Best working trousers or pants for plumbers in 2023

Plumbers need to have a lot of tools when they are fixing something. It can be annoying to have to walk back to the truck to get a new tool. This is why most plumbers wear pants with a lot of pockets.

This allows them to store multiple wrenches, a knife, glue, and more. This can make it a lot easier to finish a job.

Let’s take a look at what you have to consider when you are getting new pants.

Things you have to take into account when buying trousers for plumbers

Comfort of the pants

The pants should fit well. The easiest way to test this is to try multiple brands and see what works for you. Work pants can be slightly bulky as this allows you to move around with ease.

At the same time, they shouldn’t be too bulky as you can get stuck. Most pants have sizing charts that allow you to pick the right size for your needs.

These pants can come in different models and you have to see what works for you. Some people like a tight fit whereas other plumbers prefer loose pants.

If you have to wear fall protection, it is important that you check that this works well with your pants. If they are too baggy, it can be challenging to wear the fall protection system.

If you try new pants out, make sure to wear your work boots. This allows you to check if the pants are long enough.

Some work pants have a lot of pockets. Image by PlumbingInstantFix. All rights reserved.

Amount of tools that you can carry

Some pants only have 2 pockets. Others have more than 10. These pockets can make it easy to carry a hammer or wrench.

Depending on the job and weather, you can change the pants that you will wear. It is a great idea to have multiple types of work pants so that you can pick the right one for the work that you have to carry out.

These pockets should be strong as they can tear quite easily if they aren’t reinforced.

Material of the trousers

The material should stretch but at the same time be durable. Most pants are a mix of polyester and other materials.

Make sure that you get pants that can endure the harsh situations that plumbers have to work in. Especially the knees can be a weak point as you often have to crawl and work on your knees as a plumber. Some pants have reinforced knee pads.


Work pants should last 3-6 months (depending on the type of jobs that you have to do).

It should be possible to wash them as well. Customers might think that you are unprofessional if you show up with dirty pants. Check the washing instructions and wash them every few weeks.

If you have to do dirty jobs, you can consider getting cheaper pants and replacing them often.

The right pants can make the job of a plumber a lot easier.

Most cargo pants have reinforced stitching to make sure that they don’t tear apart when you are using heavy tools. Some heavy power tools (such as drills or screwdrivers) can’t be stored in pants and have to be carried by hand.

Waterproof and fireproof

Plumbers have to work in moist and humid conditions. To keep your tools safe, you should have pants that are waterproof so that they are protected. This is often mentioned in the product description. These pants can be more expensive but given that they protect your tools, it can be a good option.

If you are soldering with fire, you can also consider pants that are fireproof. Accidents happen and it is good to have materials that can protect you when things do go wrong. Fireproof pants can help a lot if there is a problem.


Plumber pants generally cost anywhere from 40 USD to 100 USD. More expensive ones use stronger and more durable materials and also have more features and pockets.

The best pants for plumbers.

-Idogear has been making pants for over a decade. These pants have a lot of pockets and knee support. This is great if you have to install a sink or toilet.

They might be less comfortable if you have to climb ladders all the time. They can also get quite hot during the summer.

What I like about these pants is that they are adjustable in a lot of places. This increases comfort and makes it easier to wear them for extended periods of time.

With 10 pockets, you should be able to carry a lot of tools.

-CQR offers lighter pants that are great if you have to walk around a lot or when you have to work outside during a hot summer day.

The pants are water resistant so they should keep your tools safe. They also come in different shapes so you can pick the one that offers you the most comfort.

The seams are reinforced so the pants should last quite long. Other brands use more durable materials though so their pants might last longer.

Overall, they are good pants for dirty jobs as they are quite affordable.

Some plumbers enjoy wearing short working pants during the summer. This is not always allowed though as it offers less protection. Make sure to check if you can do this before getting one of these.

Especially if you are soldering with fire, short cargo or working pants can be quite dangerous.

We have discussed the best belts for plumbers here. Some people don’t want to have a lot of pockets in their pants and prefer a tool belt instead. This can make it easier to walk on a ladder or go inside a narrow crawlspace.