Difference Between Oven, OTG, And Microwave (AMAZING Differences!)

The world of modern kitchen appliances can be confusing. There are so many appliances with unique features and unique applications that it can be challenging to understand which appliance is best for you and your kitchen needs. Three of the most used yet most confused kitchen appliances are ovens, OTGs, and microwaves. Let’s compare these three appliances to find out which will best suit your needs!


An oven is a large appliance designed to heat food to high and steady temperatures for consistent cooking. OTGs are also known as toaster ovens and are smaller versions of regular ovens. Microwaves are small appliances that cook food by heating internal water molecules with microwave radiation.

Deciding between an OTG, a regular oven, and a microwave can be a challenge, but the real decision depends on what you will be using the appliance for. The best way to determine which is best for your needs is to understand the uses, strengths, and weaknesses of these appliances. Once you understand these, the choice will become clear!

The Conventional Oven

Almost everyone should be familiar with a conventional oven to some degree. These ovens are very commonly found as a fixture in home and professional kitchens, and there are multiple benefits that come with owning and using an appliance like this. However, there are some disadvantages as well.

Conventional ovens make use of heating elements mounted on the top and bottom of the oven to generate heat. The appliances are also equipped with an internal fan to manage the temperature of the oven, and some ovens use a fan to circulate air within the oven, cooking food more evenly.

These fan ovens work in tandem with an internal thermometer to measure and maintain the temperature of the oven to control the temperatures of the cooking or baking process.

This type of oven is so widely used simply because they are so versatile. They can be used for a shockingly wide variety of meals and treats, and they are large enough to accommodate big meals, large ingredients, or even to cook multiple dishes at once.

However, these ovens are very expensive and bulky, and they are expensive to run. Ovens use a lot of electricity, and they take a long time to heat up to cooking or baking temperatures, meaning that a lot of energy is wasted in the process, making them somewhat inefficient and increasing the electricity bill along the way.

The OTG (Oven, Toaster, Grill)

The OTG is a modern type of small oven that is made to be affordable, convenient, and easy to use. The acronym OTG stands for Ove, Toaster, Grill, which represents the three main features of these small ovens.

Most people will know an OTG by its colloquial name, the toaster oven. These small appliances are very convenient as they are small enough to be placed on countertops, and they heat up very quickly due to their small size.

OTGs can be used as an oven with internal heating elements installed on the top and bottom of the appliance interior, but they have very accurate thermometers for controlling temperatures accurately, and they can be set to only use one heating element at a time.

This means that OTGs can be used to toast by using the top element only or to grill by using the bottom element only. This functionality makes OTGs very versatile.

These appliances are also very affordable, and they are typically very easy to use, but they are very small as well, which severely limits their cooking capabilities.

OTGs are ideal for very small kitchens or for living quarters that do not have kitchens, such as dorm rooms. They are good enough for one or two people, but any cooking requirements for more than two people will require a bigger cooking appliance.

The Microwave

The microwave is another appliance that almost everyone should be very familiar with. These convenient and useful appliances have been around for a long time now, and their affordability combined with their functionality makes them a staple in almost every home.

A microwave functions by exposing food to low levels of long-band microwave radiation. This radiation operates at the same frequency at which water molecules vibrate violently, and so exposing food to these microwaves essentially vibrates water molecules until they boil within food, which heats the item internally by referred to heat as the heats up and boils at 100 degrees Celsius.

Microwaves are affordable, easily available, and accessible, and they are very simple to use. However, these very convenient appliances are also very limited. Very few meals can be coked within a microwave, and only very light, simple meals or ready-to-eat frozen meals can be cooked in this type of oven.

These appliances are safe, cheap to buy, simple to use, and great for heating up food or making simple dishes, but they are not a practical appliance to use in lieu of an oven or OTG.

Which Appliance Is Best For You?

At the end of it, when you are comparing these types of appliances for yourself, which to use or which combination to use is an entirely personal decision based on your own unique requirements, budget, and circumstances.

If you need a small oven to reliable cook healthy meals that are affordable and easy to use, then an OTG is an excellent option. If you want to cook larger meals at higher temperatures for longer periods, then there is nothing better than a regular oven.

A microwave is great in tandem with other ovens, but a microwave on its own is a very limited cooking appliance and should not be an option if you are only using one of these appliances.

However, if you have an oven or an OTG, the microwave is a useful appliance and is likely to be used every day.

At the end of it, if you are simply comparing ovens, OTGs, and microwaves, a simple summary is that regular ovens and OTGs are similar; the OTG is just a much smaller version, while the microwave is a completely different type of appliance that cooks by boiling water molecules with microwave radiation.

Regardless of which appliance you choose, take the time to explore your expectations and cooking requirements before you decide which appliance is best for you.


Ovens and OTGs are very similar, but their functionality is drastically different due to the significantly smaller size of the OTG. Microwaves are their own type of appliance and are much less useful than both types of oven.

The appliances that you use every day should be reliable, and which appliances you buy should be based on your own requirements. Make your own decision about which appliance is best for you, regardless of what outside opinions are, and you will end up with exactly what you need!




Microwave Oven or an OTG? Which Oven Is Better for Your Kitchen