Can you flush solids (such as glass, food, keys or tweezers) down the toilet? ANSWERED

When you want to dispose of something quickly it can be tempting to use a toilet. It is nearby and with a quick flush, the dirt is removed. Right? Well in most instances you shouldn’t flush solids. Toilets are made for items that dissolve in water so that it is easy to transport them. Solids can get stuck in the drains and this can cause clogs.

 If there is a clog in your drain, your toilet won’t be able to flush items anymore. It can even break other sinks or toilets in your house if the main sewer line gets clogged. This can lead to expensive repairs as a plumber will have to an auger or water pressure to get the clog removed. In some instances, they might even have to use a camera and dig up the drain. 

Let’s study this in more detail below. 

Can you flush cement?

No, you can’t flush cement. If it mixes with water it might get diluted but it can create clogs in your drains. It can be very hard to remove these clogs and you might have to dig up your drains. This is a lot of work. Flushing cement is one of the worst things that you can do as it is hard to remove once it has become solid. The water pressure might not be able to break it apart. Augers won’t be able to remove the cement from your drains either. 

For these reasons, you shouldn’t flush cement down the drain or toilet.

Can you flush glass?

No, you shouldn’t flush glass down the toilet. It can damage your drains and get stuck in them. This can result in clogs that block your toilet. You won’t be able to use it anymore. Glass can also make it dangerous for your plumber to fix your toilet. 

Plumbers might charge more or even refuse the work if they notice that you have flushed glass down the drain. For this reason, it is important that you dispose of glass in the dedicated bins. 

Can you flush mealworms down the toilet?

It might be possible to flush a few of them but it is not recommended. Especially if you have a lot of them, it can cause problems when you flush them. They might attract mice to your home as well. Just release them in nature (if this is allowed in your area). This is the best solution for the mealworms and your plumbing system.

Can you flush keys down the toilet?

No, this can clog your toilet drain. Toilets only work with items that dissolve in water. Keys are made out of metal and this won’t dissolve. While the keys might get flushed, there is a chance that they get stuck in your drains. This can cause clogs and break your toilet. 

Toilets are often made out of ceramics and keys can scratch or break it. For this reason, you shouldn’t flush keys down the toilet.

Can you flush mice down the toilet?

No, you shouldn’t flush mice down the toilet. They might get stuck and break your plumbing system. In some instances, they can even bite through your drains and break them. Just release them in nature (if this is allowed in your area) or contact a local animal shelter. They will be able to provide further recommendations. 

Mice often appear together so if you see one, there might be more. Don’t flush them down the toilet though.

Can you flush underwear down the toilet?

No, underwear won’t dissolve in water. The fabric might clog your toilet drain. This can cause problems as the water won’t be able to flow anymore. After a while, you might get problems with your toilet. Just throw the old underwear in the trash and be done with it. Toilets are not meant to be used as garbage disposals.

Can you flush tweezers down the toilet?

No, tweezers don’t dissolve in water. Toilets should only be used for items that dissolve in water. The tweezers might get stuck in the toilet drain, resulting in clogs. A plumber might have to get it removed from your drains if it causes problems. While small tweezers probably won’t cause a problem, you don’t want to take risks with your plumbing system as you need it every day and it is expensive to get it repaired.  

Can you flush a cart down the toilet?

No, carts are made out of plastic or glass. This can get stuck in the toilet drain and cause problems. Throw the cart in the garbage bin to avoid problems with your toilet. The manual for carts also indicates that you have to do this. Furthermore, the toilet water shouldn’t get mixed with other liquids as this makes it harder for the water processing facility to clean the water before it flows into rivers.   

Can you flush food such as fried chicken down the toilet?

No, toilets are not garbage disposals. The fried chicken might get stuck in the toilet drains. It can be quite hard to remove them and you might have to call a plumber for help. A plumber can charge quite a lot to fix this as they need special equipment. In some instances, they even have to break open walls or floors to remove clogs from the drains.

Just throw food in the garbage bin instead of the toilet. This makes sure that you don’t have problems with your toilet later on.

Can you flush ash?

No, ash will expand in the toilet drain. This can result in clogs. It is better to throw the ash in the garbage bin. The ash can also get sticky when it is wet. Toilets are not designed to remove sticky items. It might be quite easy to remove these clogs with a plunger or auger but it is best to avoid problems with your plumbing drains altogether.

Can you flush dryer lint?

No. Dryer lint contains fabric and other items that can get stuck in your drains. You shouldn’t flush dryer lint but throw it in the garbage bin. This makes sure that you won’t get any problems with your toilet. We use our toilet every day and it is a big inconvience if there is an issue with it. For this reason, it is better to avoid this situation and place the dryer lint in the garbage bin. 

Dryers create a lot of lint and it is important that you clean them from time to time. It is not a good idea to throw the lint in the toilet thought. 

Can you flush dust down the toilet?

In most instances this should work if it is a small amount. The type of dust can have an impact though as some dust can create clogs in your drains. For this reason, it is better to throw the dust in the garbage bin. Dust can get stuck in your drains and over time create

To conclude, we can state that you should only flush items that will dissolve in water. Most solids won’t do this so they shouldn’t be thrown in the toilet. Placing them in the garbage bin is a better idea.

If your toilet is clogged, we have discussed how you can unclog it here.