratches and making the mirror shine by bringing back a clear reflective surface.

Applying a clear nail polish

If your mirror has a delicate surface, it is better to avoid rubbing it with abrasive products. Transparent nail polish will work best on such a mirror because you will be using a layering method to fill up the crater caused by the scratch. Clear nail polish has been known to cover up deep scratches successfully too. Apply the number of coats based on the scratch’s depth. 

Using dry mustard and white vinegar

First, prepare a solution by mixing one part of both vinegar and mustard. Second, bring down the mirror and place it on a soft cloth. Third, with a microfiber cloth, rub the solution on the scratched area. 

Buffing with Baking Soda

You can fix mirror scratches using an ingredient that must be present in your kitchen, and that is baking soda. It is a versatile product and can remove a mirror scratch too. Baking soda has abrasive components too which is effective in smoothing out a mirror surface. First, you have to make a paste using baking soda. Mix water and baking soda in equal parts to prepare a thick paste. Second, wrap a lint-free cloth on your index finger and pat it on the paste. After enough paste is smeared on the towel, buff the scratch in a circular motion for roughly 30 seconds. If you still see visible marks, it means you have to repeat the process multiple times as it is a stubborn scratch.

Liquid Chrome Marker trick

A hobby pen alcohol paint pump marker is a pocket-friendly tool to fix minor mirror scratches. This is acrylic-based hybrid paint in chrome color. The initial step is to put the mirror down on a soft cloth and clean it with a microfiber cloth. The mirror surface should be completely dry before you start touching up with the pen. Shake the pen well before applying the reflective paint to the scratch. Again, you might have to apply multiple layers. In that case, remember to let a layer dry for a minute first and then reapply.

Treating with liquid pumice soap

This is one of the quickest methods to clean a bathroom mirror (or any mirror). A liquid soap works wonders on stains and minor scratches because of its abrasive elements. Dab some pumice hand cleaner on a lint-free towel and gently polish the scratched surface for a few minutes. Then rub off the soap to find a stainless scratch-free mirror. A power tool can help you spread this out.

For using a DIY method, the things you will need to depend on the technique you will use. Go through the techniques shared with you and choose one. Then collect the materials and tools that you will need to fix your mirror scratches. But you ideally should hire a glass expert for removing distinct and big scratches from a mirror.

To conclude, we can state that there are some ways to fix a scratched mirror. While you shouldn’t expect miracles from these methods, they should remove some of the damage. You can also add more protection to the mirror (for example hanging it in a safer location) so that no further damage occurs.

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