How To Clean A Speed Queen Front Load Washing Machine (Do THIS Now!)

Today, most people prefer to do their laundry and washing at home instead of outsourcing it to laundromats or dry-cleaning services. Therefore, you should know how important it is to take care of and clean your washing machine regularly. 

Not only will your washing machine produce clean and fresh washing in return, but by doing so, it will also prolong the lifetime of your appliance.

A front-load washing machine is usually cleaned using a specific material or a mixture of vinegar, bleach, and baking soda. That mixture is then placed in the washing machine and washed on a hot cycle. To clean the interior, you can use microfiber cloths and toothbrushes.

Check the manual of your model of Speed Queen washing machine to make sure that you can do this.


If you own a front-load washing machine that you use daily and are looking for ways to clean it, this article will guide you through all the processes and advice for cleaning a front load washer to have it squeaky clean in no time.

How Do You Clean A Speed Queen Front Load Washing Machine?

Firstly, it is vital to read the guidelines of your Speed Queen front load washing machine’s user manual. If your front loader requires a specific cleaning method, you should follow the instructions, purchase the necessary materials, and use them to clean your washer.

Using the incorrect detergents or not following the instructions on cleaning your machine can affect or void your machine’s warranty.

If the user manual does not indicate a specific detergent, you can combine ordinary household materials, which will be as effective as using detergents.

Substances such as vinegar, bleach, and baking soda make an excellent alternative to cleaning your appliance safely. Pour the contents of the mixture into the detergent compartment of your machine and set it on a hot cycle.

Why Should You Clean A Front Load Washing Machine?

You may not think about it as frequently as you should but cleaning your washing machine is very important! Washing machines can get moldy, mildewy, and have foul odors if not cleaned regularly.

The mildew and odors occur because the machine accumulates residue, and the wetness and dampness inside the machine can cause mold to develop.

Products To Clean A Front Load Washing Machines

If you do not want to use a home remedy to clean your front-load washing machine, there are quite a few available products that you can purchase that will clean your appliance!

If you do decide to buy and use any of the washing products listed below, follow the given instructions on the packaging when cleaning your front load washing machine. All products will have a different set of steps to follow.

Washing Machine Cleaner by Tide

Affresh Washing Machine Cleaner

Glisten Washer Magic Machine Cleaner

Requirements For A DIY Method For Cleaning A Washing Machine

To clean a front load washing machine with a home remedy, you’ll need a few products, which are all stated in the table below:

Distilled VinegarAn Old Toothbrush
Baking SodaCloth (preferably a microfiber cloth)

Steps To Follow For Cleaning A Speed Queen Front Load Washing Machine

After gathering all of the requirements for your home remedy cleaning method, you need to follow the next few instructions step-by-step to ensure that your front load washing machine will be clean and ready to use.

Step 1: Wash The Machine On A Hot Cycle Or Tub Rinse Cycle

Pour half a cup of baking soda into the drum of the washing machine. Combine about one-third of a cup of vinegar with a gallon of water, then fill the detergent dispenser halfway with the vinegar and water mixture. Start the washing process by starting a cycle on the “clean tub” option, or if your machine does not have a clean tub option, use the hottest cycle available.

Step 2: Rinse The Machine On A Cold Cycle

After the machine has been on a hot cycle, run a fast, cold rinse cycle to ensure no more residue is in the device and that the machine is rinsed out properly.

Step 3: Clean Any Attachments

Firstly, clean the detergent dispenser with a regular detergent such as dishwashing soap. It is advised to leave the dispenser open until it is dry.

The rubber seal of the front loader washing machine should also be wiped clean on the inside. To do this, pull the rubber seal open, and wipe the inside clean using a dampened microfiber cloth.

Step 4: Leave The Machine’s Door Open For A Few Hours

After cleaning all of the pieces to the front load washing machine, leave the door open to dry for an hour or two. Leaving it to dry will ensure that the machine has completely dried and that no mildew will develop inside.

How Often Should You Clean A Front Load Washing Machine?

People who use their washer regularly should clean it at least once a month, but it is also not necessary if you wipe out your washing machine after every wash and leave the door open to keep it from getting damp and causing mold to grow. Suppose your washer is still free of residue and odors;

a deep clean once every three months is recommended.

It is also advisable to send your appliance for regular services by an accredited service provider. These services include replacing broken parts and thorough cleaning of your machine.

Manufacturers of washing machines highly suggest having your appliance sent for a service once at least every few months.

How To Clean A Washing Machine Filter?

The filters are used to collect fluff, hair dust, or other objects that are part of your washing. Cleaning your filter once in a while will prevent it from clogging up with residue or mold. Per instruction of your user manual, remove the filter of your front load washing machine. Leave the filter soaking in a mixture of hot bleach water until the residue and mold loosen.

The next part of cleaning the filter might be a bit gruesome. Remove the residue that has accumulated and scrub the filter clean. After you are satisfied with your filter’s cleanliness, reattach the filter by following the instructions in your user manual.


Even though washing machines are used for cleaning things, they also need to be cleaned once in a while to ensure that your washed items will come out clean and smelling fresh. Remember to wipe out your washer after doing your bundles of washing and leaving the machine to dry before closing the door.

Speed Queen is known for its commercial washing machines. They have systems for your home as well. This American brand has a great tradition and history.

Their systems can last a long time if they are well maintained. This includes proper cleaning and maintenance.