Can I shower with my Apple watch on? SURPRISING Answer

If you are an Apple product lover like most of us, you must own a good collection of Apple watches. You might have bought multiple models to match all kinds of apparel colors and occasions. If you intend to wear your Apple watch for a bath or shower, you should know about the water resistance and splash resistance capacities of each of them.


If you are a true Apple product lover, you must be waiting for the launch of new iPhones or iPads. You must be immediately pre-booking your favorite model even before they are launched. If you have AT&T or Verizon as your service provider, you might receive good discounts when your upgrade your iPhone.

You might have even received free accessories or discounts to buy your favorite Apple watch. Of course, you would not want them to break down anytime soon. Let’s look at the models which you can wear and take a shower without causing any damage to them.

1)   Can I shower with Apple Watch Series 7 GPS?

The Apple Watch Series 7 is available in dial sizes of 41 mm and 45 mm and it has 20% more screen area than Series 6. It is available in eleven different color patterns like Midnight Aluminum Case, Midnight Aluminum Case, Starlight Aluminum Case, Silver Stainless Steel, etc. All of them will be attached to a sports band of similar color. You can select the GPS option or the GPS+Cellular option.

The front crystal is completely crack-resistant and the swim-proof design makes it ideal to be worn while taking a shower before your swimming session.

Source: Apple

2)  Can I shower with Apple Watch SE?

This Apple watch SE is available in case sizes of 40 mm and 44 mm. It is available in five colors. Gold Aluminium Case with Starlight Sport Band, Silver Aluminium Case with Abyss Blue Sport Band, and Space Grey Aluminium Case with Midnight Sport Band colors are bestsellers.

Some Apple watch lovers even prefer Gold Aluminium Case with Maize/White Sport Loop or Silver Aluminum Case with Abyss Blue/Moss Green Sport Loop. Space Grey Aluminium Case with Tornado/Grey Sport Loop also looks quite trendy. You can use this model underwater, and hence it is safe to wear it to shower.

Source: Apple

3)    Can I shower with Apple Watch Series 5?

Women prefer this model a lot as it is available in Gold Aluminum with Pink Sand Sport Band color. Men can pick up the Silver Aluminum with White Sport Band or Space Gray Aluminum with Black Sport Band options. Again you can choose between a 40 mm dial and 44 mm one.

It can be synced with electrical and optical heart sensors. Its swim-proof feature makes it wearable in a shower or bath.

4)    Can I shower with Apple Watch Series 6?

The Apple Watch Series 6 are available in five attractive colors namely- Blue Aluminum Case, Gold Aluminum Case, Red Aluminum Case, Silver Aluminum Case, Space Gray Aluminum Case. Women love this series as their favorite colors red and pink are available. This product is also water-resistant and you can wear them without any worry while taking a shower or playing water sports.

Source: Apple

5)    Can I shower with Apple Watch Series 3?

This series is available in case sizes of 38 mm and 42 mm. Only two color options of Silver Aluminum with White Sport Band and Space Gray Aluminum with Black Sport Band are available. This one too is swim-proof.

There are things that you shouldn’t do with it though:

6)    Can I shower with Apple Watch Nike Series 7 GPS?

This Apple smartwatch (Nike Series 7) was designed in collaboration with the famous sportswear brand Nike. This gadget will allow you to measure your blood oxygen in a jiffy. It is available in only one dial size of 45 mm and only the GPS+Cellular option is available.

This is one of the latest innovations released by Apple, and of course, it is swim-proof. It is available in two colors- Starlight Aluminum Case with Pure Platinum/Black Nike Sport Band and Midnight Aluminum Case with Anthracite/Black Nike Sport Band.

Source: Apple & Nike

7)    Can I shower with Apple Watch Nike SE?

The second edition of the collaboration between Nike and Apple came up with two dial sizes 44 mm and 40 mm. It goes without saying that this advanced smartwatch is safe to be worn underwater primarily for shallow-water activities like swimming in a pool or ocean.

Source: Apple & Nike

Taking a shower wearing an Apple Watch Series 2 and newer is fine. Even the Apple watch series 1 is water-resistant. However, submerging it in water is not advisable. They work fine in shallow water; however, the older versions are not suitable for high-velocity water activities like water skiing and scuba diving.

When the Apple watch senses that you are using it in water, it automatically locks the screen with the in-built water-lock technology. You can turn the digital crown to unlock the screen after you complete your swimming session.

Apple watch series 1 or earlier need to be checked for any water stuck in the ports. Place the device on a cloth and check if any water is dripping out. If water is left inside the Apple watch, then it might damage the speaker or microphone.


So now you know that most Apple watches are safe to be worn while taking a shower or bath. You can even go for water sports like surfing, scuba diving, snorkeling, sailing, or kayaking wearing them.

According to the directions from the Apple support team, you should not apply soap, perfumes, deodorants, sanitizers, shampoo, hair serum, conditioners, body lotions, etc. to Apple watches. They might damage the water seals and acoustic membranes if you expose your Apple smartwatch to any of the above-mentioned items.

After a swim, wash the Apple watch with warm tap water and pat dry with a lint-free microfiber cloth. Swimming pools are often treated with bleach and other chemicals to keep the bacteria and other micro-organisms at bay. They might be harmful to the metallic case or the strap of your Apple watch.

Go on, and have fun during the summer season with extremely advanced Apple smartwatches.