Can You Use Wood for a Tub Surround? ANSWERED

When you think of a tub surround, you may imagine it as something made from stone or tile. But wood can be another great option for your bathroom remodel and tub surround! 

Wood is such a versatile material that it can be used in all sorts of different ways. Read on to find out whether wood can be used for a tub surround. 

 Wood has many benefits that make it an excellent choice for this area of your bathroom. It’s easy to clean and maintain, which is especially useful in a bathroom. 

You have to pick the right wood though given that there is a lot of moisture and plenty of humidity around the tub. Some types of wood can’t handle this and will break quite fast.

This is often used for outdoor tub surrounds but can also be used indoors!

Can You Actually Use Wood for a Tub Surround?

Yes, you can use wood for a tub surround! The trick is to make sure you choose a wood species that is water resistant. You’ll want to steer clear of woods like cedar and redwood because they aren’t good for use around water. 

Softer woods like oak, maple, and pine are a better option. You can still use these for a tub surround as long as you take a few extra steps to protect them from the moisture in your bathroom. Wooden tub surrounds can be sealed with a water-resistant sealer. This will trap the water inside the wood so it can’t seep out and cause damage to the rest of your bathroom.

Pros of Using Wood for a Tub Surround

A wooden tub surround has many advantages. It will definitely tie your bathroom design together and make a more cohesive design with the rest of your bathroom. 

It will also be much easier to clean. Some bathtubs are even made out of wood!

 Wooden tub surrounds also look beautiful. You can stain them in any color you like to match your bathroom decor. If you want, you can even paint the wood or use decals or stickers to change the design whenever you like. This can lead to very unique and creative designs!

Wooden tub surrounds also have a natural, earthy feel that will work with any design. Wooden tub surrounds are durable and long-lasting. They can easily last for decades without needing to be replaced. 

Wooden surrounds are also quite easy to open up if you need to work on the bath or fix a leak. Once this is done, you can close the surround without any problem. This can make it easier to make repairs and reduce the costs of a plumber.

If one part of the tub surround is damaged, it is often quite easy to get this fixed. Adding a new slat is often easier than having to replace tiles.

Cons of Using Wood for a Tub Surround

Wooden tub surrounds also have a few downsides. Wooden tub surrounds can be more expensive than other materials, so if money is an issue, this might not be the best choice. 

They can also be a little bit difficult to install, so you’ll want to make sure you hire a professional to do the job right. Wooden tub surrounds are porous, so they may not be a good option if you have young children who might want to sit in the tub. 

The wood could trap bacteria and germs over time, which could pose a risk. This can be remedied by sealing the wood, but it’s something to keep in mind.

Sealing the tub surround can be harder. Water droplets can drip inside the surround, leading to mold and other problems.

You will have to repaint the wood to keep it looking clean. This only needs to be done every few years but it can take some work to keep it looking nice.

It is important that the wood doesn’t get too wet. If you splash water on it often, it might discolor or even break. For this reason, you have to be careful with this material if it is installed around a tub. Some woods will break and crack if they get wet often.

The price of these materials can fluctuate a lot. If there is less supply, the price can increase a lot in a short period of time. Given that it is a natural product, there can be periods during which it is harder to get access to certain types of wood.

If the tub surround is very big, it is possible that you have a small gap between two pieces of wood. This doesn’t look very nice. Tile can be installed over a big area whereas the size of the wood can be limited.

Wood can also attract insects and this can lead to damage or other problems. Make sure that the wood has been properly treated against this.

Things to Know Before You Decide

Below are some important things to know before you pick wood as a tub surround.

– It depends on the type of wood you choose – While softer woods like oak, maple, and pine are water resistant, there are still others that may not be as durable in water. You’ll want to double-check the types of woods that are best for use in your bathroom before deciding. 

– Certain woods are more porous than others – If you’re worried about bacteria growth like with wooden kitchen counters, you’ll want to steer clear of woods like teak. Other woods like pine and cedar are also very porous. Make sure that you use wood that is usable for this. Some companies specialize in selling wood and they have a lot of knowledge about the different types of wood.

 The Bottom Line Wooden tub surrounds are a beautiful and durable option for your bathroom design. They are easy to clean and maintain, and they look great in any design. Wooden tub surrounds can be more expensive than other materials, but they are worth the added cost if you have the budget.

Now that you know all about the benefits of using wood for a tub surround, it’s time to decide: Will a wooden tub surround work for your bathroom? Make sure to consider everything you’ve read so you can make the best decision for your home.