Best dissolving toilet paper for septic tanks 2023: works with leach field

Septic tanks need to be able to process the toilet paper that gets in them. If you use the wrong type of paper it can disrupt the bacteria and make it necessary to pump the tank more often.

Given that this costs more than 500 USD, it is a great idea to use the right toilet paper so that this has to happen less often. Some brands of toilet paper are very expensive though as they focus a lot on marketing their focus on septic tanks. Let’s see what toilet paper plumbers recommend.


The toilet paper test

Plumbers often use the ‘toilet paper test’ to see if toilet paper will dissolve easily. This is done by dipping the paper in water 3 times and seeing if it is starting to disappear. This indicates that the toilet paper will break open and won’t clog your drains or septic system.

You can also get a cup of water, put the toilet paper in it and stir the paper. Recycled toilet paper or cheaper toilet paper often has plastic parts that make it harder to dissolve.

People sometimes want to save on toilet paper by getting cheaper ones but this can lead to clogs and problems with your septic tank. Toilet paper that can be used in a septic tank often also has a label on the packaging.

Be sure to look for this when you get toilet paper. There are several types of septic systems so check with your installer what paper is best when you have a special system (such as a mound) to make sure that it will work out. 

Plumbers often have to unclog drains. This is because people used wet wipes or towels in their toilets. As a rule of thumb, toilets should only flush water, toilet paper, and excrements. Don’t flush anything else as toilets are not designed for this. Unclogging a drain can be expensive and a dirty job. It is better to avoid this altogether.

The best toilet paper for your septic system

This product is 1-ply paper but is the best that we have tested. If you are using it in an RV, you can start with a small amount to see how well it works for you. There are a lot of systems out there and a small design difference can affect how the paper is processed.

Some people find the paper too thin and mention that it tears when they use it. You might have to adapt your wiping technique to this paper but it generally works quite well. Big brands often have researchers to make sure that they create a paper that is sturdy yet dissolves when it is dropped in water. Scott has this capability and is, therefore, able to create a product.

Not a lot of people have a septic tank so there are not that many brands that create toilet paper for this. Standard toilet paper is cheaper but can lead to trouble.  

We really like this paper. It can be used in RVs and boats as well. The toilet paper is 2 ply so should be strong enough for your needs. It has been tested and certified to demonstrate that it will break down quite fast.

This paper is more expensive and some people find it less comfortable than normal toilet paper. Give it a try and see if it works for you. Everyone has their personal preferences when it comes to toilet paper. These rolls worked for us. 

Alternatives to toilet paper

If your septic system is not working properly, you can consider getting a bidet. This sprays water to clean you. It might sound weird but it is actually quite popular in a lot of locations. They have advanced features such as warm water and heated seats.

It can take some getting used to but some people love using it. It can make it easier on your septic system as toilet paper can be hard to process. Given that it is quite cheap, it can lead to savings as well as toilet paper is quite expensive. 

You can also take a look at composting toilets. These process the sewage in the toilet itself. They are not as popular as they require some maintenance and can create a lot of problems. It is easier to just connect the toilet to your septic system and take care of it.

Don’t flush wet wipes or use a garbage disposal. This will make sure that the bacteria in your septic system can do their work and process the sewage water. If the tank is full or there is a problem, you can always get it pumped. 

You don’t have to add additives to your septic system. It should work fine without enzymes. If there is a problem, the tank often just needs to get pumped empty. Don’t use harsh chemicals when you clean the toilet and don’t throw things in your septic tank that shouldn’t be there and you should be fine.

If problems remain, you can order an inspection to see what is going wrong. It is possible that your tank is leaking or that there is another issue that holds the bacteria back. 

To conclude, we can state that it is essential that you use toilet paper that works with your septic tank. This makes sure that it gets processed and that you don’t have to pump it that often. This paper might be less comfortable or more expensive but this is worth it if it keeps your septic system in shape. Septic systems can last a long time if they are properly taken care of.

Using the right toilet paper is a great way to do this. It can keep or increase the value of your home. A broken septic system can be expensive to repair. 

There are a lot of elements that affect your toilet paper choice. From comfort, thickness to price. If you have a septic system, it can get even more complex as you need toilet paper that can be used in this system. Some toilet paper doesn’t dissolve in the septic tank and this can cause a lot of problems. In this post, we have outlined some options.