How to fill a bathtub and take a bath: EASY Steps

There’s something relaxing about a bath. A hot soak, a good book, and some nice smelling products all make for the perfect bathing experience. But how do you fill that tub? You need to have water in it before you can enjoy it, right? If you’ve never had to fill a bathtub before and are feeling a little confused, that’s understandable. It’s not something most people have to think about on a regular basis. Depending on where you live it might be even more unusual. In this blog post, we look at different ways to fill your bathtub with water.


 Using the faucet to fill a bathtub

This is the most common way to get water into the tub. Most faucets have a hot and cold water handle. You can start by opening the cold faucet to fill the tub until it is ⅔ full. At this point, you can open up the hot handle. This will allow you to gradually heat up the water. Most people start by adding hot water but this starts to cool down quite fast. This is why starting with cold water is a better idea. 

A faucet is opened by lifting it or turning the handle. Some faucets can be harder to use though and you might have to take a look at how it functions. Start by opening it slightly and gradually open it up more.

If there is no faucet nearby, you can consider adding a hose to another faucet to fill the tub.

How full should a bath be

A bathtub should be filled about 1/3 of the way. That might seem like a lot less than you imagined, but it’s actually the perfect amount. A full bathtub will be too deep for most people to comfortably sit in without getting water everywhere. It might also be difficult to get in and out of. With a bathtub that’s not full enough, you risk getting splashed when you get in and out. Water gets everywhere and it is a mess to clean up everything. It also keeps you safe as there is less chance that you will get under the water.

When you fill a bathtub, you want to make sure there’s enough water to cover you though. If you are filling the bath for a kid, you should even use less water. This makes sure that they don’t go underwater. 

Most baths have an overflow drain that can drain some of the water if the tub is too full. These overflows can only take a limited amount of water though so your tub might still overflow if you are not cautious. 

How hot should a bath be

If you want to take a warm bath, you’ll need to have the water at least around 37 degrees Celsius (98 degrees Fahrenheit) to make it comfortable. Soaking in warm water is the best way to relax. You can always add some hot water later on if needed. Just be careful that you don’t sit near the faucet when you do this.

However, you shouldn’t have the water so hot that it’s uncomfortable. Make sure to test this with your elbow as this is a better way to do it. You can also use a thermometer for more precise measurement. For a kid, you should lower the temperature so that it is not too hot!

How much soap should you add to a bath?

If you want a nice sudsy bath, you should use around a tablespoon of soap per gallon of water. This is enough to make bubbles but not so much that you end up with a mucky mess. If you make sure the soap is fully dissolved before you get in, you shouldn’t have any problems. When you’re done bathing, it’s a good idea to make sure the excess bubbles have run down the drain. If not, they could create a soapy mess in your bathtub.

A lot of people use way too much soap and this makes it harder to maintain your bathroom.

Make sure to rinse the bathtub after you have used soap. This removes all the remaining soap that could otherwise stain the tub.

How long does it take to fill a bath?

It depends on the size of your bathtub and the source of the water. In general, it will take about 3 to 5 minutes to get a bathtub filled with water. You should stay in the room as it is easy to get distracted and an overflowing bathtub can cause a mess.

If your house has low water pressure, it can take a lot longer. If you have to wait more than 10 minutes, you might have to get your plumbing system upgraded.

Having a great bathroom exhaust fan is also important as the damp air can lead to mold. This can be dangerous and should be avoided at all costs. This is why you should ventilate that bathroom after you have taken a bath.


Bathtubs are large containers that can be filled with water to allow people to bathe inside them. They are typically made of ceramic, steel or cast iron, but other materials may be used as well. Some bathtubs also have built-in seats, which make them easier to sit on and get out of. If you want to fill a bathtub, you’ll need to find a source of water and wait until it’s high enough to go in. 

In this post, we have shared some ideas on how you can fill your bath. This will make sure that you can enjoy it and have a great experience taking a bath.