How to clean a coir or jute doormat (Do THIS First!)

Doormats are a great way to welcome guests and make your home feel more welcoming. They’re also a great way to keep dirt, mud, snow, and other dirt from tracking in year-round.  Whatever your reasons for wanting a doormat inside or outside your home, keeping them clean is an ongoing task. They get dirty pretty quickly and can get really grimy with regular use. Here’s how you can keep your mat clean and smelling fresh:


How to remove the dust from a coir or jute doormat

Vacuum the mat regularly

If you choose to put an indoor doormat outside of your home, you may find that it gets dirty quickly. If this is the case, you may want to consider getting a vacuum attachment specifically designed for outdoor carpeting. Keep in mind that outdoor carpets are harder to clean than indoor carpets, so you’ll need to clean and maintain them more often.

Regularly vacuuming your doormat keeps the surface from becoming too dirty, removes grass and other debris from it, and keeps it from becoming too rough.

You can also get the dust out of the mat by shaking it. It is best to do this outside as dirt and dust will fly around. You can also shake it against the wall to get even more dust out of the doormat.

Get a drill brush

There are attachments for your drill that make it quite easy to clean your doormats. In essence, these are hard brushes that use the power of your drill to clean doormats. They spin around and remove a lot of dust. It can remove more dust than a vacuum if you use it properly. On the other hand, it is another item that you have to store in your house. 

How to remove the dirt from a doormat

Wash the mat in cold water and soap when it gets grimy

If your doormat gets too grimy from regular use, wash it with a gentle soap in cold water. You can let this soak for a day in a bucket. This will remove the grime without removing the color of your mat. 

Dry your mat with a soft towel and let it air dry for a few hours. This will remove the grime without damaging the mat’s finish, keeping the mat fresh-smelling and looking new longer. Make sure that the back of your doormat is not slippery when you place it back. The soap can remove the traction of the rubber on the back. It is a good idea to test this before you use it again.  

 It is not possible to place the doormat in the washing machine. There is often a rubber backing and this will get destroyed by the hot water. The dirt can also clog up your washing machine. 

Use an enzymatic cleaner to fresh it up

If you’re not fine with cleaning your mat with soap and water, you can always use an enzymatic cleaner to freshen up your mat. These cleaners gently break down dirt, leaving your mat smelling fresh again. They are easy to apply. Just spray the solution on your doormat. You can use a rough brush afterward to remove some dust as well. 

An enzymatic cleaner that can be used on both indoor and outdoor surfaces. It does not create any odor, so you won’t have to worry about your guests complaining about the smell.

There are some products that specifically have been designed for doormats. Make sure that it works for your doormat as different materials are used to make doormats. These range from nylon to fiberglass. 

Use a steam cleaner

If you have a lot of doormats that need to be cleaned, you can consider renting a steam cleaner. You have to be careful when you use this as the rubber backing is not able to withstand a lot of heat. Steam cleaners can remove a lot of dirt from your doormat. 

Steam cleaners can make your doormats look new as they use heat to get the dirt particles out of the mat. 

 Change the doormat whenever it gets really dirty

Doormats can only last for a year. You can make them last longer by adding a boot scrubber. These bristles remove the biggest dirt from your shoes. This is great when you work in a dusty or muddy location. It keeps the hard-to-clean mud away from your doormat.

Doormats are cheap so they are pretty easy to replace. Some doormats last longer than others though. For example, there are some doormats that have a rubber layer. These are more durable than doormats without this backing. Some doormats are also thicker than others. Small doormats often don’t last that long as they don’t contain a lot of material that can hold the dirt. 

It is a good idea to replace the doormat every year. This makes sure that they work properly and keep the dust outside of your home. You can use the doormats that you used inside for outside after a while. It often matters less that an outdoor doormat is slightly used already. 

Don’t get doormats with prints as these can be harder to clean. They might look cute but the prints can get messy after a while. 

Doormat inside or outside your house?

Most people have their doormats outside. This ensures that water and mud stay outside. If you place the doormat inside, it is possible that water spreads over the floor. You can also have a doormat outside and another one inside. The one outside can be rougher. The doormat inside can be softer and be used to clean smaller dirt particles.

A doormat outside a house

You will have to clean both doormats regularly though so it takes some work. This ensures that your home will stay clean so you will have to mop your floors less often.

Having only a doormat inside is often not a good idea as it can result in a lot of dirt.

To conclude, we can state that cleaning a doormat is quite straightforward. From vacuuming to using a spray and cold water with soap. All of these don’t take too much time so it is a great idea to do this at least once a month. You can also get boot scrubbers to make sure that your mats don’t get too dirty. Replacing them from time to time is essential as well as doormats tend to deteriorate after a year.