Can you put house items in the dishwasher? ANSWERED

A dishwasher can be used for a lot of things, from glass, and plastics to metal. Some items shouldn’t be placed in them. These include the following:

Wood, bronze, brass, delicate China, nonstick pans, large knives, and wine glasses. The hot water could break them or remove details. It can stain the other items in your dishwasher as well. For these reasons, they shouldn’t be in your machine. You will have to wash these by hand. This machine should only be used for dishes, don’t wash clothes or books in it as this will damage them as well.

If you have a party or a lot of dishes, it is a great idea to sort items beforehand so that it is easier to know where things have to go. This also makes sure that you don’t accidentally place forbidden items in the machine. A wooden spoon can be quite small and slip in between other items if you are not careful. 

Let’s take a look if the following items can go in the dishwasher: 

Can you put a toilet seat in the dishwasher?

You might want to clean your toilet seat and wonder if you can place it in the dishwasher.

This depends on the material that the toilet seat is made out of. If it is made out of wood or plastic, it can’t be placed in the dishwasher as the material will get damaged.

Furthermore, toilet seats are quite dirty and it is better to wash them in a bucket. Just rinse hot water over them and let them soak in a bucket for a while. You can add soap and some vinegar to remove some bigger stains. You can let it air dry outside. 

It might also save water to do this instead of placing it in the dishwasher as toilet seats take up a lot of space in your dishwasher and this might waste some water. 

We have discussed how to remove a toilet seat here. Make sure that you tighten the bolts again when you put them back in place.  

Overall, we can say that it is not recommended to put a toilet seat in the dishwasher. 

Can you put diamond rings in the dishwasher?

Some people argue that you can place rings in the dishwasher. Given that these are valuable items, I wouldn’t risk it. There are dedicated cleaning products for this. While these costs more, they make sure that the ring and diamond keep their shine.

A lot of rings also have a coating. This coating can get damaged in the dishwasher and scratches can make it look dull and odd. For this reason, it is best to use dedicated cleaning products for these rings. 

A dishwasher can damage your diamond ring. It is a pity if this happens and you don’t want to take risks with this unique item.

Dishwashers get really hot and the soap in them is quite strong so it can damage metals or the diamond. Most jewelers also don’t recommend that you clean your jewelry in the dishwasher. There are special wipes for this. Jewelers can also clean your rings for you. 

A professionally cleaned ring will look brand new!

Can you put rubber car mats in the dishwasher?

It depends. Some rubber mats have a plastic coating that can break in the dishwasher as it can’t withstand heat.

If your rubber mat can be put in the dishwasher, there is generally a label attached that indicates that it is dishwasher safe. Check this before you place your rubber mat in the dishwasher.

If your rubber mat doesn’t have this label, it is better to handwash it. Just soak it in water and let it rest for a while. This will make sure that your rubber mat lasts a long time. 

Rubber mats are also quite bulky and this can make it harder for your dishwasher to clean them as water will pool on them. In most instances, it is best to just use some water and soap and handwash this item. It might be more work but makes the rubber mat last longer.

Can you put duct tape or gorilla glue in the dishwasher?

You might have repaired something with duct tape or Gorilla glue and might be wanting to clean it in the dishwasher.

This is not a good idea as the heat can break down the glue. Furthermore, the water can also affect the stickiness of the glue. The glue can start to break apart and this can damage the drain of your dishwasher or your dishwasher itself. Given that dishwashers are expensive appliances, this is not something that you want to do. 

A plumber might have to use expensive equipment to remove the glue from the drain. This can be a messy job and plumbers charge more for this. 

 For this reason, you shouldn’t place duct tape or Gorilla glue in the dishwasher. 

Can you put zip ties in the dishwasher?

You might want to repair your dishwasher with some zip ties. Will you be able to place them in the dishwasher though?

It should probably work as zip ties have a high melting point. Some brands might be weaker though and they might discolor or break down due to the heat. It should probably work but it depends on the brand. This brings some risks with it as they might break up and clog your drains.

Can you put sunglasses in the dishwasher?

After a long day at the beach, your sunglasses might be covered with sand. Can you place them in the dishwasher? 

No, sunglasses might get scratched and dented in the dishwasher. The soap can break down the protective coating and you might find it broken into pieces. Sunglasses are not able to withstand the heat and strong flow of water and will break down in the dishwasher.

Most sunglasses come with a soft cloth. You can use this to clean your sunglasses. If this doesn’t work, you can use special liquids to clean your sunglasses. These make sure that your glasses won’t get damaged and will get them cleaned. 

There are also special wipes to clean your sunglasses. These are easy to use as you just have to wipe over the frame and glasses. These have been designed for this use in mind and won’t damage the coating or frame. Don’t flush these wipes in the toilet though as it can clog up a toilet drain!

Can you put disc golf discs in the dishwasher?

Your disc might be dirty after a few rounds of disc golf. You shouldn’t place it in the dishwasher to clean it though! The plastic will melt and the print will fade. You might end up with a crooked disc that doesn’t fly well. 

Golf discs can be washed in the sink. Fill the sink with lukewarm water and add some soap. Then you can use a soft cloth to clean it. To dry it, you can use a soft towel. 

This will make sure that your disc lasts a long time and that you can play a lot of rounds of disc golf!

To conclude, we can state that a lot of items don’t belong in the dishwasher. You have to be very careful what you place in this appliance as it can break quite easily. Sort the items that you place in the dishwasher to remove items that can’t handle the heat or water stream. 

There are a lot of other items that you can’t place in the dishwasher. These include towels, driftwood, and some tumblers.