Are toilet Toto or Kohler seats universal? The best answer

You probably want to buy a new toilet seat and wonder if it will fit your toilet. Therefore it is important to know if the dimensions are universal.

Toilet seats are not universal and you have to take a look at the type of toilet that you have before getting one. The materials of the toilet seat can differ as well. Furthermore, the connectors are also not universal and might not work with your toilet.  We will discuss this in more detail.


 Sizes of toilet Toto or Kohler seats

There are 2 main types of toilets in the USA: elongated and round toilets. Round toilets measure about 16.5” whereas elongated toilets measure about 18.5”. This means that you have to get a different seat for each of these toilets. You can use a tape measure to check this. In other instances, the model name can be found on or in the toilet tank and this can help you to determine the size of your toilet. Be sure to get the right seat for your toilet. Older toilets might need different toilet seats. When you are not sure, you can always take a picture of your toilet and ask for help in the local store. 

The difference between elongated and round toilets. The red line starts at the connector and runs to the front of your toilet bowl.

Materials of toilet seats

Toilet seats are generally made out of wood, polyresin, or plastic. Wood can feel better but can get quite cold during the winter and they might last fewer years. Some people really love them and wooden toilet seats are quite popular. Often a special coating is applied to make it better resist water.

Plastic and polyresin are quite similar. They both can last a long time. Furthermore, they are resistant to water and chemicals. This makes them easy to clean and they last a long time. These seats might feel quite cheap and can crack if you don’t use them properly. The cheapest toilet seats in plastic might discolor quite fast.

Toilets in stainless steel are used in public areas such as metro stations. These toilets are easier to clean. They are not often used for residential applications as they are less comfortable.

Styles of toilet seats

Toilet seats come in different styles, from classic, modern to contemporary. The main difference is the colors and the design. Try to find something that fits with the style of your home. Colored toilet seats might not last that long as they can start to discolor when you clean them. Most people just pick a white toilet seat as it matches the color of the toilet.

There are also heavy-duty seats that are made for more intense usage. 

Certifications of toilet seats

Some toilet seats have additional certifications to verify that they are following all the norms. It can some information about the quality of the product. There are not a lot of certifications. The bigger brands (see below) to extensive testing of their products on their own as they want to offer a great product. This is one of the reasons to stay away from smaller or cheaper brands. If you have to replace the toilet seat after, you might end up spending more by getting cheaper seats.

Installation of the toilet seat

The most important feature to look for in a toilet seat is the connector. The connector is that portion of the toilet seat that has the hinges and allows it to be rotated and adjusted. This item can be different between toilet seats as some are installed in the back whereas others are installed on the sides. This might make it impossible to install a seat on your toilet. This is something that you have to watch out for when buying a toilet seat. 

 If you have the right toilet seat, installing it is quite easy. We have discussed how to replace your toilet seat before here.

You can get a toilet seat with or without an installation kit included. It is always a great idea to pick the installation kit. If one of the bolts breaks while you are replacing the seat, you might get in trouble if you didn’t get the kit as well. It is quite hard to clean these bolts so replacing them might be a great idea. In some instances, you will need tools such as a socket wrench to get it fully installed. 

Why you have to be careful when buying toilet seats online

  Toilet seats vary from country to country. The length of the toilet seat is also not universal because they range in height too. So before you buy a cheap toilet seat online, you need to know that there are different toilet seats for different countries and regions. In Japan they often use bidets and this can raise the height of the toilet. In France, there are some toilets that you have to use while standing as there is only a hole in the ground. This can take some getting used to if you have to poop.  

These toilets are disappearing though but it is possible that you see them in a rural village. 

Public restrooms require a more robust design because they are used by a lot of people. Public restrooms may use a raised toilet seat with handles so that it is accessible for more people.  

The best toilet seat

Everyone has unique preferences so it is difficult to give the seat that will work for everyone. If you’re in need of a new toilet seat, here is a list of criteria to help guide you in the search for your perfect seat.

Best Toilet Seat Criteria:

-Is it comfortable?  If you don’t like how your current toilet seat feels, it may not be right for your home. Of course, comfort will vary from person to person, so make sure that you know what your preferences are before picking out a new toilet seat. Some people prefer a higher toilet seat as this makes it easier to sit and get off. 

-Do you want extra features such as a heated toilet seat or water sprayers? These are harder to install but can be very comfortable.

-Does it fit the style of your house? There are several colors available.

-Does it fit on your toilet? We have discussed the difference between round and elongated toilets before.

-Is it within your budget? The price of toilet seats can range from 10 USD to 200 USD+.

-Does it have a quietclose hinge? This is really important in a bathroom. When someone goes to the toilet at night, you don’t want to wake up the whole house because someone dropped the toilet seat. 

-Is it high quality? Brands like Kohler, TOTO, Kohler, and Moen are among the best toilet seat brands in the USA. These brands offer high-quality products that provide exceptional comfort and features. All of these brands can be found at Costco or Amazon. Some toilets keep clogging up.

To conclude, we can state that getting a new toilet seat is not straightforward. You have to know the type of toilet you have and understand the differences between toilet seats. Most people might just pick the standard model. Other people might want to spend more to get a higher seat or warmed seat. It is a great idea to replace your toilet seat every 3-5 years so that it remains clean. This can give your toilet another look as well.

We have discussed how to tighten a toilet seat here.